Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois (2024)

1 1. 1. to to A Damages at and Judgment on rerdict. The call of the trial calendar for 170 includes and embraces the following Mills Gates. Webster et al, Habbard et al.

99. Burr vi. Sberman. 101. Boyd 1s.

Moody. 105. Kline vi. Ogden. 104.

Wethe, Ta. Voss, Wells et al. vi. Mather et al 101. Burtis Va.

Merritt 108. Herman Va. Magnus et aL 109. Colby vs. Hormer et al.

Neto Ann Chamberlain vI. E. Clara Chamberlain et Petition for partition of its Canal quarter Trustocs of lot four block fourteen (14) in the Subdivision of the cast fracton of the quarter of section 31, anip meridl 89, in. north range 14 cust, of the third principal Albert Jewett Alexander Brand, Henrietta Brand Johann Pfarrdrescher alias John Phardresher, and Maria Parrdreacher chias Mary shaa Mary correction Phardresser. Bill In chancery to obtain the deede of the above occurring in the to certain land conveyed by the State of Illnola to the defendants and by them to described as block 136, section 16, township 29, range 14 cast.

Eden T. Orne and Albion P. Whitney vs. FrankIla IL. Drown and John A.

Nelson, Bill in chancery praying an injunction to restrain the collection of an execution in the hands of said Sherie. Thomas Lantry ve. John A. Merrick. Bill In chancery on injunction leaded reatratniog the delendants from disposing of or Interfering with, the west trenty feet of lot twenty-eir, in block al, onginal town of Chicago.


Brandt et al. By agreement of parties, all papers and records amended by auriking ont the name of Edward B. Mann, and inserting therein the name John D. Peck, on payment of all costa op to this date by German ys. Dean.

ID chancery, Rule to plead, answer or demur, extended ten days on motion of defendant's solicitor. tit* worth ve, Speed et al, In chancery. Motion by complainant to pay over money, overruled by court. Habbard et al, Cicott et al In chancery. Master's report of sale aled and conArmed.

and order of execation of deed and distribution of proceeds. Olcott ve. Boggs et al. Time to file appeal bond extended to Friday next. New Suits, la the matter of Carl J.

Sippel, an appeal was taken from the order of the Probate court, refneing probate in the estate of George Sippel deceased. Porter va. J. W. Tan.

Distress for rent. Hoch Heed vs. Willls Osborn and his wife, Anna Osborn. This was an action of trespass on the case to recover damages laid at $9,000. The aidsvit of plaintiff for a caplas seta forth that the detendant caneed his arrest and examination before Justice 31 linken of the Police Court, upon a false charge of having committed an aseanlt upon her wall a deadly weapon.

RECORDER'S COOT--Before Hon. Evert Van Huren, Saturday WAS the sentence day in this Court, the time when the prisoner convicted during the term receive the Judicial allotment of puniebment for the several transgressions of which they have been proved guilty, citber by their own or by verdict of a jury. The occadon appeared to bare been accepied as a most tractire matinee by denizens of the purlieus the city, who assembled in great Lumbers, and manifepied the utmost attention and intercal in the proceedings, which oficially consigned a score from their midst to a temporary residence Bndewell, county jail, or behind bars at Joliet. The prisoners prescoted about the uscal appearance. They were twenty in number, men and women, old and young, not better than the average, or much worse looking than most of the speciators.

Robert Seelly, a young and somewhat pugnactous individual, convicted of the crime of Staybem, in that be bit off the nasal organ of an adversary in a free fight, was centenced one year's Imprisonment at Joliet, with hard labor. George Boyle, a young man, well-dressed, though fast-looking man, had been convicted of the larceny ol a watch, valued at $15. Already he has served two terms 10 the and now manifests every ability to spend the greater portion of his life in the same institution. He was tenced to one year's imprisonment. the Jerry charge Farrell and burglary.

Edward Simms plead guilty to They were captured by the police in the very act of breaking inio's house, and both have very bad antecedents. Simms WAS sentencea to Are years and Farrell to three years in the Penitentiary, Frank Curran, a young man of boyish stature and idiotic aspect, had plead guilty to having committed an with a knife upon the person of a comrade in a bonse of 1U-fame. He was sent to the county fall for months. Henry Eaton and Henry Johnson, two Amencan citizens of African descent," bad been for the larceny of a buffalo robe. Jobason had plead the guilty stand to the charge, when be was placed upon to testify bis confrere.

In so doing be committed most glaring wilfal perjury. The jury assessed the term of Eaton a Imprisonment at one year in the Penitentiary, and the Court seatenced the perjured Johnson to three yearn Incarceration in the same Institarion. Charles Graham, convicted of the larceny of a horse and blanket, valned at $200 from a barn ground which be bad been peen prowling for some days previous to his crime, centenced in pursuance of the verdict of the jury to three eata imprisonment at Joliet. J. J.

Robloson and William 8. Foster, a pair of brutish, dissolute looking young men, upon whose facea crime had lonz ago left Its Ineffacable mark, had been convicted of rape tinder the most revolting circamstances. They met an ured woman in the night, seeking policeman to protect her from the brutality of ber husband, and pretending to her to be officers of the law, they enticed her tato a dark alley where they bratally violated her person. Owlog to a mistaken notion of clemency the jury had limited their tern of to one year each In the PenItentiary and this sentence the court sessed. Walter Phelps, a young garroter.

for the robbery of 19 was sentenced to one year at Joliet. Thomas Mcedows, a conddence man who had succeeded in obtaining about $25 from countryman by means of a bogus check on a bogus bauk, was convicted of forgery and sentenced pursuant to the finding of the jory to three years imprisonment in the Penitentiary, Mary Doolin, a young woman who had plead guilty to the charge of having stolen a cloax valued was sent to the county jail for days. John Daily, a Lad of seventeon or slobteen, reported to be of good antecedenta, for the larceny of a dozen pocket rained at 87, was sent to the county Jau fur thirty days. Ann DOloo, very old troman, whose love for personal had caused her to steal a dress valued at $20, was sentenced to one year in the Penitentiary. Harriet Moore had plead guilly to the charge of baving stolen worth of bed clothes, and was sent to the Bridewell for sixty days.

