Knowledge of Freedom: Time to Change (Nyingma Psychology by Tarthang Tulku

By Tarthang Tulku

Self-imposed obstacles and layers of conditioning restrict our wisdom of freedom, of therapeutic, and of awakening.

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Co u l d we k n ow d i rect l y t h e t i m e befo re we were born, or t h e t i m e after our senses wi l l cease t o f u nct i o n ? Pe rhaps i n t u r n i n g a ro u n d a n d d i rect l y co n f ro n t i ng t h e i n ev i ta b i l ity of death, ack n owled g i n g o u r fears a n d u ncerta i n t ies, w e wo u ld g a i n a k e y t h a t m i g h t u n l ock t h e mysteries of t i m e a n d reveal a passage to g reater k n owledge. What n ew d i m en s i o n s of m ea n i n g m ig h t we d i scove r i f w e co u l d free ou rse lves from fear a n d awaken t h e fu l l resou rces o f o u r co n sci o u sness?

Yet when we look a ro u n d us, we are not e nt i re l y sati sfied with the res u l ts. Weeds keep spro u t i ng; we i d e n t i fy them a n d c u t t h e m down, b u t n ew va rieties a p pear. We cannot a l ways see them fo r what t h ey a re or pred i c t how t h ey wi l l m a t u re. 20 Kno wledge of Freedom Meanwh i l e we a re cast i n g seed s fro m l ast year's p l a n t s i n to t h e gro u nd , c reat i n g t h e c o n d i t i o n s for t h e futu re. Y e t t h e c l i m ate i s c h a n g i ng, a n d t h e co m posi­ tion o f the soil a lters with each sea so n .

E l e­ m e n t s c reated i n u n k n own parts o f t h e u n i verse ga t h e red toget h e r, stab i l i z i n g i n a dyn a m i c bal ance to form the feat u res of o u r wor l d . I n ti m e, t h ey gave r i se to a spec i a l stra n d o f m o l ec u les capable of cod i n g for l iv i n g c e l l s . I n a process that st i l l seems m i rac u l o us, the earth bec a m e fi l l ed with i n n u m era b l e fo r m s of l i fe. A m o n g t h ese, we are t h e most rec ent and poss i bly the m ost i n te l l i g e n t .

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