Atmatattvaviveka by Udayanacarya With Translation, by N.S. Dravid

By N.S. Dravid

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Freud's Memory: Psychoanalysis, Mourning and the Stranger Self (Language, Discourse, Society)

A wide-ranging interpreting of Freud's paintings, this ebook specializes in Freud's scientifically discredited rules approximately inherited reminiscence in relation either to poststructuralist debates approximately mourning, and to definite uncanny figurative qualities in his writing. Freud's reminiscence argues for an enriched realizing of the strangenesses in Freud instead of any denunciation of psychoanalysis as a bogus explanatory approach.

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Which cannot be conjoined with anything. What are incompatible are production and nonproduction at the same time and these are never' together. Moreover oooproduction at one time is not equivalent to the absence of production at another time. So as stated above production at one time and nonproduction at another time can very well go together. 1cf BTRRT "ïï "^T T r a n s : The second version (too) is untenable. Production and nonproduction as different from the affirmation and negation (of production) are not known.

Again similar to these are the properties of superiority, inferiority, excellence etc. which are also found overlapping with certain other properties. Elucidation of the above objection Text i 32 ÀTMATATTVAVIVEKA T r a n s : If a certain generic property characteristic of a certain entity deviated from that entity then even Asokaness would deviate from treeness (so that the Asoka would cease to be a tree) because these facts are similar. And if this is condoned then 'nature' as middle term would go by the board.

Expl: The contrary thesis can be countered by the argument that the production of the seedling by an entity endowed with seedness and not by any other property would be rendered accidental. Every seed must be reckoned as the cause of seedling, that is to say the seed-causality must be reckoned as determined by seedness only. Elucidation of the above proof *r arfir 36 ATMATATTVAVIVEKA Trans: The necessary determinedness of the (effecthood) of the seedling by a certain generic property only, cannot be uncaused, for then it would extend to everything.

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