Thomas Bberidan bad inangurated a revised edition of Sheridan's ride- on three empty barrels-illegally obtained, and was sentenced to twenty days imprisonment in the Bridewell. Julias Selkie, a middle aged man convicted of burglary, and described by the court as the most successtal and indiscominating thief in the conntry, a man who bad come from the oath, and after entering every house but two in the West Divizion, would steal anything trom cook stores or hoop skirts to a dead crocodile, was sentenced to ten years' Imprisonment at Joliet. William Holmes, councied ou two Indictments of the larceny of clothing, was sent to the county jail for thirty daya on each. Richard Harrie, a confidenco man who in the garb of a clergyman bad robbed a farmer of 8300, vas sentenced by the court to ore year's imprisonment In the Bridewell, and a fine of $1,000 -the prisouer 10 atand committed until his Ano be paid. Model Frize Concert.

The whole Western country, at least a considersble portion of the people in this section seem to be going mad onthe Gill Concert question. We prob. ably bare received from thirty to Any letters per week during the past three months, each one as such and such partier, managers of gut enterprisce. are reliable gentlemen. We need not here indicate what is the tone of our answers; bat leat those answers should be by any deemed unsatisfactory, vre herewith present a echeme, shown to 135 yesterday, to which we can give an endorsem*nt.

We commend it to the notice of those who are dotermined to patronize some mitt enterprise. "Concert of great, grand and awful music, on the bridge under the river 1564, at La Salle street, to come off on the let of April, Immense quantities of nice thugs giren Only two thousand million tickets sold. Every one a lust prize. Positively ho bumbag. Soc the following of prizes: Prize 1 52 52 1 18 30 1 5,000 1 1 Pester handle) $4.000.00 $2,000.00 Morocco Tin Clasp 25.00 House and lot on SAW A Fe-75, 000, 000.00 pairs Gents' Socks second B.000.00 Sofa-bottomed Dish 100.00 Box Pils(air 400.00 Plain 8,000.00 Gallons Kerosene 10.80 Acres Rabbit 16,000.00 Yards unblesened IDc 30.00 Pounds Limburg 17,000.00 octavo 250.000.00 3,000 5,000,000,00 Chance to each Pobliac Lottery Photograph of Andy Johnson Value not (large as ascertain Big ...99,000,900.00 Miles Bologna Sausage (irce from 3,000.00 Peelem Leechem Bleeder: Takemin, Gullem I.

Ketchem U. Chestem, Pothole, Pa. A. E. Agent out West.

Suffocation by Gar-Singular and Sad Fatality. Mr. Adolph Kramer, of the well-known wholesale dry goods Arm of J. M. Supe, Kramer wan found dead yesterday morning at his residence, No.

235 Fourth avenne, the room being filled with carbaretted bydrogen gas, which had evidently excaped from the burner in the room. The circ*mstances of the case are not paralleled in the history of our city; indeed, we do not remember to have read anywhere of death ensuing from a cause apparently so Mr. Kramer WAS A man of about pe years of age, unmarried, and boarded with his brother-in-law. The family was at home as usual on Saturday night, and a friend dropping in, the gas down stairs was turned on, perbapa a little more fully than ordinary. Mr.

Kramer retired at the early hour of ten, and turned the tap to put out his light, though as it afterwards appeared, it was not turned equarely off. When the lights down staira were extingulabed (after Mr. Kramer had fallen aslecp), the increased pressure sent the gas through the in the room of the deceased in volume enticient to All the apartment ard cause death by asphyxia. The aperture left by the imperfect clostire of the tap was probebly Fo amall that it would scarcely have admitted the free passage of a thread from a spider's web, when subjected to the full pressure from the street main emlited a stream of death. Who can tell the pumber of spartments in which leaks of this kind exet, and iD which it would be certaln death to lie down to sleep without a free ventilation! The Inquest mill be held on the remains at 4 o'clock to-day.

Clothing StIll for the Freedmen. Many suppose that, as spring has come. there is no more need of sending clothing to the South for the Freedmen. A few lacta will chow that this is a wrong impression. Rev.

Palmer Littz, a Missionars of the American Association, and Soperintendent of Education for the Southern District of writes from Natchez, under date March the 12th, as follows: We are coustantly receiving applications for clothing. but have none except a few men's coate, rests and pants. I can make good use of a largo quantity. The old, worn nut men and women and orphans in the city, and surrounding country, create a great demand for clothing. Some come from the distance of Ancen to twenty miles, all bearing the marks of great destitation.

