Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Physics in Nanosystems: by Felix A. Buot

By Felix A. Buot

This ebook offers the 1st accomplished remedy of discrete phase-space quantum mechanics and the lattice Weyl-Wigner formula of power band dynamics, by way of the originator of those theoretical innovations. additionally incorporated is the author's quantum superfield theoretical procedure for nonequilibrium quantum physics, with no the awkward use of synthetic time contour hired in past formulations of nonequilibrium physics. those major quantum theoretical strategies mix to yield basic and targeted quantum shipping equations in phase-space, applicable for nonlinear open structures, together with excitation-pairing dynamics. The derivation of Landauer and Landauer-Buttiker formulation in mesoscopic physics from the overall quantum delivery equations can be handled. New rising nanodevices for electronic and conversation functions are mentioned within the gentle of the quantum-transport physics equations, and an in-depth remedy of the physics of resonant tunneling units is given. Extension of discrete phase-space quantum mechanics on finite fields is in short mentioned for completeness, including its relevance to quantum computing. moreover, quantum details conception is roofed so that it will shed extra mild at the origin of quantum dynamics, besides chosen subject matters on nonequilibrium nanosystems in quantum biology.

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X | = exp |p = exp p ⇒0 p ⇒0 1 p · (−i|∇p ) C exp −i| i p · Q |p = 0 . 28) 9 Here, the concept of a vacuum state does not have a special meaning since |0 represent arbitrary reference position. It is introduced simply to bring analogy with zero-eigenvalue of non-Hermitian operators in later chapters, there the state |0 has a distinguished position. 5in swp0002 Quantum Mechanics: Perspectives 17 We also note from Eq. 12) that ∂ i exp p·Q ∂Q | i p·Q . 29) Therefore, P exp i p·Q | = exp i p · Q P + p exp | i exp − p · Q P exp | i p·Q | i p·Q , | = P + q.

5in 38 swp0002 Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Physics in Nanosystems Upon substitution in the Hamiltonian, Eq. , Φll ,κκ ,αβ = Φκκ ,αβ (Xl ,κ − Xl,κ ) . We can now write the summation over l as summation over h = Xl ,κ − Xl,κ , thus lh,αβ Φκκ ,αβ (h) exp {−i ([q + q ] · Xl,κ + q · h)} = l,αβ = exp {−i ([q + q ] · Xl,κ )} NV δ (q + q ) αβ h h Φκκ ,αβ (h) exp {−iq · h} Φκκ ,αβ (h) exp {−iq · h} . 5in swp0002 Lattice Vibrations in Crystalline Solids: Phonons 39 Thus the Hamiltonian can be written as H=                       Pα (q,κ)Pα (−q,κ) mκ κ,α,q + Uα (q, κ) 1 αβ κκ qq 2NV     Φκκ ,αβ (h) exp {−iq · h} × NV δ (q + q )     h   ×Uβ (q , κ ) H=           1 Pα (q,κ)Pα (−q,κ) mκ κ,α,q + Uα (q, κ) αβ 2    ×       h κκ q Φκκ ,αβ (h) exp {iq · h} ×Uβ (−q, κ ) Using Eqs.

2 Deterministic Schrödinger Wave Equation The particle Hamiltonian operator, H, acting on the state |Ψ now reads, using the position eigenfunction expansion of |Ψ , i| ∂ |Ψ = H |Ψ = C ∂t dq − |2 2 ∇ + V (q) ψ (q, t) 2m q |q . Since H is Hermitian, the presence of i| renders the time evolution as a unitary evolution of the quantum states. 15) where V (q) is the external potential seen by the particle. 16) or Hψ (q) = Eψ (q) , where i Φ (t) = e− | Et . Similarly, in the momentum representation the Schrödinger equation is given by i| ∂ ψ (p, t) = Hψ (p, t) ∂t p2 + V (i|∇p ) ψ (p, t) .

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