Coastal Systems (Routledge Introductions to Environment) by Simon Haslett

By Simon Haslett

Coastal Systems deals a concise advent to the approaches, landforms, ecosystems, and administration of coasts. every one bankruptcy is illustrated and contains topical case reviews from worldwide such as:
* Tsunami's in Papua New Guinea
* cliff cave in in Southern England
* the good Barrier Reef
* the Indian 'Super Cyclone' of 1999
* the impression of improvement within the Florida Keys.

Introductory chapters identify the significance of coasts and clarify how they're studied inside of a method framework. next chapters discover the position of waves, rivers and sea point adjustments in coastal evolution. the ultimate bankruptcy studies the human pressures and administration of coastal platforms.

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The Gulf of Mexico coasts are an example, with the volcanic islands of the Caribbean marking the zone of plate convergence. Coastal terminology As with all scientific disciplines, the study of coasts has generated a vast lexicon of terms to describe landforms, processes, deposits, habitats, and ecosystems. Hopefully readers will agree that one of the most valuable parts of this book is the fairly extensive glossary. I have included all the important coastal terms that one will come across in the literature, in the hope that students will not be discouraged by the sometimes bewildering array of terms that are used, not only to describe different attributes of coastal systems, but sometimes apparently the same attributes.

In this way, the continental shelf begins to widen, the relief is lowered, and the afro-trailing edge coast is created. As the name implies, most of the African coastline is of this type, with the exception of course of some Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. Africa has been tectonically stable for many millions of years, and although the continental shelf is relatively wide now, large sedimentary features such as deltas are limited in comparison with the most mature trailing edge coastal subtype, the amero-trailing edge coast.

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