Ecing unfit for service they remain on the plantstone. and barely get enough to eat The Freedmen's Bureau faraish bimkets have and quite a quantity and of men's clothing, bat none for women children. It 18 now spring, and weatber is guile warm, so that the of clothing needed is such as is worn at the North in summer." Rev. Job Klucaid, Missionary of the Association. writes from Columbus, March 10: "We need clothing much, and would be glad of your.

help in that direction." There is an increasing call for teachers and misalso, and money is needed to furnisb them and provisions to support them. Many congregations of colored people, very destrous to hear learn, are without any preacher, and some, baving only former secessionist white preachers, would like better one. Address, AMERICAN MISSIONART ABSOCIATION, 78 Madison street, Chicago. The family of the late Senator Funk have contributed nine thousand dollars (added to the gift of Mr. Funk to the endowment fund) plete the endowment of the Irasc Funk Professorship of Agriculture in Illinois Wesleyan University.

LOCAL MATTERS. Miss Tennessee (The Wonderfal Chula) Magnetic Life Elixer, for cleausing the blood, and beautifying the complexion. The great enccese this Eliser has met with indaced me to pat it before the public, and all Fast is to give it a fair trial, and it will then recommend itself, It will tion upon the dark face or body, and will gave the comremove all spots, moths, pimples, any crupplexion a clear and healthy color. and if the direcdons are property followed, the akin will become almost transparent, The properties of this are puroly vegeta. ble, and perioctly harmless, and have a wonderfal I Amusem*nts.

PRESENT TO EVERY A PRISON SMITH NIXOI'S BALL. FAREWELL BENDEIT! -TOSIGNOR BLITZ, On Monday Erening, March 96, on which occasion the Signor will Prices: rive away the following Elegant 1-A Lady's Gold Watch, 19 carata, richly enamelled and Inlaid with 12 diamonds of the Art water, valued at 3347. 2-A Gentleman's Gold Aunting Case Watch, made by Jobeson of Liverpool. valued at 3-A Solid Silver Hunting Cars, Duplex Watch, valued at 865, at 865, -A very expensive Sewing Machine, Together with S5 other Gold and Bliyer articles. Admission, 50 centa: Reserved Sea ta, $1.00.

Ticketa con be obtained and Keserved Beats s0- cured at Smith Nixon's. 0973 NIXON'S HALL SMITH GEO. C. LEMON GRAND CONCERT Wednesday Evening, March 28. The following Distinguished Artists will asslat: 'LLE FRIDA DE GEDELE, ME.


R. PROVOST. Ambor. Dixon, Freeport, Rock ford, Belvidere and BeWIn. Don't Ail to bear him; his guitar playing with songs pays.

9813 4p Liberal Gift TICKET. Admission 50 cents: Gift Tickets 81.00: Reserved Beats 50 cents extra-which can only be obtained at Lyon Healy's Music Store. Doors open pant 6. Concert will commence at 74 o'clock. GAYLORD'S MINSTRELS.

ACADEMY OF MUSIC. THE BEST BILL OF THE SEASON. IMMENSE SUCCESS. The new faces received with unmistakable evidence of approval. Crowded Houses Every Night- J.

8. Ed. warde In New Acts. Gaglord and Howard la fresh Comicalittes. 1 ba whole to conclude with a new Musical Barletta, 8500 OF, Who WIll Get It 0909 COL.

WOOD'S MUSEUM. COL. J. F. -Proprietor and Manager ME.

TAOB. of A u. MR. MADAgEr Production of a per and thri ling Play. originally produced in London by Mr.

Charles Kean, where 1t schleyed a standard raccess, rarely equalled in the sopals of the Drama. On Monday evening. March 26th, will be produced sterling play, In 5 acta, entitled THE F8 SECRET. To conclude with the roargreat scente comedy of a Ins farce of Poor She Midsuromer Nizat's Dream, has been several months in prepara ton and aborily be produced. VICKER'S THEATRE.

MOVICKER MANAGERS Last week of Mr. and Miss Cooldock. Last week of Mi'le Jobanns Claussca. MoodAy-THE WILLOW COPSE. Lake Mr.

C. W. Cooldock. Miss dock To conclude with THE GOOD FOR NOTHING. Nan (the Good for M'lle Johanna Clanssen Tuesday-RICHELIEU.

Saturday, a great bill for the Matinee. q917 VARIETIES Dearborn street, THEATREC. M. CHADWICK Proprietor G. H.

Haneger The in two acta, of the DUMB OF MANCHESTER. The Nor. Harry Lealle. Appearance of BOR LINDLEY. plan Comedian, M'LLE AUGUSTA, DAN SHELBY, FRANCIS, FATTIE STEWART and CLARA BURTON.

No more disappointments- Harry Leslie will walk from the roof of the Variety Theatre on at 7 o'clock the drat doe evening, and perform his of Prices quette, 20 Dress Circle, 50 daring acta. Let everybody attend, Reserved Orchestra 50 eta Private Boxes, 73 and 14: Single Seats in Boxes, 15 cts. Change of Time--Doors open o'clock, commences 8. 4184 ALF. HOWARD.

This lalst will soon visit Ottawa, To Concert. ...81.00. One sad twenty prizes to Greenbacks. 30,000 Licketa and bafore $8.000 prizes Provide yourself Daket it too late. Bend Immediately all to STOREY, RICHMOND A 105 South Clark it, or P.

O. Box ORCHESTRAL AND Presentation Concert. Smith Iron's Hall, Calcago. on TUESDAY EVENING, March 21th, In addition 10 the Tara Treat offered, the Manager will share the Net Proceeds of the evening with Sis by prescoting to the audience OVER 200 GIFTS. Amonem the presents will be one very One Mare, 7 years old, seighing about 1.150 8, nod valaod at 8500 one One Hunting Case Silver Watch.

worth $40; 4 pificent Silk Dress Pattern, worth 173. Also, over 200 other Gifts, varying in value from $1 to P10. Tickets $1.00. For sale st the Music Stores, Hotels and at the door. Doors open at 1 o'clock.

