A simplified guide to using the MCS51 on-chip UART

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Real-time systems. Scheduling, analysis and verification

"The writer offers a considerable, updated evaluation of the verification and validation process…" (Computer journal, November 2004) "The unifying dialogue at the formal research and verification tools are particularly priceless and enlightening, either for graduate scholars and researchers. " (International magazine of normal structures, December 2003) the 1st e-book to supply a finished evaluate of the topic instead of a set of papers.

Frequency Selective Surfaces: Theory and Design

". .. Ben has been the world-wide guru of this know-how, supplying aid to functions of all kinds. His genius lies in dealing with the super advanced arithmetic, whereas even as seeing the sensible issues fascinated by employing the implications. As this e-book essentially indicates, Ben is ready to relate to newbies attracted to utilizing frequency selective surfaces and to provide an explanation for technical info in an comprehensible means, liberally spiced along with his exact model of humor.

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