High-Flux Isotope Reactor - Thermal-Hydraulic Studies

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MSR Development work is needed to optimize the waste processing and handling part of the fuel processing to current requirements and desires. This task is somewhat simplified by the absence of fuel in the waste. PBR No estimates have been made for a fuel particle packaging facility. Costs are not expected to be large compared to the other costs. While the OCRWM and ERWM programs share common goals, there are significant differences, For example, OCRWM is funded by a fee levied on waste generators, is regulated by NRC, and will provide a system to handle packaged spent nuclear fuel (commercial) and vitrified high-level waste, Key parts of the OCRWM program include disposal of the previously mentioned inventories, development of a mined geologic repository, development of interim storage facilities, and transportation from points of origin to storage or disposal sites.

Waste Forms and Characterization Programs---Any new waste form generated by these candidate proposals will require characterization and perfornmnce testing prior to acceptance at a future repository. This will require a research and development program with appropriate funding and time to complete. e,, defense waste glass and spent commercial fuel), Mixing plutonium with defense waste at the Defense Waste Processing Facility will generate a new waste form that will require characterization Dispositioning strategies specifically tailored for plutonium must address some unique issues and 36 Figure 12.

MSR It is expected that no additional waste disposal or conditioning is required beyond that included in the design and development of the online system. PBR No waste processing is envisioned for this concept. The irradiated particles will be suitably packaged and stored. 1 Plutonium Waste Disposal Issues. The following background information and observations are provided to add perspective to the questions and the sponsor's answers. Management (ERWM)I. Both organizations are charged to operate with scientific and technical excellence to ensure safe and cost-effective Background.

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