Cavitation in Non-Newtonian Fluids: With Biomedical and by Emil Brujan

By Emil Brujan

Non-Newtonian homes on bubble dynamics and cavitation are essentially varied from these of Newtonian fluids. the main major influence arises from the dramatic elevate in viscosity of polymer suggestions in an extensional circulation, corresponding to that generated a few round bubble in the course of its development or cave in part. moreover, many organic fluids, comparable to blood, synovial fluid, and saliva, have non-Newtonian homes and will demonstrate major viscoelastic behaviour. This monograph elucidates normal facets of bubble dynamics and cavitation in non-Newtonian fluids and applies them to the fields of biomedicine and bioengineering. furthermore it provides many examples from the method industries. the sphere is strongly interdisciplinary and the various disciplines contain have and should proceed to miss and reinvent every one others’ paintings. This e-book is helping researchers to imagine intuitively concerning the various physics of those structures, to aim to bridge some of the groups concerned, and to exhibit the curiosity, splendor, and diversity of actual phenomena that take place themselves at the micrometer and microsecond scales. Non-Newtonian fluids.- Nucleation.- Bubble dynamics.- Hydrodynamic cavitation.- Cavitation erosion.- Cardiovascular cavitation.- Cavitation in different non-newtonian organic fluids.

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For ω > 103 Hz, the loss modulus becomes dominant. Experiments were also performed by introducing various drugs into the cell in order to create contraction or relaxation in the cytoskeleton. Similar qualitative properties were observed. The storage modulus increased with increasing frequency as a power law and the loss modulus also increased with increasing frequency with the same power law and same exponent up to frequencies of 10 Hz. 5 Other Viscoelastic Biological Fluids Some other biological fluids have non-Newtonian properties as well.

Under inflammatory conditions of arthritic diseases, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, high molar mass hyaluronic acid is degraded by reactive oxygen species leading to a reduction of the synovial fluid viscosity. The smaller viscosity of the synovial fluid impairs its lubricant and shock absorbing properties leading finally to deteriorated joint movement (Soltés et al. 2006). Dynamic tests on the rheological properties of synovial fluid were conducted by Balazs and his co-workers using both healthy and arthritic human synovial fluids (Balazs 1968; Gibbs et al.

1987 The role of hyaluronic acid in joint stability – a hypothesis for hip displasia and allied disorders. Med. Hypotheses 23, 171–185. , Palfrey. A. J. 1968 Some of the physical properties of normal and pathological synovial fluids. J. Biomechanics 1, 79–88. Dembo, M, Harlow, F. 1986 Cell motion, contractile networks, and the physics of interpenetrating reactive flow. Biophys. J. 50, 109–122. A. 2001 The joint as an organ. In Osteoarthritis. Diagnosis and Medical/Surgical Management (Eds. W. S.

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