Commence at 8. Address R. SPALDING, Manager, Home, Chicago. 4628 4p Auction Sales. REMOVAL.

WM. A. BUTTERS DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND Have leasad from Potter Palmer, for a term of years, and now occupy the entire new dre-story marble front double store in PALMER'S BLOCK, Nos. 44 and 46 Randalph Street, Between State street and Websch avenue, Chicago. The Only Exclusively Auction Commission House in Chicago.

They bare the largest and best adapted bouse for condacting the sates of Dry Goods, Clothing, Roots and Shoes, and Household Goods, west of Now Fork. REGULAR BALE DAYS DRY GOODE, Every Tuesday and Thursday, FURNITURE, Saturday, Particaler attention, as usual, will be given to the sale of Household Goods at private dr ellinge. FURNITURE AND FIXTURES or THE CHICAGO LAUNDRY. AT AUCTION, On MONDAY, March 26. at 10 o'clock, at the Lam.

dry So. 151 Dearborn street, we stall sell, without reserve, for cash, the entire fornitare and ixtures, of large Iron Heater, Water and Steam Piper. Dry Rcom Darn, Irouing Mangles, Tube, WaskIng Clothes Wringers, Bodsteads, Redding, W.MI. A. Auctioneers.

q919 DRY GOODS, CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, CLOTHING, HOSIRRY, FANCY GOODs. at Auction. On TUESDAY, March 27, at o'clock, at Rutters' Anction, to Palmer's Block, Nos. and 16 bet. State-nt.

and Wabash Sv. WH. A. BUTTERS AuctioncorF. TEAS, SPICES, at Soap.

Auction. Wooden On ware. WEDNESDAY, March 29, at Pipes. Hardware, Liquors, o'clock. at Batters' Auction Rooms, 10 Palmer's Block Not.

44 and 46 bet. State st. and av. WA. A.

BUTTERS CO, Auctionears. FIFTH PAWNBROKER'S SALE. Watehes, Jewelry, Diamonds, ClothIDE. Dreases, Guns, Rites, Revolvers, Opera Glasses, to, AT AUCTION. By order of A.

LIPMAN, Pawnbroker, On THURSDAY. March in 29, at 9 Wo'clock, At Nos. BITTTENS' Rooms, Palmer's Block, 4 and 46 Randolph street, between State street and Wabash WM. A. BUTTERS CO, Auctoteera.

0922 DESIRABLE RESIDENCE PROPERTY AT AUCTION. GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SUPERIOR Household Furniture, Splendid Piano Forte, AT ADOTION. On TUESDAY, March 7th, at 10 o'clock, will be sold at our Salesrooms, 44. 46 and 48 Dearborn street, and coostsilag other of a Chamber large Salta, assortment and Parlor Suits, with i of Rich Walnot, complete and toe assortment of Parlor, Carpets, Chamber Mirrors, de.

and Al Diningroom IRO Piano Fortes. Que splendid Rose wood Case Furniture, Brussels Piano Forte, one of the Naeat lnstruments ever sold in this city. Is in perfect order, and in every respect Instroment Made cramined John For, C. W. Cost 3500.

Can be at our store sty time belore the sale. Also- tecood-band Placo. N. artles breakIng up housekeeping will Bod It to their interest to call on as before disposing of their goods. GILBERT SAMPSON, Anctioneert.

0764 GILBERT SAMPSON, AUCTIONEERS. SECOND- HAND CARRIAGE, WAGON, Double and Stogie Harness. Wines and Cigars, AT AUUTION. At TUESDAY, our Salerrocms, thin, 48 and 49 o'clock, Dewborn one street, Farriaze on with pole and about abaft: 10,000 one Assorted fa*gon, Cigars, some cost $10 Carriage and Harness; casts Catawba, Maderia and tho Bherry Wine. 6 GILBERT SAMPSON, Auctioneers.

0763 UCTION French SALE, and New American York. Glass. A BAYDOCE o'clock, at sell bia On THURSDAY. 101 Liberty New Ware, 184 Crates Common 0118 Crates White Granite Ware, 70 Crates de do Also French sod American which Glassware. with de For further partical ace catalogue, ready March On SATURDAT, March 31, at o'clock p.

2. 01 the premises, the coutheast corner of Rags and Outarlo streets, known as the Nicholson Estate, front1pg 75 feet on Rush atreet by 100 feet on Ontarto-st. The elegant residences of Ron. Wm. B.

Ogden, Hon. Mark Skinner and Walter L. Nowberry, Esq-, respestively, the otber three corners. It is the most desirable residence property in the Terms will be made known at time of tale, or op plication to W. T.

SAUFPLUT, No. 19 South Water street, Methodist or to Church the Block. undersigned. N. A.

F. BUTTERS CODER No. 4 Auctioceers. GILBERT SAMPSON, For Sale- Real Estate. For Sale- Real Estate.


Foote will commence a cice and chores claer for ad raped ringers, Monday evening, March 28th. to the leciars room of the First Baptist Church. Books forniabed and lent during the conree of twelve lessons. M. E.

CENTERART. -The regalar mouthly meetof the American Methodist Ladica' Centenary Association will be held on Tuesday, E. March Church 27th, at 10 o'clock a. in room No. 19, M.

