Locked in Silence: Grimm's Circle, Book 5 by Shiloh Walker

By Shiloh Walker

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A giggle pierced the dark shroud of Vanya’s thoughts and she braced her hands on the cool porcelain of the sink, made herself think. Made herself focus. She needed to get out of here. Back into the club. Where they were. The succubae and incubae. The demons. They were her main concern—the reason she was here. She didn’t need to be worrying about a bunch of giggling, silly girls. Girls who were busy lamenting over a silly, sheer dress and whether or not any of them made a hookup tonight. Vanya wished that were the biggest concern of her life.

The darkness was surreal. Vanya didn’t think she’d ever known a darkness this complete. All encompassing, blacker than any night she’d ever experienced. But she wasn’t afraid. Not anymore. Even when the pain came and tore into her with sharp, tearing teeth. Because she wasn’t alone. He was there. She didn’t know who he was. She just knew he was there, and that his voice was there to guide her, no matter how dark it got. ” “Breathe…just breathe, the pain will pass…” His words were like a lifeline, circling through her mind, with her no matter how deeply she dreamed, no matter how awful the nightmares became, no matter horrible the pain.

Silence closed his eyes for a moment—as far as deaths went, it was a relatively painless way to go. But fuck it all, he didn’t want to see this. He’d seen enough death to last him through all eternity. The demon fled as he moved to the woman’s side. He knelt down and took her hand as her life faded. I’m here, he signed automatically with his free hand, using the language he had first used with Sina and Will all those years ago, the language Will had created just for him. Even as he did it, he wondered why.

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