MIT RadLab {complete set} Vol 24 - Threshold Signals by J. Lawson, G. Uhlenbeck

By J. Lawson, G. Uhlenbeck

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Objects in these regions will reflect or scatter the radiation. Some of this scattered energy is picked up by a receiving The receiver must be system usually located near the transmitter. capable of passing to the indicator the video pulses, that is, the detected r-f pulses that correspond to the scattered or reflected pulses of r-f energy. One of the major difficulties in the radar problem is to make the receiving system sufficient y sensitive to detect the scattered r-f energy of objects several miles away.

38 THEORETICAL [SEC. 2 INTRODUCTION For noise (without signal), this situation will occur when the time interval tz — tl = T is sufficiently large. For T = O, it is obvious that It is sometimes convenient to work with the functionl ~(,) = (Y1–fi)(Y2 -v), (13) (Y – 02 which will be called the normalized correlation function. some properties of P(T): 1. p(o) = 1. We may note 2. p(r) s p(o). 3. For noise without signal p(r) -+ O as T + w. 4. If P(T) = O for T z TO,thenz ~ () s p(o) Cos *1) Pn where n is an integer.

As the antenna is scanned in azimuth, the magnetic yoke is synchronously rotated about the axis of the tube. This synchronization is easily accomplished by driving the yoke by a synchro motor or some Thus the PPI other remote mechanical synchro-transmission device. provides a map of all radar echoes, where the map scale factor is merely the ratio of twice the velocity of the radio wave to the sweep speed. Because of the ease with which a true map can be interpreted, the PPI is an ideal indicator for use with radar sets searching continuously in Intensity-modulated range marks are generally provided for azimuth.

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