Heterotrophic Activity in the Sea by Lawrence R. Pomeroy (auth.), John E. Hobbie, Peter J. leB.

By Lawrence R. Pomeroy (auth.), John E. Hobbie, Peter J. leB. Williams (eds.)

Introduction This publication includes papers given at a NATO complex learn Institute (A.R.I.) held at Caiscais, Portugal, in November, 1981. the topic of the A.R.I. used to be marine heterotrophy; this is often outlined because the approach through which the carbon autotrophically fastened into natural compounds via photosynthesis is reworked and respired. evidently all animals and plenty of microbes are heterotrophs yet right here we'll deal purely with the microbes. additionally, we constrained the A.R.I. essentially to microbial heterotrophy within the water column although we realize good deal happens in sediments. lots of the contemporary advances have, in truth, been made within the water column since it is less complicated to paintings in a fluid, it seems that uniform medium. the cause of the A.R.I. was once the fast improvement of this topic over the last few years. equipment and arguments have flourished so it truly is now time for a assessment and for a checking out. we want to thank the NATO Marine technological know-how Committee for sharing this view, F. Azam, A.-L. Meyer-Reil, L. Pomeroy, C. Lee, and B. Hargrave for organizational support, and H. Lang and S. Semino for worthwhile modifying aid.

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The obvious advantages for the organism are that it does not have to carry the genetic information for other assimilation pathways, and that NH4+ can be taken up without any time lag. The disadvantage of such a "strategy" is that at higher levels of NH4+ the organism still must use the system which requires ATP, and, even worse, is inhibited at high concentrations of NH4+. The latter phenomenon may ultimately even result in the complete inhibition of growth. This may be considered an extreme case of adaptation (specialization) to low nutrient concentrations.

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