First 100 Knotel Uniformkunde vol.I (Uniformology by Uniformology

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"The Uniform Plates: u . s . a .; accomplice States of the US; Anhalt; Ansbach and Baireuth; Baden; Bavaria; Belgium; Berg; Brunswick."

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Artillery 1812, Cannonier and Officer o Horse Artillery,Adjutant 33 1045. National Guard 1812, Officer of 1 Bn, Carabiner Officer 1 Bn, Officer 2 Bn National Guard, Grenadier 1 Bn, Carabiner Württemburg 1046. Infantry Regiment Alt Württemburg 1719 1047. 1759 Cuirassier Regiment von Phull, Field Jaeger Corps, Hussar Regt. von Gorey 1048. Light Jaeger Guard 1049. Musketeer Bn. von Mylius 1050. 1806, 1st Light Inf. Bn. von Neubronn, Jaeger Bn. von Hugel, Jaeger Bn. Foot Guard 1808, Officer, Sergeant, Grenadier 1052.

Light Cavalry 1807, Morner Hussar, Smaland Light Dragoon, West Gotha Dragoon Officer and Soldier 981. , Svea Artillery Rgt. 982. Mounted Lifeguard 1813, Officer, Guardsman 31 983. Line Infantry 1845 Switzerland 984. Zurich Dragoon 1770 985. 1792 Feldwebel of Appenzell Contingent, Corporal of Biel Contingent, Wachtmeister of Appenzell Contingent 986. Basil Contingent 987. 1792 Wachtmeister Contingent Basil, Captain and Rifleman Feldwebel, of Zurich Contingent 988. Bern Contingent 1792 989. Lucernne Contingent Wachtmeister of Rothenburg Jaegers, Soldier of Entlebuch, Soldier of Willisauer 990.

Artillery 1862, Officer, Gunner, Trumpeter Spain 1000. Line Cavalry Rgt. Calatrava,Rgt. Espana,Rgt. Alcantara,Rgt. Bourbon, Rgt. Infante,Rgt. Algarbara 1001. Spanish Dragoons 1806 Rgt. Villaviciosa, Rgt. Pavia 1002. Chasseur a Cheval Rgt. Olivencia, Hussar Rgt. Maria Luisa Spainish Division De La Romana In Hamburg 1807/08 1003. Grenadier and Sapeur Rgt. Princesa;Officer and Soldier Lt. Rgt. Catalonien 1004. Infantry Regiment Princesa 1807/08 Drum Major,Musician, Officer, Grenadier UnderOfficer (old uniform); Grenadier Under-Officer (new uniform); Grenadier (new uniform);Sapeur (new uniform) 1005.

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