Block. backman, named Hugh MoGuine, was Aned $5 and costa in the Police Court, on Saturday, for violating the ordinance concerting It appears that be charged man one dollar for conveying a him from the Great Union to the Nortb western depot, while the legal fare for that distance la bot cents. DANGEROUS On Saturday Mr, George A. Hiliman, commission merchant, received from a correspondent in the country a $30 compound miereat note, which proved to be a counterfelt of the Arst water. In deeign it la exacily like the genate, but the execution beare po resemblance to it.

The paper upon which it is printed la course, and the engraving of the same stamp. MERCHANT'S UNION The subscriptions to the Merchants' Unlon Express Company closed op the $800,000 allowed to Chicago being all taken. There was quite rush for stock toward afternoon, and number were disappointed, owing to the list being filled in the carly part of the day. We are informed that come parties telegraphed to and other points, to secure shares, bat were disappolated in the effort. CHARGE or On and after to-day (Sunday) four express trains will be ran castward, dads.

upon the Michigan Southern Northern Indiana rallroad, The Saturday pight train, eastward. wall not run beyond Elkhart, bat will remain there 111 2 o'clock on Monday morning. We understand the passenger businese of this road, both cast and west, very beavy, and the officers of the road eay that if they had mother strike it would be necessary to double their rolling stock in order to meet the demands of the public. DEATH AT THE Englishman named John Manly, who was brought up at the Police Court on Thursday last on charge of drank and disorderly," his career at tha Dnadowell on Friday tight, through an attack of delirium tremene, For several past Manly bad been in the employ of Lall Divers as a teamster, but led an the irreralr life. Coroner Wagner held an inquest on rematos on Saturday, aod Jury rendered a verdict of 4 death from the effects of intemperate habits and exposure." YELLOW FEVER AT EST exchange rage that Dr.

Thomas Sim. (farmerty of Lake View, in this county, and since of Cairo,) former Medical Director of the Third Army corps, has been appointed special Health officer for the States of South Carolina and Georgia, on the recommendston of General Sickles, and elarte for Charleston on Faturday, wilh tall powers to call upon all milllary and naval authorities for necersary co-operaton or Ills burried departure gives color to the rumor of Fellow lever at Key West, which were die credited becanse at had never been known to appear so carly in any former SODDEN DEATH- About nine o'clock on Saturday morning a colored man, named Dennis Harley, war engaged to taking lumber from a large wood pile at the corver of Lake and Market streete, when the foundation gave way son the entire mass toppled down, baying the antartunate laborer beneata the rains. Several workmen who were engaged in the Inmber yard st the moment. Hu to his maristance, but before they could reach bim be was gulle insensible. The heavy loge abich had fallen upon him, were removed, and the man was tound In mangled condition.

Medical was procured, bat it was too late, and the poor man expired to half so hour after the Coroner Wagner beld an on the body in the afternoon when the jury retarped a verdict of death." THE SPRING ELECTION. AId. Bond deatres us to say that he is not a candidate for re-election. C. C.

Pomeroy is spoken of as a candidate for aldermanle bopors in the First Ward, in addition to those Already noted by we. The following are the retiring Aldermen, whose places will nerd to be allied by election on the Inird Tuesday in April: Gage. sard. MeRoy. 12th.

Holden. Bond. Frauzen. Wallwork, Hottinger. Bib.

Woodman. The Boards of Hegirtry will meet on Tuesday next for the purpose of making out the net of voters. ARREST OF TOURS THIEVES, -On Saturday evenJug Delectite Wells Sherman arrested three boys named Thomas Kirk, Clarles Framand and Thomas Kent, members of an extensive gang of young theirs who have inferted Lake and Clark streete, robbing show casce, picking pockets and making themsel res generally diragreeable for months past. Only a few since they broke the glass of a show case standing in front of store on Clark atreet, and carried of several pairs of boots. Some wecks ago young Kirk picked the pocket of a lady ob the corner or Waabington and Clark atrecte, and made be cecape from the officers at the Central Btation.

3 heir depredations bare been so frequent that Mr. Sherman took upon himself the task of breaking up the gang, and has so far enoceeded in captonue three of the worst cues. and the The young Araba mall be examined In the Police Court on Monday, FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT -Op Friday evening last, Conrad Mueller, aged seventy-two years, way ran over and fatally lujured by an engine on the track of the Chicaro Alton Railroad, Dear the Ogden clip, in Bridgeport. He was walking on the track, when the train spproached slowly, and the mogipeer rang the bell an the eignal of danger. The deceased turned round.

saw the approaching enand stepped off the track, out directly afterward seemed en in and agalo stepped on the track immediately in front of the engine, which passed over him, coring off both his lege. He erpired in great agony on Saturday evenine. He had a family of crown up the sons residing be in Bridgeport The Inquest an remains will held at the city dead hours at 8 o'clock to day. OAR WOOD This establishment forniahes well regulated home and school for boys. It la 1 place where their moral, phyelcal and intellectual training receives carefal attention.

The pupils of the tartitation are thoroughly drilled in the fundsmental principles of a comprehensive education. The younger clave of boys only are received, over whom a parental care is exercieed, day and night It is the intention of the managers that the InstitoLion shall be fully equal to the best, ru Its arrangements and Lions. They have recently expended several thousand doVers on its enlarge. ment and improvement. Circulars may be obtained org.

C. Gness booksellers, on Lake street, or by addressing E. Berber, the Principal, at Lake Forest, Illisols. COMPORT FOR of the West have long needed the ad of come enterprising party, who could supply the most needfal or all waste to a well-recolated complete sortment of furnishing coods for bourckeeping all tia details. Mr.

