Men of Physics: L.D. Landau. Low Temperature and Solid State by D. ter Haar

By D. ter Haar

Males of Physics: L D. Landau, Vol. 1: Low Temperature and stable kingdom Physics is a compilation of an important clinical contributions of L. D. Landau, Nobel Prize winner in Physics for 1962.
This quantity comprises 8 papers that elucidate the theories of Helium II, Fermi drinks, superconductivity, electron diamagnetism, and ferromagnetism.
Undergraduate scholars within the box of physics will locate the publication worthwhile.

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F o r the details we must refer to Landau's paper at the end of this volume. To see the importance of the Ginzburg-Landau theory, we must first consider briefly the general problem of phenomenological theories of superconductivity. Recent theoretical work, starting from Fröhlich's basic idea (1950) that superconductivity is caused by the electron-lattice interaction, has produced a relatively satis­ factory foundation for a microscopic theory of superconductivity. Most of this theoretical work is based upon the so-called BCS theory (Bardeen, Cooper and Schriefler 1957) and has been de­ veloped by many theorists, both in the United States and in the USSR by the Bogolyubov and the Landau theoretical groups.

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In a similar way the commutation rules between the components of the vector / with each other can be obtained. The calculation in this case is longer and we will n o t enter into it here. 5) i -7 + 7: . 4): Η »iP2 - P2V1 = . - ^2). 8) Pi where (curl v)ij, denotes the difference 3t7fc dvi dXi dXk Further on we shall also need the commutation rule between ρ and curl r. 7) we get curl »1 · P2 - Pa · curl Vi = 0. 9) It is easy t o see that by applying the formulae obtained t o the macroscopic movement of the liquid we get, as required, the usual hydrodynamic equations written in an operational form.

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