Cost-Benefit Analysis by E. J. Mishan

By E. J. Mishan

Should Malaysia construct a brand new metal mill, or manhattan urban an city dual carriageway? should still better schooling extend, or water offers be greater? those are general inquiries to which cost-benefit research, the foremost financial toolВ for reading difficulties of social selection can give a contribution to,В as good as delivering an invaluable motor vehicle for figuring out the sensible worth of welfare economics. This worthy textВ covers the most difficulties that come up in a customary cost-benefit exercise.

Cost-benefit research is used all over the place, yet its options are relatively sought after in fields the place there's a few type of moral dimension.В For this version, E.J. Mishan has been joined by means of Euston Quah, to discover new themes,В including the impression ofВ uncertainty on cost-benefit research and toВ introduce a number of recent and up to date case studies.

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5, the initial ceteris paribus demand curve for each good is the solid line. Dx Ex is the demand curve for x (when the price of good 4 If the demand curve for x has an elasticity greater than unity along the relevant range, the expenditure on all other goods taken together will fall, and (assuming full employment) some of the factors released will move into the production of good x, the converse being true if the elasticity of demand for x is below unity. In the limiting case of unity elasticity of the demand for x, there will be no change in the total cost of producing the additional amount of x and no change in the total expenditure on good x.

195). This latter remark could be said with some truth about quite a number of topics in contemporary economics, but it certainly cannot be accepted as sound judgement of the consumer surplus concept. Without it, how can the economist rationalize the free use of parks, bridges or roads, or the use of two-part tariffs? 24 Basic concepts of benefits and costs with an additional sum of $50 (10 × $5) each month, which he can spend on other goods. Such an example alone is enough to vindicate the concept of consumer surplus.

4 between the original price px1 and the new price px2 . Provided all other goods prices remain unchanged – and in particular that of the close substitute y – this shaded strip measures the most that consumers will pay to have the reduction in the price of x. 5 represents the consumer surplus in having a price py when the price of x is now px2 . ) Note particularly the interpretation of this reduced triangle of consumer surplus – that where the demand curve for y shifts inward in response to a fall in the price of x.

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