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Explosive atmospheres. gear fix, overhaul and reclamation

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NOTE 1 W hen the rated speed is a range of values the tes t should be run at the highest practicable speed within that range. b) The stator windings of cage machines shall be energized at an appropriate reduced voltage, with the rotor locked, to obtain between 75 % and 125 % of full-load current and to ensure balance on all phases. ) Unbalance of less than 5 % of the middle value is acceptable. BS EN 60079-19:2011 – 36 – NOTE 2 60079-19 Ó IEC:2010 W here this test is not reas onably practical other means of verification should be used.

The performance of gaskets and s eals is critical to maintaining that IP rating and has been subjected to special c onditioning and testing and should only b e replac ed with gaskets and seals of identical materials and identical construction. A more stringent degree of ingress protection than that specified in the equipment standard may have been provided to cater for environmental conditions in which case any repair shall not jeopardize such higher degree of ingress protection. Particular attention is drawn to impact test requirements of all parts of the enclosure and also the degree of ingress protection to be provided for air inlet and outlet openings, as given in the equipment standard.

Where non-metallic screws are used for fixing, only replacement screws of similar materials shall be used. BS EN 60079-19:2011 – 46 – 60079-19 Ó IEC:2010 Where terminations are loose leads, the method of termination including insulation shall be in accordance with the certificate documentation. 4 Insulation A class of insulation the same as or superior to that originally provided shall be employed, for example, a winding insulated with class E material may be repaired using class F material (see IEC 60085).

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