Novel Surfactants: Preparation, Applications, and by Krister Holmberg

By Krister Holmberg

Holberg (materials and floor chemistry, Chalmers U. of expertise, Sweden) provides up to date models of the 1st edition's 11 chapters and comprises six new chapters, normally facing the idea that of ordinary surfactants. every one bankruptcy offers with a specific category of surfactant and is gifted as an summary of the sector focusing on contemporary advancements. the fabric total emphasizes "green" surfactants according to usual construction blocks or produced through biotechnological tools.

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Nonequuilibrium phenomena exist in unary and in binary aqueous systems. The likelihood that similar complexity also exists in ternary systems is very high. Unfortunately, one cannot be sure that this behavior is unique to these molecules because few other systems have been studied in the depth that C12MG has been. It would have been desirable to have studied in depth one or two other analogs, but time did not allow this. The polyfunctionality of the N-alkanoyl-N-alkylglucamine molecules is possibly responsible (at least in part) for their complex physical behavior.

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The surface tension behavior of surfactant mixtures of alkyl polyglycosides and anionic surfactants was investigated with reference to the example of an alkyl polyglycoside/fatty alcohol sulfate (FAS) mixture [39]. The values of the mixtures are near the curve for alkyl polyglycoside despite a high anionic surfactant content. This corresponds to the normally observed behavior of mixtures of anionic and nonionic surfactants differing considerably in their CMC values [45]. A weak attractive interaction between these surfactants can be derived on the basis of Rosen’s theory [46].

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