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Real-time systems. Scheduling, analysis and verification

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Frequency Selective Surfaces: Theory and Design

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16. How did doxygen get its name? Doxygen got its name from playing with the words documentation and generator. documentation -> docs -> dox generator -> gen At the time I was looking into lex and yacc, where a lot of things start with ”yy”, so the ”y” slipped in and made things pronounceable (the proper pronouncement is Docs-ee-gen, so with a long ”e”). 8, written by Dimitri van Heesch c 1997-2004 40 17. What was the reason to develop doxygen? net/ and maintained by Sven Meyer). Qt had nicely generated documentation (using an internal tool which they didn’t want to release) and I wrote similar docs by hand.

This means that it can and will not detect errors in your source code. • Since it impossible to test all possible code fragments, it is very well possible, that some valid piece of C/C++ code is not handled properly. If you find such a piece, please send it to me, so I can improve doxygen’s parsing capabilities. Try to make the piece of code you send as small as possible, to help me narrow down the search. • Doxygen does not work properly if there are multiple classes, structs or unions with the same name in your code.

0 Major new features: • Support for RTF output. • Using the dot tool of the AT&T’s GraphViz package, doxygen can now generate inheritance diagrams, collaboration diagrams, include dependency graphs, included by graphs and graphical inheritance overviews. • Function arguments can now be documented with separate comment blocks. • Initializers and macro definitions are now included in the documentation. • Variables and typedefs are now put in their own section. • Old configuration files can be upgraded using the -u option without loosing any changes.

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