ABCs of Atari computers by David E Mentley

By David E Mentley

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BPUT - In BASIC XL, BPUT is used to output a specified number of bytes from a specified address through an OPEN channel and device. The bytes which comprise the screen memory can be saved to disk by using BPUT. The format for using BPUT is: SPUT =IF iocb, addr, len where =IF iocb is the OPEN channel, addr is the starting address in memory of the data, and len is the length of the block to transfer. 42 BRANCH BRAN C H - BRANCHing is the transfer of the program flow to another part of the program based on the outcome of some test.

The Mosaic 64K RAM Select board allows this technique. BASIC - BASIC is the most universally used computer language for beginners. It is easy to write short utility programs in BASIC. Atari BASIC is available on an 8K ROM cartridge for the 400, 800, and 1200 models and is built into the XL series computers. BASIC is a programming language which is entered through memory location $AOOO (40969 decimal). The program converts English-like statements into a series of tokens which are then translated into machine language instructions.

Each column in the byte is raised to an increasing power of2. 34 BINARY LOAD 7 6 COLUMN 543 210 2X64=128 2X32=64 VALUE OF COLUMN 2X16=32 2X8=16 2X4=8 2X2=4 2XI=2 1 A binary eight bit number with all numbers "ON" (allIs) would be the sum of all the column values: Binary 11111111 = 255 lX128 + IX64 + lX32 + IX16 + IX8 + IX4 + IX2 + IXI = 255 If any of the digits were zero (0), then that column would not be added to the total for the value of the byte. BINARY LOAD- As a verb, to load a file from a disk directly into the memory of the computer.

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