Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks Under the Microscope by A.E. Adams

By A.E. Adams

Presents a really transparent advisor to sedimentary rock kinds as obvious less than the microscope supported by means of useful elements of slide education.

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132. 133. 139. 148. 154. 178. 183 and 184. 44 99, 100 Carbonate rocks B i o c l asts Corals Corals arc best identified by their overall morphology. The rugose and tabulate Palacotoic corals were calcite. thu� their microstructures are well-preserved. The walls arc usually fibrous and small fragments which lack evidence oft he characteristic coral form can be difficult to 1dcnufy. hostrolion. Note the thick outer wall and septa seen in the transverse section. The columella and th in tabulae arc clearly visible in t he longitudinal section.

The micritic material binding the part1clc together completely envelopes them, and is more important volumetrically than the cementing material of the grains shown in 78. It is unlikely that the aggregation occurred by cementation on the sca-Aoor, but the particles arc probably reworked grains and thus could also be described as intraclasts. The matrix is micrite with a lillie sparitc and some bioclasts. Uthoclasts or extraclasls are eroded fragments of lithificd sediment which have been transported and redeposited.

Central Greel'e: magnification x 35. PPL. foraminifera are shown in 1 16, 120 and 157. 49 Carbonate rocks 112, 113, 1 14 B i oc l asts Algae Those algae in which all or part of the skeleton becomes calcified arc known as the skeletal calcareous algae. They arc important contributors to carbonate sediments throughout the Phanerozoic and exhibit a wide diversity of forms. Green algae arc one of the most important groups and the photographs on this page illustrate three examples. one from each of the major groups, the Codiaceae, Dasycladaceae and Charophyceae.

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