Domebook One by Robert Easton, Lloyd Kahn, Pacific Domes (Organization)

By Robert Easton, Lloyd Kahn, Pacific Domes (Organization)

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1 on S' centers except for the two extras at the sides. The posts, cut to whatever length is necessary to make the floor level, support 4 x 6" beams to which 2 x 6" joists are attached (flush) with joist hangers. The flooring is 1 '/S" tongue and groove plywood with exterior glue called "2·4·'''. It can span four feet and is the only flooring used. tlt prove helpful. tlt not meet local building codes. It must be diagonally braced, and it should be securely anchored to the piers with metal brackets if you live where there are high winds Instructions Start by setting up the transit (it can be rented) where you want the center of the floor to be.

When you depart from this, there are many design problems to be considered. you start cutting openings in the dome shell, you suddenly realize how ellicient the lar building is with respect to waterproofing: the roof, which takes most of the lall, iswvered with tar, or roofing paper-which is leakproof-and water merely runs and off. You don't even have to be very careful in application of roofing material. with a dome, a pinhole in the surface brings moisture inside. gIllar door: practical, and ugly.

However, other factors need to be considered to give an accurate OIIerali cost performance picture. The speed and ease with which a foam structure can be erected greatly reduces raw labor costs. Also, in dealing with only one basic set of trades people, the problems involved in multi·contractor construction are minimized. The insulation qualities of foamed plastics are widely known to be far superior to any other materials available. The reductions of basic heating/cooling unit cost plus long term heating/cooling cost savings must be considered as a distinct advantage.

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