African Traditional Religion by Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

By Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

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Orunmilla Orunmilla is the Yoruba god of divination, the practice of seeking to discover future events or hidden knowledge in one’s life by consulting the superhuman world. The Yoruba believe that Olodumare has endowed Orunmilla with special wisdom and foreknowledge, so anyone wishing to know the future may consult Orunmilla through his priest, known as a babalawo. Yoruba tradition provides divination in a form known as Ifa, which Yoruba religious devotees consult before undertaking anything important.

They acknowledge this in a variety of ways. ” Africans have also observed that the providence of God functions entirely independently of human beings. ” Snow-covered Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent. Such mountains, including Kenya, Elgon, Cameroon, and the Rwenzori Range, are regarded as seats of divinity. The Supreme Being 41 The Possessor of All He Created In many African traditions God is not only the giver of life, he is also the possessor of whatever has been created.

African understanding of the structure of the heavenly kingdom might be compared to the Christian concept of God ruling over the saints and angels. The divine hierarchy in African religion makes it possible to classify them as both monotheistic and polytheistic at once (monotheism with polytheism). The Nature of the Supreme Being How the many different African peoples conceive of God usually follows the social structure of a particular locality or culture. African people whose cultures are organized as monarchies with a king at the head usually conceive of their God as the supreme king.

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