Metaphysics by Mark Pestana

By Mark Pestana

The papers during this quantity offer us with a very good pattern of up to date metaphysical inquiries. This assortment will provide readers a feeling of the kind of metaphysical investigations which are now being conducted through thinkers within the Western nations.

Introductory Chapter
1 The Metaphysical personality of Philosophy
2 visual appeal and truth in Parmenides
3 the character of Metaphysics and technology: the matter of the single and the numerous in Thomas Aquinas
4 Metaphysics among Reductionism and a Non-Reductionist Ontology
5 Whiteheadian dependent Societies as Open-Ended platforms and Open-Ended platforms as Whiteheadian established Societies
6 The which means of schooling within the Age of Technology
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72 ibid. B 345. 73 ibid. B 384. 66 67 The Metaphysical Character of Philosophy 29 so intimately are they bound up with our way of thinking. 2 Post-metaphysical thought and metaphysics of subjectivity – Evolving the transcendental approach Kant's limitation of "theoretical" knowledge in a strict sense to the realm of sense perception, and his critique of traditional proofs for the existence of God, went hand in hand with relocation of metaphysical questions to the realm of practical reason, and aesthetic and teleological judgment, that is: with an understanding of the complexity of knowledge in relation to the whole of our being and experience in the diversity of its forms.

W. Wieland, Die aristotelische Physik. Untersuchungen über die Grundlegung der Naturwissenschaft und die sprachliche Bedingungen der Prinzipienforschung bei Aristoteles. 2. durchgesehene Auflage mit einem Nachwort. (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1970), 218. 38 G. E. L. Owen speaks in this context of "focal meaning”, cf. „Logic and Metaphysics in Some Earlier Works of Aristotle“, in: I. Düring/ G. E. L. Owen, Aristotle and Plato in the mid-fourth century, (Göteborg 1960), 163-190, 179. 39 Cf.

Nagl 313. 83 Cf. Henrich, Konzepte, S. 72. Frank (1997), 13 f. 632). 85 Cf. W. Sellars, Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind [EPM*], edited by Robert Brandom, (Harvard University Press. 1997). 86 Cf. Arthur C. Danto, Connections to the World: The Basic Concepts of Philosophy. New York: Harper & Row 1989, cap. 40. 81 82 32 Metaphysics by such a focus can the gap between theoretical and practical life be overcome, and only then will theory be in a position to articulate fully our experience of the world and ourselves.

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