Nietzsche Apostle by Peter Sloterdijk, Steve Corcoran

By Peter Sloterdijk, Steve Corcoran

For Peter Sloterdijk, Friedrich Nietzsche represents not anything wanting a "catastrophe within the heritage of language" -- a brand new evangelist for a linguistics of narcissistic jubilation. Nietzsche provided a philosophical assertion of independence from humility, a meeting-point of sobriety and megalomania that for Sloterdijk has come to outline the very venture of philosophy.

Yet for the entire value of this language-event named Nietzsche, Nietzsche's contributions have too frequently been elided and the contradictions on the root of his philosophy too usually edited out. As Sloterdijk observes, "Never has an writer so insisted on contrast and but attracted such vulgarity." Nietzsche Apostle, drawn from a speech Sloterdijk gave in 2000 at the hundredth anniversary of Nietzsche's dying, seems on the ways that Nietzsche has been branded through the years via selective compilation, and on the ways that Nietzsche grew to become himself right into a model -- a model introduced through his proclaimed "fifth Gospel," Thus Spoke Zarathustra. For Sloterdijk, the point of interest shouldn't be at the determine of Zarathustra or at the "will to energy" frequently used as a type of philosophical shorthand to sum up Nietzsche's paintings, yet on Zarathustra's act of "speaking" itself. Nietzsche Apostle deals a short heritage of blow his own trumpet and self-affirmation, an exam of the evolution of boasting (both by way of God and via man), and a really unique method of Nietzsche, philosophy's first dressmaker model of individualism.

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The collective spirit and goodness of all great souls would not be capable of producing a single one of Zarathustra's speeches . . Until then, you do not know what height, what depth really is; you know even less what truth is . . 4 . . an old friend has j ust written to say that she is laughing at me . . And this at a moment Totai Sponsoring I 49 wh e n an un s p e akabl e res p o n s ibili ty rests o n me-when no word can be t o o gentle, no look respectful enough for me. Because I am carrying the destiny of humanity on my shoulders .

And in this revision it would be necessary to examine the calculation as such in its immanent correctness. Does not everything point to the idea that according to Nietzsche the bad news possesses an edge over the good news that cannot be com­ pensated for, whereas all attempts to give primacy to the latter are based only on momentary vigor and temporary self-hypnosis? Yes, isn't Nietzsche thereby exactly the paradigmatic thinker of moder­ nity insofar as it is defined by the impossibility of catching up with the real through counter-factual corrections?

4 All his correspondence from the Zarathustra period is shot through with micro-evangelic news about his concluding a work that had weighed heavily on the mind of its author as something o f incomparable value. " Nietzsche's break with the old-European evan­ gelic tradition makes discernible how, from a certain degree of enlightenment, speech's functions of indirect eulogy can no longer be secured with the compromises of deism or cultivated Protestantism. Anyone seeking a language that secures the speaker the attribution of "every human excellence,'' or at least the guarantee of indirect participation in supreme advantages, has to develop strategies of expression that surpass the eclecticism of a Jefferson.

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