Celtic Mythology and Religion by Alexander Macbain

By Alexander Macbain

This is often an OCR variation with no illustrations or index. it could possibly have various typos or lacking textual content. notwithstanding, buyers can obtain a loose scanned reproduction of the unique infrequent publication from GeneralBooksClub.com. you may also preview excerpts from the ebook there. buyers also are entitled to a unfastened trial club within the basic Books membership the place they could make a choice from greater than one million books at no cost. unique released by way of: A. & W. Mackenzie in 1885 in 129 pages; topics: Mythology, Celtic; Celts; Druids and druidism; Fiction / Fairy stories, Folklore & Mythology; historical past / Europe / Western; physique, brain & Spirit / Spirituality / Celtic; faith / common; faith / Ethnic & Tribal; Social technology / Folklore & Mythology;

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The e-book has no illustrations or index. buyers are entitled to a unfastened trial club within the normal Books membership the place they could choose between greater than one million books for free of charge. matters: Demonology; Magic; Witchcraft;

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Again, in the list of Kings given for the Picts, the names are not of an Aryan or Celtic type Aryan ; names were always compounds, however much denuded by time, The but these Pictish names are monosyllabic and unmeaning. frequency of animal names in Pictish districts has also been ad duced as a proof in the same direction, though not a convincing argument, for most nations have animal names among their per- 27 Mr sonal names. Elton has pointed out some peculiar legal customs with regard to the right of the youngest son to succeed to the father s property, and these, he thinks, indicate a non- But the matter is rendered practically a certainty, He finds the British to our aid the physiologist.

These human sacrifices seem horrible to our modern minds, and to the Romans, though familiar with the idea of human sacrifice, for in the time of the Second Punic war, they, themselves, resorted in their re ligious terror to the sacrificing of a male and female Gaul, and it was not until the 1st century before Christ that the Senate for mally forbade such sacrifices even in Rome to the Romans even the Gauls appeared reckless in their massacres, such occurring, Strabo too, when there did not appear to be any special danger.

Quot; through the overhanging mist of nonsensical speculation. All that can with certainty be known of the Druids will first be briefly given, apart from any personal theories. Caesar is again In the digression in his 6th book, our first and best authority. on the manners and customs of the Gauls and Germans, he tells us that among men of any consideration or position were included either the Druids or the nobles. The Druids conduct all public and private sacrifices, and interpret omens. Young men and they are held in great honour, flock to them for instruction for they have the decision of all controversies, public and private; ; they are judges in cases of crime, murder, and disputes in regard and whoever abides not by their to succession or boundaries ; excommunicated a most severe punishment, for such are reckoned sacrilegists, and men flee from their presence for fear of disaster from contact with them.

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