Astrology for the new Minds by Dane Rudhyar

By Dane Rudhyar

Астрология и ее применения в условиях современного мира. Времена проходят и уходят, но остаются звезды и вселенная. Остаются извечные законы мироздания, влияния планет на судьбы людей. Англоязычный автор пишет о взаимоотношениях науки астрологии и мирового сообщества, каждого индивидуума, каждого человека.

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In lots of methods, Meister Eckhart has needed to wait seven centuries to be heard. Born in thirteenth century Germany, a lot of his lifestyles was once spent in a monastery.

‘Meister’ capability ‘master’, and is an instructional name from the college of Paris. An trendy member of the Dominican Order, he was once usually despatched to reform unwell priories. He was once often called a non secular counsellor, a secure haven for individuals who sought God of their existence yet stumbled on themselves stricken by means of the kingdom of the institutional church.

He was once most sensible identified, in spite of the fact that, as a preacher, and he used his local German language to startling influence. Eckhart preached a religious imaginative and prescient which distrusted either ritual and church dogma. in its place, he geared toward not anything lower than the religious and mental transformation of these given to his care. To this finish, Eckhart made the disposition of the human middle the foremost to all things.

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This booklet is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and improper pages.

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A well-knorcn physicist, Schrddinger, and sevcral of his colleagues, think oI the universe as an cxprcssion of mind. In his excellentbook, ACCENT ON FORM, thc grcat English scientist, Lancelot L. Whyre, emphasizes thc fact that thde are two basic attitudes in the pursuit of knowJedgc, the atomisric and the holistic, and hc bclicvcs that science has largely failed so far to dcal with thc principle of form which refers to the holistic approach. Of coursc, there are immensely complcx cncrgics acting upon the Earth's biospherc arld making their impact upon mcn.

They tcll u! , in thc unsdn and the unheard. Wc hav. to think about the bchavio! ol atonE in t€rms of dvnamic form. " Thc dynamic asp€ct of th6c fornE consists largcly of vibration widr hamnic rclations that arc in many qays similar to thc halmonic r€latioc found iD And he adds in his Prefacc(pagc 9): or idca! cn rcplaccd by a synrax of dynanic fornt! opcrating in a space-tinr€ domain th. tery. To sum up lhc naturc of this scientific revolution in a singlc phrale. " I could add many similar quotations, cspccially if somc of the writings by promincnt European scientists were mentioned; but thcsc should suffice to show that thc "scientific revolution" which has taken placc should be undentood and accepted by some of the persons who aie so ' 'scientifically.

Why is it that because [JraJIus passcsin the sky ovcr the degree of the zodiac at which the Moon was placed at a man's birth, this individual should cxpect without fail to experience some emotional upset, or somc change in his relationship with his mother or his mistressl What causes this selecrivity? \Vhat conceivable type of mechanism or: proccss could explain the direct action of a particular planet upon a particular person, in terms of thc pefion's meeting with another pcrson who will changc his life, or in terms of being PERSON GNTERED ASTROLOGY r:un over by a car, or of taling a long journey which will provc successful because Jupiter is passing through a section of the zodiacal belt which occupied a certain angle of the sky when the person was born?

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