Living It Up by James B. Twitchell

By James B. Twitchell

The democratization of luxurious, Twitchell contends, has been the one most vital advertising and marketing phenomenon of our times.

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Now you exchange money not for grace in the next world but for satisfaction in this world. “Indulge Yourself” is the implicit promise of modern luxury goods. You deserve a break today. You are worth it. We’re here to help you indulge. 19 Twitchell_Ch1 12/20/01 12:26 PM Page 20 What a difference a few generations make— penalty becomes reward (Cadillac at the beginning of the twentieth century, Lincoln at the end). 20 Twitchell_Ch1 12/20/01 12:27 PM Page 21 Over the Top Defining Luxury Down: The Example of Prestige Cars If you want to see the difference that a generation makes in downshifting luxury, just look at how top-of-the-line domestic automobiles are advertised.

Noisy people with power boats, dish antennae, and too many children are all over the place. Michigan is being Californicated and Mills is distraught. So, as luck would have it, when “there came a windfall just when my neighbor wanted to sell thirty of his acres, I bought them because I could. ” Mills more than doubles her estate. “The only thing I do with my land is inhabit it,” she says proudly of her own savvy consumption. ” I too don’t like jet skis, SUVs, and barking dogs. But would we all be better off if each of us exchanged our noisy toys and pets for more than thirty acres?

You don’t have to be a philosopher to tackle the dilemma, but the extension of the typical response—adios, Lexus—leads to a sourball of a paradox. Here, if you really want to bite down on this, listen to T. J. ” The bozos that say this don’t recognize that capitalism and technology have done more to feed and clothe and shelter and heal people than all the charity and church programs in history. So they preach about it, and we are the ones doing it. They rob Peter to pay Paul, but they always forget that Peter is the one that is creating the wealth in the first place.

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