Mind in action : experience and embodied cognition in by Pentti Määttänen

By Pentti Määttänen

The ebook questions key dichotomies: that of the obvious and genuine, and that of the inner and exterior. This results in revised notions of the constitution of expertise and the item of information. Our global is skilled as chances of motion, and to understand is to grasp what to do. one other outcome is that the brain is better regarded as a estate of organisms’ interactions with their surroundings. The unit of research is the loop of motion and conception, and the primary proposal is the idea of behavior of motion, which gives the embodied foundation of cognition because the anticipation of motion. This holds for non-linguistic tacit meanings in addition to for linguistic meanings. behavior of motion is a teleological inspiration and therefore opens conceivable for outlining intentionality and normativity by way of the delicate naturalism followed within the e-book. The brain is embodied, and this embodiment determines our actual point of view at the global. Our sensory organs and different tools supply us instrumental entry to the realm, and this entry is epistemic in personality. the excellence among the actual and conceptual point of view permits us to outline fact because the correspondence with operational healthy. This embodied epistemic fact is despite the fact that now not an indication of antirealism, because the instrumentally accessed theoretical gadgets are accurately these gadgets that experimental technology offers with.


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Suppose that the last one says 145. The first thing that comes into mind is that something went wrong. But suppose that this happens repeatedly. Does this imply anything for the rules of counting? No. The rules are what they are, but they could not be applied if the units one counts would really behave in this way. The obvious precondition for applying the rules of counting is that there are well defined and stable units to count. In nature there are such units, and the role of these units in animal life has probably something to do with why and how these rules have emerged.

The problem is what we can know about ourselves, about this environment and about our relationship to this environment. Naturalism entails that mind is embodied but it does not necessarily imply that mind must be reduced to the brain. The brain is the organ of thought but it is not the brain that thinks. A human being thinks with the brain. Just like the legs are the organs of running but it is not the legs that run. A human being runs with the legs. To say that the brain can think just by itself would be the same as to say that a pair of legs cut off from a body can run.

Charles Peirce presented his pragmatic maxim as an alternative to René Descartes’ thought that clear and distinct ideas can be found by using introspection. John Dewey’s mature work is devoted to the reconstruction of philosophy. The main idea of pragmatism is that experience as sense perception is a too narrow view. Action must be included in the concept of experience. This requires a different view about the structure of experience and the object of knowledge. The earlier view, according to which experience is sense perception and the object of knowledge consists of the hidden causes of perceptions, is not adequate if the role of action in experience is to be taken into account.

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