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It takes a force to move the fluid against friction, in the same way that a force is required to lift a weight. The force is exerted in the same direction as the moving liquid and energy is expended. In the same way that head was calculated to  Copyright Fluide Design Inc. 32 lift a certain weight, the friction head is calculated with the force required to overcome friction times the displacement (pipe length) divided by the weight of fluid displaced. These calculations have been done for us and you can find the values for friction head loss in Table 1.

The liquid by being pulled downward by gravity creates a low pressure under our fingertip. The liquid is maintained in balance because the low pressure and the weight of the liquid is exactly balanced by the force of atmospheric pressure that is directed upwards. The same phenomenon occurs in the pump suction which is pulling up liquid from a low source. Like for the straw the pressure close to the pump suction connection must be low for the liquid to be supported. Figure 38 Low pressure at the pump suction is present when the liquid surface is below the pump.

In an industrial setting, the flow rate will often depend on the production level of the plant. 3 L/s) to fill a tank in a reasonable amount of time or the flow rate may depend on the interaction between processes. 2. Determine the static head This a matter of taking measurements of the height between the suction tank fluid surface and the discharge pipe end height or the discharge tank fluid surface elevation. 3. Determine the friction head The friction head depends on the flow rate, the pipe size and the pipe length.

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