MIT RadLab {complete set} Vol 06 - Microwave Magnetrons by G. Collins

By G. Collins

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P c ~va =eE+—j R (4) e where R is the radius of the orbit of the electrons (R is positive for orbits curving down). Where the path of the electrons is a straight line, the condition is obtained by letting R = co. Equation (4) then reduces to Fm. —Paths of electrons in cromed electric and magnetic fields. v=—. Ec B Inspection of Eq. (4) also shows that for v < Et/B (5) the electromagnetic 26 INTRODtrCTION [%-, 16 force will be reduced and the electrons will be deflected in the direction of the electric force.

29 two curves show the manner in which q, and T. vary with oscillator impedance. A third curve shows how q varies, and the optimum impedance is indicated by P. Increasing the loading of the magnetron generally increases its efficiency. Only rarely can the loading be made so heavy that a decrease in efficiency results because the r-f voltage is reduced below the optimum value. It is usually necessary to place a lower limit on the frequency stability, and this requirement alters both the loading and resonator impedance values corresponding to maximum efficiency.

111] From this chart it is seen that the maximum pulse power increases with the ~vavelength. 1 If this po\ver is limited by either cathode emission or voltage breakdown within the tube, the maximum pulsed pojver would vary as AZfor comparable designs. 3. 25 Puls(! 5 500 400 1000 700 1500 1000 in experimental tubes.

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