Celtic woodcraft by Glenda Bennett

By Glenda Bennett

Use your normal hand or strength instruments to model a Celt-inspired reflected Candle Sconce, Tree of existence Seed-keeper, Dragon Trinket field, and Celtic pass, besides quite a few photo frames, message forums, and hand mirrors. directions convey the way to move designs from different Celtic artbooks to your personal unique initiatives.

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ROUTINGAND SHAPINGIIGS ANADJUSTABLE MORTISING JIG )top block t/o"x1%"x5" Jiq aide t/o"x6"x16" Jig baee 3"x3"x16" r) Routing a mortise L Settheworkpiece onthejig'sbasewith themortise outlinebetween thestopblocks f lushagainst thesidewith andonesurface Place theblocks. O n c et h eb l o c kas r el o c k e idn position, turnonthetoolwiththebitclear of theworkpiece. Gripping therouter firmly, butttheedgeguideagainst thejig,press the baseplateagainst onestopblockand plunge thebit intotheworkpiece. Cuta deepmortise passes, in several increasing thebitdepth e a c ht i m e .

A SETECTI(IN OFDRILTING JIGS Jig for boring equally spaced holes (pa6e 64) Uaedon drill preaa V-bloakjig (page 65) Holde cvlindrical stock on drill preee table Tilting table jig (pase65) Equippedwith thejig shownat left, a drill presscanborea rowof equally spacedholesquicklyand accurately. Thejig is simpleto buildfrom scrap woodanda shortdowel. Adjuetableji4 attached to drill preae table for borin7 anqled holea;workpiece lies face-downon top Cenier-drilling ji6 Qaqe 62) Uaed with an electric drill to locate the center of a board ed1e; dowelo at the enda of the arm are butted aqainet oppoeite board facea Pocket holejig (page 66) Clampedto drill preaa table to bore pocket holee;workpiece reste edqe-down in an4ledcradle CENTER-DRILLING IIG Drilling holes dowel j i g T h es i m p l e s h o wanb o vw e i l le n a b l e youto boreholesthatarecentered on theedgeof a board.

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