ARM cross development with Eclipse version 2 by Lynch J.P.

By Lynch J.P.

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Click “Next” to continue. Accept the GNU license agreement – don’t worry, it’s still free. Click “Next” to continue. We’ll take the default and let it install into the “Program Files” directory. Click “Next” to continue. We’ll also take the defaults on the “Select Components” window. Click “Next” to continue. Take the default on this screen. Click “Next” to continue. It’s very important that you don’t check “Install Cygwin DLLs” below. We already have the Cygwin DLLs installed from our Cygwin environment installation.

This permits Eclipse/GDB to communicate to the Olimex LPC-P2100 board as a target monitor accessed via Ethernet. htm You should see the following screen open up. If you scroll the above screen down a bit, you should see the download for OCDRemote. 12”. Click on “Run” so it will download and immediately install OCDRemote. The download phase is quick since the OCDRemote is only a couple of megabytes. The Macraigor installer should start up; just click “Next” to continue. The next screen lets you choose where OCDRemote is installed.

Normally, the Cygwin installation gives you a compiler toolset whose target architecture is the Windows/Intel PC. It does not include a compiler toolset for the ARM microprocessors, the MIPS microprocessors, and so forth. It is possible to build a compiler toolset for the ARM processors using the generic Cygwin GNU toolkit. W. Edwards gives detailed instructions on just how to do that. Fortunately, there are quite a few pre-built tool chains on the internet that simplify the process. One such tool chain is GNUARM which gives you a complete set of ARM compilers, assemblers and linkers.

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