Catalysis [Splst Period'l Rpt Vol 02] by C. Kemball, et al.,

By C. Kemball, et al.,

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6sThe bulk system has a miscibility gap between ca. 5 and ca. 90 atom % Rh; the authors themselves find in their catalysts a solid solution up to 4 atom % Rh with two phases detectable at > 6 atom % Rh. On increasing the rhodium content, in the solid solution range, the sorption of hydrogen (ml g-l) the chemisorption of carbon monoxide (mol m-,) and the specific activity for hydrogenation all increase. There may be a correlation here with the number of holes in the 4d-band 7 0 and with the density 71 of electronic states at the Fermi There is a marked tendency to use quite similar multimetallic catalysts, differing only slightly in preparation and composition for several kinds of reactions.

Chemisorption on the (1 11) plane involved the formation of hexagonal layers of surface nitrides, which had a thickness of about two atomic layers, and were probably related to the (1 11) plane of Fe,N. At temperatures above room temperature only dissociative adsorption was found on both planes. Evidence for a weakly bound, molecular species was found on the (111) plane only at low temperatures (140 K) and at the Torr of N,. relatively high pressure of 4 x However, another study of the adsorption of nitrogen on an Fe (1 11) single crystal surface, suggested that the adsorption was essentially independent of substrate geometry.

Gafiatullina, Vestn. Akad. Nauk Kaz. , 1977, 41. P. 3 939 102 (Pt,Pd-Ge-Ir-Friedel-Crafts halidely-Al,O,, 3 969 425 (Pt-Ir-Ge-Cl,F/ y-A1203), 3 917 739 (Pt,Pd-Ce02/H-mordenite); Jap. Kokai 74 35 305 (Pt-Pb-Cl/A1203). P. 4 018 845. 4 022 684. Catalysis 24 of the different classes of hydrocarbons, whereas the applied science and the patent literature are directed rather to the reforming of the mixtures of hydrocarbons found in petroleum fractions. The patents make claims for catalysts of ever-increasing complexity so that optimization is purely empirical and the details of catalyst preparation are critical.

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