Functional Molecular Silicon Compounds II: Low Oxidation by David Scheschkewitz

By David Scheschkewitz

The sequence constitution and Bonding publishes serious reports on themes of analysis all in favour of chemical constitution and bonding. The scope of the sequence spans the whole Periodic desk and addresses constitution and bonding concerns linked to all the components. It additionally focuses realization on new and constructing parts of recent structural and theoretical chemistry comparable to nanostructures, molecular electronics, designed molecular solids, surfaces, steel clusters and supramolecular buildings. actual and spectroscopic innovations used to figure out, research and version constructions fall in the purview of constitution and Bonding to the level that the focal point is at the medical effects bought and never on professional info about the innovations themselves. concerns linked to the advance of bonding types and generalizations that light up the reactivity pathways and charges of chemical methods also are relevant.
The person volumes within the sequence are thematic. The aim of every quantity is to provide the reader, no matter if at a college or in undefined, a complete evaluation of a space the place new insights are rising which are of curiosity to a bigger clinical viewers. hence each one evaluate in the quantity severely surveys one element of that subject and locations it in the context of the amount as a complete. the main major advancements of the final five to ten years can be offered utilizing chosen examples to demonstrate the foundations mentioned. an outline of the actual foundation of the experimental concepts which have been used to supply the first info can also be acceptable, if it has no longer been lined intimately in other places. The insurance needn't be exhaustive in info, yet may still otherwise be conceptual, targeting the hot ideas being constructed that might permit the reader, who's now not a consultant within the zone coated, to appreciate the information awarded. dialogue of attainable destiny examine instructions within the sector is welcomed. assessment articles for the person volumes are invited through the amount editors. Readership: examine scientists at universities or in undefined, graduate scholars specified supply for all buyers who've a status order to the print model of constitution and Bonding, we provide loose entry to the digital volumes of the sequence released within the present yr through SpringerLink.

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Hitchcock PB, Lappert MF, Layh M (1998) Novel lithium 3-sila and 3-germa-β-diketiminates. Chem Commun 2179 74. Farwell JD, Fernandes MA, Hitchcock PB, Lappert MF, Layh M, Omondi B (2003) Synthesis, crystal structures and reactions of sila- and germa-β-diketiminates. Dalton Trans 1719 75. Farwell JD, Hitchcock PB, Lappert MF, Protchenko AV (2005) Synthesis and structures of a 3-sila-β-diketiminatomagnesium bromide, ketenimide and triflate. Chem Commun 2271 76. Farwell JD, Hitchcock PB, Lappert MF, Protchenko AV (2007) Synthesis and structures of 3-sila-β-diketiminato complexes of the coinage metals.

Saito M, Yoshioka M (2005) The anions and dianions of group 14 metalloles. Coord Chem Rev 249:765 12. Lee VY, Sekiguchi A (2008) Cyclic polyenes of heavy group 14 elements: new generation ligands for transition-metal complexes. Chem Soc Rev 37:1652 13. Sekiguchi A, Lee VY, Nanjo M (2000) Lithiosilanes and their application to the synthesis of polysilane dendrimers. Coord Chem Rev 210:11 14. Scheschkewitz D (2011) The versatile chemistry of disilenides: disila analogues of vinyl anions as synthons in low-valent silicon chemistry.

The mechanisms for the above reactions were also investigated by computations. 4 Unsaturated Systems, Small Rings, and Clusters The isolation and characterization of the first disilene 147 [152], disilynes 148a,b [153, 154], tetrasilabutadiene 149 [155], and tetrasilatetrahedrane 25 [37] are undoubtedly milestones of modern inorganic chemistry (Scheme 44). C. Pra¨sang and D. Scheschkewitz 26 Ph Ph Ph Ph Si tBu Si Ph Si n Ph Ph Ph 135 Bu 136 Si Si Ph 137 138 139 Scheme 40 Silole monoanion 135, dianion 136, silaindene dianion 137, silafluorene anion 138, and dianion 139 + 136[Li ]2 + Cl Ph Ph Ph C 6H 5 Ph Ph Ph Si Cl Ph C 6H 5 Ph Si Ph Si C C Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph 141 Ph 2 140 Scheme 41 Reaction of silole dianion 136[Li+]2 with a dichlorocyclopropene to yield disilapentalene 141 via stable diradical 140 Ph Ph Ph a Ph Ph Si b Ph Si Ph Ph Ph Ph 142 Si 2 Li + HO Ph 2 Ph 136[Li+]2 143 Scheme 42 Conversion of silole dianion 136[Li+]2 to silene 142 and diadamantylsilane 143.

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