Dalton, well known for ten scare ne one of our leading stove and tin merchants, has, by the constant calls for articles, seen the remuch needed and not to be found in the Western country. De ban called to aid Mr. George Broere, a gentleman of some Aftern caperience in one of the largest and oldest house furotebing establishments in New York--a gentleman whose jadgment in the details and minute required to make a comfortable en, parlor, bath or sleeping room is unsurpassed. Those about to marry, or already married, are inriled to call and judre for themselves, Hotel keepera will do well to inspect their stock, ALLEGED LAECENT OF A WATCH -A good looktug German girl named Matilda Webikamp, was A0- cared before Justice Milliken at the Police Court on Saturday, by Eliza Schnidewent, who resides at 222 Wastaugion street, of having stolen a gold watch worth sixty dollars trom a burcan drawer. The girl had been employed in the complainant's house as a vervant, and some disagreement occurred between them in consequence of the frequent Heits of a man named Petril, whom Matilda averred was her husband.

She was ordered to leave the premises, and phe did on Enday afternoon Shortly after her departure her mistress, 00 exam loing the drawer where ebe bad left the watch that afternoon, du covered that it had been cared on. Suspicion at once attached liseir to the discharge 1 domestic and the was accurdinely arrested. The eridence arapet ber though of a rather Rumsy character, was deemed of suficient gravity to warrant the examination being continued for weele, the prisover being required to give bail in the sum of $500 for her appearance. CATHOLIC ORPHAN Board of Mangers of the Catholic Orphan Aeglum have prepared a statement of the afire of the Arylam, with the receipts and disbursem*nts from March 1st, 1803, up to February 1506. The balance abect chows the reccipt of $13,325 56.

Pald out far groceries, fuel, clothing and adodrier during the same period, $12,652 93. A balance In the hande of the Treasurer of 2072 98, is more than covered by the bills due for groceries, etc. The Asylum has been, daring a portion of the poriod, under the management of the Sodsty of Pi. Vrocent de St Panl. The total number of orphan, in the Asslam 1g 129, o1 which 69 are maler and 00 are females.

Or this Dumber 15 ere under three years of age, 45 between the arcs of three and Are seam, Gf between the ares of Ave and nine, 5 between the ages of ten cod tuirreen. The managare announce that a Fair and Festival, for the benefit of the Asylom. wIT be held in the Skating on the corner of Wabash avenue mad Jackson etreet, commencing on the erening of Easter Monday, and ask the public for liberal chare of that patronage of winch the Asylum is so deserving. EPISCOPAL CONFIRMATION AT RACISE COLLEGE, etudente of Racine College were conArmed in the College Chapel on Toerdar aneropon last The reenes were very impressive. and were witnessed by very large congregation, amone whom were many citizens of Chicago.

The sermon was preached by Bisbop Clarkton from the good The for a address man 10 the bear the contrived yoke in his youth. to was delivered by Bishop Talbot. Both of which Bishops also arristed the venerable Blepop Kemper In adminstering the rite of condemation. oncial bel ween the three offdatiny Bishope made the association very intercatBishop Kemper was the Aret Miesionary Biebop of the Episcopal Church, having been elected as such thirty res ago. Whee be reslaned the office in order to become Diocesean Bishop of Wis.

10 1839. Talbot was chosen 10 enccoed him. And bra Hirhop Talbot war transferred to Indiana 10 1855 Blabop Clarkeon was COnsecrated as bis succestor. It was also to the Episcopalians present a memotable occasion 10 tee the oldest Bishop of the Church (Bishop Kemper) pow over three -core-andten, and the youngesi one (Blabop Clarkson) who de stall consideratily under two-score uniting in the game solemb coremonial. THE WEST SIDE STREET time for opening the bids for the Ailing, grading add paring West Randolph add Madison etrocta Trum the river to Halsted street, was extended on Saturday tin some time wn, next month in order to allow more time for contractors to make out their estimater.

which of course will be based on the ratce of labor this spring and rammer. The fifteen thousand persona who are daily carried over the rails of the Weet Division will near gadly of the determination of the Board of Pablic Works to change the originally proposed plan of procedure. They bare now decided work on one eircet at a time. Randolph street will be pared from the east to the west line before the trave of the care on Madison afrert de interfered with. and a temporary track laid on Balsted from Madison to Kaudolph will enable tbe Milwankee avenue care to run as While the Randolph street Improvement 12 in progress Macison stroct be curbed at the and such other things done as will pot interfere with the rads.

By this moans Madison Firect wall be in a forward elate when Randolph 14 and if the contractors do their duty, both strocte way be put up 10 grade long we the pert winter's soow clouds frown upon us. It la to be hoped that the Board of Tonic Works will make this one of the conditions of the contract, and let it to DO least one who la of pot prepared to par it thrones the space compatible with doing the 10 ride work montha from ought to be duished inwell. Doth of fire the time of Arat cround. breaking OUR TELESCOPE. Its Arrival in Wonderful What It may Be Expected to Bereal The Chicago telescope, which may be termed telescope of the world, being by many degrees the largest ever made on thus planet, has last arrived in the city, For more then year.

pest it his been fraitfal theme of specolation from time to time among our scientise dreles, mod DOW that it has actually come, all eyes will pavarally be curious to take a peep through it, at the colcaual scenery which has thus been orought within the scope of our obeerration. The telescope heralded on Friday by the maker, Alvan Clark, E-9- of Camtie bridge, poD and Mast. Prof. who T. I.

arrived here, the accompanied by astronomer of the University. They were received by J. Young Scammon, Thoma. Rome, and other members of the Astronomical who condocied them to the Chicaco Univerity for the parpose of inspecting the poi in profor the erection of the A few daye will sufice to complete the arrangemets at the Dearborn tower. in the dame of which it Le to ba placed, and it is now expected that the work of plac.

