Freshwater Aquatic Biomes by Richard A. Roth

By Richard A. Roth

This quantity within the Greenwood publications to Biomes of the World: sequence covers the freshwater biomes that exist in wetlands, ponds and lakes, and rivers and streams, analyzing all facets that outline those biomes: crops, Geographical Distribution, demanding situations posed via the surroundings, model of the vegetation and animals to the environment.

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Their preferred habitat is the margins of shallow lakes and wetlands, where they consume insects and other invertebrates. Coraciformes. Kingfishers. One of the most conspicuous inhabitants of streams and rivers and their banks in many parts of the world are the kingfishers. Although not all kingfishers are associated with freshwater environments, two families, Cerylidae (the Belted Kingfishes) and Alcedinidae (the River Kingfishers) are. Most kingfishers are in the latter family and inhabit Eurasia and Australasia.

5 in or about 1 cm long) to the very large (the whale shark can reach 39 feet or 12 meters in length). They may be shaped like discs, pencils, boxes, doormats, and basketballs. Some fish have scales and others do not; some fish are brilliantly colorful, others are drab. Some eat plants (herbivores), some eat invertebrates, some eat detritus, some eat other fish, and some (in a pinch) will eat people. The vast majority of fishes, including the most numerous and important freshwater ones, are teleosts, members of the division Teleostei.

37 38 Freshwater Aquatic Biomes they help keep it from being dislodged by the current. Other species, for example, stonefly nymphs (Plecoptera), have claws to help them hang on to the rocks they occupy. Still others (black flies and water pennies, for example) have suction-cuplike attachment disks. Behavioral adaptations to increased flow include moving to refuges (protected areas) within the stream during or just before floods (fishes); leaving the stream altogether when rainfall begins (giant waterbugs); and moving away from exposed surfaces during floods (caddisfly larvae).

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