Handbook of Stochastic Methods - For Physics, Chem, Nat. by C. Gardiner

By C. Gardiner

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Aka Total Suttas in the Nikaya2 34 152 2,904 8,122 6013 Directly to Laypeople 14 47 . 36 . T a b l e 2 . S u t t a s to L a y p e o p l e b y N ik A y a (Source: Kelly 2 0 1 1 :8 ) . . - householders guidelines to righteous living. H e set up a prag­ matic, but inspiring ideal for the laity, that of the sappurisa or "good person," who lives "for the good, welfare, and happiness of m any people," his parents, his wife and children, the dom es­ tic help, his friends, and contem plative renouncers (5:42).

Of particular in te re st in this series of texts is a pair of su ttas stating that a m on k can fall into offenses regarding the lesser and minor train in g ru les, u n d ergo rehabilitation, and attain the 46 The Anguttara Nikaya four stages of aw akening (3:86-87). " These two suttas also c o r­ relate the threefold training with the four stages of aw akening: the stream -enterer and once-returner fulfill virtuous behavior but not the other tw o trainings, the non-returner fulfills virtue and concentration but not w isdom , and the arahant fulfills all three trainings.

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