IDE the teleecope in position will be commenced before close of the present week. The telescope was chipped at Boston on the Inb, and passed Batalo on the 21et. It arrived in Chicago a1 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, all sale and sound. It was packed in nineteen boxes, besides which there were two large wooden frames and three beavy metallic caetings. It be conveyed to the Colveralty on Monday per the BarLogion Quincy rallroad, The microscopes, betog too valpable to be trusted by rail, were packed and carried in a box by hand to toeir destinadon.

Our readers are already tamillar with the bistorr of this powerful instrument, and we need only thereiore the events In its eventfal (earbly) carcer. It war originally ordered by the State of and purchased for the Gniversity; but at the oathreak of the rebellion, the Miselasippians somehow lost all Interest in the course of the planets, being 100 buril: occupied with mere terreeinal and the contract was siren up. The Univereity of Harvard next cast their eves opon it, and thought they had it safe. when Thomas Eeq- for the Astronomical Society of Chicago, secured it for our Umversity. Here, accordingly.

it has come at last, after long watching 01 our part. and In few days the people of the Garden City will be several millions of inches nearer to the heavens then they now are, and will be in a position to receive direct information as to the dotage of Jupiter, Vepue and Mars, and special patches, from the man in the Moon, dally. The teleecope is an equatorial refractor. nor the Is cert in the world, the aperture of 1lg object clare, Lich de the only dimension of importance, boing Inches, while thal of the nest 15 only 16 inches. It la northy of remark that the glass 1e colliely without a single epock or flaw, a circametance of rare occurrence a glass of such sious, The focal length of the fostrament is twenty three feet.

The reuson why classes of this else are rare 18 on account of the dimcults experienced ID casting them. Many castice are thrown aride ML9 worthless aren for glasses of a emaller elze, and when we come 10 the eize of about a 1oot in diameter there arc very few glasses in the world exceeding IL which art quite perfect. A very common adjunct of the large telescope is a cap made to At the object glass with an eccentric aperture, which is turned round 10 the perfect part of the glass, shading the defective portion from the rare which would Interfere with and break up the object This glass Deeds no euch cap, and in adaition to it being the largest, it the most perfect and to the world. It is 50 mounted that it can be directed to any point in the heavens by motions upon tWo REce at right angice to each other, one of which is direcied to the north pole of the beavens. By meaDs of clock -work of pecaliar character it CAD be made to follow the apparent motion of a piar, 20 that, as tho object rises in the cast, the telcacope mores with The mounting wolghs about three tons, but this great welebt can be moved by one man, and that without much effort.

The tower is so constracted as to be independent of any casually which may occur to the rest of the building. The uspod upon waich the placed stands upon a sold, self Detaining pedestat, and the Interior of the dome la perfectly Areproof. The dome is constructed to revolve freely on balls with the motion of the so that but the end of the telescope is erposed to the atmosphere. An opening of about feet an width from the crown of the dome to its base, and a series of eliding ebutters cover op every porton of this aperture except that Immediately In front of the object eluse. The use of the equatoral telescope la to take observations of anywhere in the upper hemisphere, in or out of the meridional plane, to watch pbenomens and to measure the small angles of distance between the opposite discs of the planetary masses or contiguous fired stars.

It 1s not available for the determination of actual, but relalive position. not ordinarily need for tang the altitndes of stare or noting the Instant of the meridian transit from which are deduced the right RECEDPIODE and declinations of the beavenbodies or the locus of the place of obserration. Those come within the mora immediate scope of the transit instrament, a telescope whica moves only in the plane of the meridian, or as pear thereto as the mechanical lagenairy of the artists CAD. eet it, and the paemage of the beavenly bodies are noted over a eyelem of solder threads streiched at equal intervals in the deid of vision, The equatorial has the spider threads, but they are on frames which and movable acroes the by means of screws to very delicately warmed that change of of one-milbonth of an inch may be noted and meatared. By CanE or the clock work above meutioned, the telescope 18 made to follow ide diurnal motion of any star, keeping it within the deld for hours together, need be, without any trouble to the ohperver.

who la thus left free to watch the phenomenon presented, or 10 adjust his micrometers to the accurate resding dietances of two. or the diameter of one, of heavenly bodies. Thouch the equatorial is not depended on to And the exact position of a star with regard to the bonron, to the meridian, or to any of the imaginary circles of the celestial sphere, ret the circles of tbts equatorial are graduated with great nicety to mark minutes of are, and by the aid of verniers even the fractional parts of a minute may be read with accuracy. TAC macs to which this telescope will be pat may therefore be defined to consist in watching the heavenly observe the movements of planetary satellites, discover the tons of the Janar surface. and the changes which occur to the surface of and of the other bodies which compose the solar eyelem, to detertine telauve poultopa of fixed stare, and of the comets and asteroids, with regard to them, to direct out the constitation of the fathomless nebolons depths, and watch the changes of position of the members of those wonderful star systems, which for want of a better understanding of their character, are called binaries, ternaries, and quatervaries, thongb for aught we know each of those eyeteme may be compo-ed at a much greater number of modi ideal iban those of which the solar as stem consist.

