A Prose English Translation of Mahanirvana Tantra by Manmatha Nath Dutt

By Manmatha Nath Dutt

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And hence they arc called cream. t Here Siva attempts to argue that in this age on account of the limited understanding and knowledge of the people, difficult works like the Vedas are of no practical use to them. Tantras have been vouchsafed to mankind so that they may easily acquire the knowledge of Bramha. § Every other object in the world i~ subject to decay and change, except the Para Bra/tma wito alonc, therefore, is real, and none else. I • endo"ng ~nol IetICe ,nu deh;:ht~ (34) He i< "ithon!

It is the creative energy of God-the nrst cause from which' every thing has proceeded. The only difference is that according to the Tantrik system Prakriti is more popularly the name of the goddess whereas in Sankhya it is the first creative energy. As in Sankhya so in Tantra creation proceeds from an union between Nature (Prakriti) and Purusha (Soul). This union between nature and soul is thus symbolically described in Tantras. The great Sakti, or Prakriti, after casting off the cover of Maya, divided herself into two, Shiva and Sakti.

To the gOllde.. nated S0, n~ some. hold, because they act against Vedll.. ntu,lc; The prmclp'\l follo\\ ers of Tantra, howe\ er, thus dr'\\\ out the hne o[ demarc"lhon bel\\een these t\\O divISions The {ollo\\IIlR c ;1 ( XVIlI ) sIokas in Ba:makeshwar Tantra clearly explain the distinc.. tion. '=$f1::q(1 fuf~T ~fcr q(iH~f~~~: I ~~R ~~. fi: ~:~rfu~~ Cf{~6hfln o goddess, the Tantriks are divided into two classes accordiRg to their conduct, namely Bamachar antI Dakshinachar. They are Dakshinachar as soon as they are born and Bamacharis as soon as they are initiated into the mysteries (of Tantras).

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