Annals of Life Insurance Medicine: 1964 Volume II by H. Jecklin (auth.)

By H. Jecklin (auth.)

One thousand unselected sufferers with asthma were up for a standard interval of eleven years, with extremes of 33 years and 3 years. the common interval from the 1st signs to the date of follow-up used to be 20.6 years within the 562 men and 22.3 years within the 438 adult females, with extremes of seventy two years and 3 years. considering that in the course of the research no adjustments have been chanced on among the sexes, they've been grouped jointly. phrases used, resembling bronchial asthma, continual bronchitis, adolescence bronchitis, age of onset, etc., were rigorously outlined, as have the descriptions of intermittent and non-stop bronchial asthma. the current kingdom of the sufferers has been categorized as A (good), B (fair), C (poor), and D (dead). Early age of onset (before sixteen) and intermittent bronchial asthma have been linked and had a extra beneficial analysis, whereas the youth bronchitic had a greater outlook than the grownup bronchitic. Intermittent and non-stop bronchial asthma were in comparison. The occurrence of bronchitis at the beginning used to be larger within the non-stop staff, and the tendency to improve bronchitis through the years (present in all asthmatics) was once additionally higher within the non-stop workforce. people with bronchitis have been in a lot poorer wellbeing and fitness on follow-up than these without.

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Rctinopathia angiospastica. Advanced stage From THIEl, "Atlas der Augenkrankheitcn" , 6th Edition' Georg Thieme Verlag' Stuttgart 1964 2 3 Fig. 3 b. Retinopathia angiospastica. Early stage. Stage 3: (1) General arteriolar constriction. (2) "Cotton wool patches". (3) Fine hemorrhages. (4) Beginning retinal edema 1- 2 Fig. 4 b. Retinopathia angiospastica. Advanced stage. Stage 4: (1) Advanced arteriolar constriction (silver wire appearance), lumen partially obliterated. (2) Marked papilledema. (3) Ischemic retinal edema.

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C. Esbach or 8-10 gm. per day) that a nephrotic syndrome with hypoproteinaemia, dysproteinaemia or edema occurs. However, these nephrotic conditions can be influenced so effectively by corticosteroids and other agents, as has been shown, that the capacity for work is often maintained for a long time. Summary Even though some patients with chronic nephritis are, as we know now partly or completely curable, the majority of cases are not completely cured.

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