Fusion Reactor Materials [Semi-Annual Rpt Dec 31, 1998]

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Henry, J. , Eatherly, W. , Gibson, L. T. DOE/ER-0313/ 18, March 1995. 10. Gubbi, A. , Rowcliffe, A. , Eatherly, W. , ibid. 11. , PhD Thesis, Department 12. , Odette, G. , Lucas, G. E. Proceedings on Miniaturized 13. of Chemical Specimens Odette, G. , Lucas, G. , Sheckherd, UCSB, 1996. Symposium KFA Julich, 1995, p 150. J. , DOE/ER-031 3/20, Department of Energy (1996) 11-29. 14. Alexander, D. , ibid. 87. 15. Odette, G. , J. Nucl. , Vols. 212-215, 16. Alexander, D. , Snead. , ASTM-STP-1 1994, p 45.

5 (a) (b) (c) (d) SEMfractography of the BL42Charpy specimens showing ductile tear inthe230C (a) and 10O°C (b) specimens and mixed ductile tear and brittle cleavage in the –50”C (c) and –195°C (d) specimens. 31 FUTURE ACTIVITIES Fractographic examination of the test specimens will be completed to determine the areal reduction in the tensile specimens and to further elucidate the fracture behavior of the Charpy specimens. REFERENCES 1. H. M. Chung, H. Tsai, L. Nowicki, and D. L. Smith, Fusion Materials Semiannual 2.

_ — . Zi=llO}tm 8 = 130pm / Figure 2 Load-displacement curve, CM/FR results and representive specimen tested at -30”C. SEM micrograph -... for a -- 36 These show that the pop-in was preceded by the formation of microcleavage cracks ahead of the crack tip; these microcracks accumulate in a single process zone and coalesce to form the pop-in at a 8’ of about 125 ~m corresponding to a Ke6 of 168 MPa~m. SEM in the pop-in region shows well-formed cleavage facets with some out-of-plane fissures and little or no evidence of intergranular fracture.

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