Coordination Chemistry. A Century of Progress by George B. Kauffman (Eds.)

By George B. Kauffman (Eds.)

content material: Theories of coordination compounds : Alfred Werner's triumph / George B. Kauffman --
whereas awaiting Werner : chemistry in chains / Levi Tansjö --
Werner's Beitrag, 1893 : a linguistic and epistemological research / Luigi Cerruti --
J.V. Dubský and his participation in Werner's coordination concept / František Jursík and George B. Kauffman --
Early structural coordination chemistry / Linus Pauling --
John C. Bailar, Jr. (1904-1991) : father of U.S. coordination chemistry / George B. Kauffman, Gregory S. Girolami, and Daryle H. Busch --
Kai Arne Jensen's contribution to coordination chemistry / Hans Toftlund --
Jannik Bjerrum (1909-1992) : his early years / Claus E. Schäffer --
Jannik Bjerrum's later life-turning towards chemical physics : own reminiscences of a thankful pupil / Christian okay. Jørgensen --
The contributions of David P. Mellor, Frank P. Dwyer, and Ronald S. Nyholm to coordination chemistry / Stanley E. Livingstone --
heritage of coordination chemistry in Japan throughout the interval 1910 to the Nineteen Sixties / Kazuo Yamasaki --
The compleat coordination chemistry : what a distinction a century makes! / Daryle H. Busch --
Coordination chemistry of pigments and dyes of ancient curiosity / Mary Virginia Orna, Adrienne W. Kozlowski, Andrea Baskinger, and Tara Adams --
the significance of non-bonds / Michael Laing --
potent atomic quantity and valence-shell electron-pair repulsion : 60 years later / Michael Laing --
short historical past of the thermodynamics of complicated equilibria in answer / Mihály T. Beck --
Stabilization of volatile d-metal oxidation states through complicated formation / K.B. Yatsimirskii --
Oxidation states and dq configurations in inorganic chemistry : a historic and up to date account / Jesper Bendix, Michael Brorson, and Claus E. Schäffer --
Coordination in keeping with recognized loose ligands, reasonable dissociation fee, weaker electron affinity of crucial atom than ionization strength of ligand, and quantum paradoxes / Christian ok. Jørgensen --
The chelate, macrocyclic, and cryptate results / Arthur E. Martell and Robert D. Hancock --
Linkage isomerism of thiocyanate bonded to cobalt(III) : from Alfred Werner to the current day / D.A. Buckingham --
Optical job in coordination chemistry / Bodie Douglas --
Inorganic optical task / R.D. Gillard --
Chirality in coordination compounds / Alex von Zelewsky, Pascal Hayoz, Xiao Hua, and Paul Haag --
Equilibrium shift mechanism for the Pfeiffer impression / Stanley Kirschner, Thaddeus Gish, and Ulysses Freeman, Jr. --
Mechanism of optical answer of octahedral steel complexes / Hayami Yoneda and Katsuhiko Miyoshi --
Nontraditional ligands and their effect on coordination chemistry / Robert W. Parry --
Electron-deficient boranes as novel electron-donor ligands / Norman N. Greenwood --
Lanthanide aminopolycarboxylates / Gregory R. Choppin and Pamela J. Wong --
Hydrolysis habit of the transuranium components / Bernd Jung, Norman M. Edelstein, and Glenn T. Seaborg --
Solvent extraction of metals is coordination chemistry / Michael Laing --
Coordination chemistry within the solvent extraction of metals : advancements from Russian laboratories / Yu. A. Zolotov --
Humic and hydrous oxide ligands in soil and typical water / metal-ion complexation / Cooper H. Langford --
Coordination version of metal-ion interactions with water hyacinth vegetation / Dean F. Martin --
layout of latest chelating brokers for elimination of intracellular poisonous metals / Mark M. Jones --
Coordination compounds of steel ions in sol-gel glasses / Renata Reisfeld and Christian okay. Jørgensen --
Coordination compounds in new fabrics and in fabrics processing / Herbert D. Kaesz.

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Werner Speaking. We have seen that in Werner's Beitrag the occurrences of personal pronouns in the first person singular are very rare. The text of the Beitrag consists of more than 40,000 words, but there are only 13 occurences of these pronouns (cf. the 179 occurrences of wir). It is obvious that his direct participation in the dialogue with the reader has a special meaning for the author. The appearance of ich/mir is very sporadic before the final considerations, where we find 8 occurrences in 9 pages, whereas in the preceding 55 pages we find only 5 occurrences.

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