Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry: For Students of Pharmacy, by Katja A. Strohfeldt

By Katja A. Strohfeldt

A complete creation to inorganic chemistry and, in particular, the technological know-how of metal-based medicines, Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry describes the fundamentals of inorganic chemistry, together with organometallic chemistry and radiochemistry, from a pharmaceutical standpoint. Written for college kids of pharmacy and pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, medicinal chemistry and different health-care similar topics, this obtainable textual content introduces chemical ideas with appropriate pharmaceutical examples instead of as stand-alone techniques, permitting scholars to determine the relevance of this topic for his or her destiny professions. It contains routines and case experiences.

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21). 5 Use the VSEPR model to predict the shape of the following molecules. (a) NH3 (b) SiH4 (c) PF5 (d) SF6 17 18 Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry References 1. N. P. E. Barry, P. J. Sadler, Exploration of the medical periodic table: towards new targets. Chem. Commun. 2013, 49, 5106–5131. 2. K. H. Thompson, C. Orvig, Boon and bane of metal ions in medicine. Science 2003, 300, 936–939. 3. C. Orvig, M. J. Abrams, Medicinal inorganic chemistry: Introduction. Chem. Rev. 1999, 99, 2201–2203. 4. W.

Great care has to be taken when lithium is given with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) because up to 60% increase of Li+ concentration in blood has been observed. NSAIDs reduce the clearance of lithium through kidneys, and as a result lithium poisoning is possible. Furthermore, the concurrent use of diuretics, which can result in sodium depletion, can make lithium toxicity worse and can be hazardous [3a]. 3 Sodium: an essential ion in the human body Sodium has atomic number 11 and has the symbol Na, derived from the Latin name ‘natrium’.

13 The kidney and its functional unit – the nephron [11] (Reproduced with permission from [11]. ) Alkali Metals 37 Urine production takes place within the kidney, more specifically at the nephrons which are the functional units of the kidneys. Approximately 150–180 of plasma is filtered every day through the glomerulus, which is a part of the nephron, in order to produce the urine. 13) [11]. Filtration takes places at the glomerulus, whereas the remaining parts of the nephron are responsible for the secretion and re-absorption of ions in order to regulate imbalances and manage the urine volume before the urine is stored in the bladder.

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