In new of its superior power and perfechop we are warranted in anticipating ATrat things from it especlully after the other ramente needed to complete the full set of observing apparatot aba:) ba ve been supplied. Indeed, this class has already effected enough to immorulize the telescope. It la note worthy that the fact, long enspected, that Sirins 1. of binary eysiem, was frat di-covered by means of this gises, sad that the fact Was calculated br Holessor Safford, before it was obeerved. The dircutery of this companion star of Serins la not, perhape, important en astronomical fact as the Ending of the planet Neptune, yet it is of considerable intercat, and there 18 a strong parallel the two cases, The estatence of Neptune, 20 far as yet known, the outermost member of our solar lanuly, was demonsummied by an astropomet who welghed the masers of the then known planets, and from a knowledge of the extent of their perturbing power, saw that pome external force was at work to prodace certain Irregularities in the course of the Georgian Star, "and calculated to within a very small amount of space the position of the unknown wanderer.

was afterwards discovered to that very spot by another AD the heavens. So 1his companion of Sirior, whose existence WaS Ant demonetrated by Safford, was discovered by means of man the acd Clark the glass. glass are And now the both coincidence engaged that for the Cuicago Observatory, may, perhape, be accopied as an augury of other astronomical a lecoveries which ball startle the ecleptiac world. We have not been able to obiain from Mr. Clark the exact power of the accessorice to this wonderful elset, but the following is a near approximation to them The hour circle is about elgateen diameter and dinded so as to read sing la seconds of time: the declination circle, at right moles thereto.

is about twenty -four inches in diameter and divided to every four seconos of astronomical ere pleces, several in from number, about 140 possere a power ranging to 1,200 timer, and the micromctric eye pleces, used in measuring the exact value of small angles. will marnity up to 2,000. "The emall cope with a larger deld, parallel to the principal, will be about three feet six Inches long. Ire net la to bring a star the more readily into the deld of view of the large telescope, A Wife Beaten to of the Brute. WIFE MURDER.

Another Tragedy on St. Patrick's Day St Patrick'e Day has been signalized this year by more than one deed of cruelty committed in the neighborhood of Chicago, A Intle hamlet at the Michigan Soutbern Raflroad Junction the scene of violent altercation between a busband add wife, which resulted in the death ol the latter, on Thursday last Thomas Foley, the keeper of a RAJoon st the Janclou, a man of dissipated babits and bad reputation, returned to his bome on the 17th, after having spent the day la the city, and being under the induence of liquor, commenced to abuse his wife in a shocking lacked manner. lie threw her upon the floor. and brr to various parts of the body, learire the marks of bs boots upon her. The poor women servamed for when the roman seined her, and throet ber forcibly throath the window.

the broken class severing the artcrire of her Der cries DOOD aronsed the pelehborhood. The bratal husband was dragged away. and bis vicom was conreged to bouse, where her Injuries were carefully to. She was seven advanced in prepuancy, and the Injuries sho bad recetred proved in the fret Instance to the child, which was born on Monday. Its stall wit absttered, and one of the eyes poured out a eridence of the brutality to which the bad been subjected.

The Woman was conveyed to the Sistere of Mercy Hoepital, where, after suffering great Data, ebe expired on Touraday evening. Information received at the Police Head. quarter in this city, in relation to the transaction, which induced Capt. Uickey to detail oficer McKay to investigate ibe circ*mstances, As soon as the officer made his appearance in the vicinits IDC guilty wretch on recoguiring him, turned pale and abutted vigne of coilt Be sras at once placeo under arreel and convered to the Armore nas allowed to the remains of his wife to the vault of the Catholic Cemetry in comof an officer. Foley is Enid to hare Hired a very erl! Ilfe for many years past He formerly resided in New York where be once attempted to desert his rite by crosting the ocean to Irelana.

Thitber be was forloved by bie spouse, and the twain remained in that country. uli sir years ago when they retarnod to this coopiry, and Anally establisbed a a a a a a saloon of very doubtful reputation at the Junction. Coroner Warner will bold an inquest on the remains of the murdered woman this forenoon at the place of interment AMUsem*nTS. COL WooD's The excellent comedy of Married and the play of the Ridden Hand" were presented on The latter piece has been running with some Puccess for the greater part of the week. On Monday evening will be produced for the first time tbe Mascom the drama of The Wile's Secret with a powerful cart.

Old Fall's Birthday" wEE produced for IDe last time on Naturday 10 a fall bonee. Old Paul is one of Couldock'e masterpiecce, and has nastily been recerved with hearty applause. Mica Clanesen 30 pull a feature of McVicker'e and Pam in popular favor. Mr. and Mice Cooldock will appear during the coming week in some of their popular On Monday evening The Willow with Couldock as Luke Fielding.

Mi-s Claussen will appear in Good for SIGNOR BuTt. the magician and ventriloquist, Antebed brief but ecason in Smith Ball on Saturday evening, 10 a well-illed and enthusiastic bonse. He will remato one night more, divine an ertra entertalament us nicht, on which occasion chief be will make which is gift to every wa'ch preecot, valued at $347. among Bis a diet gold powers ventriloquist are a never-failing source of tun to the hie DI cromancy, and last. but not least, his canary audience, while, with his magnetizing birde, be renders his entertainment one of the bat Re bare seen.

ACADENT OF MUSIC. -The Skid Gaslord Saturday. ar etrel they Troupe bave seldom a tailed to do since their opening drew crowded house 1 here, The bill was an excellent one, and the dances and grimaces of the neuro melodista contribate greatly to the enjoyment of the erening. HELD TOR TRIAL Dempsey and Joseph Downer, arrested several days since for baring vaulted Michael Tuber, the keeper of a saloon No. 63 North Market and broken his arm, were arraigned for examination in the Police Court on and required to faroleb ball for their appearance before the Recorder's Court.

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON. On Friday evening next, March 30th, the Moon will be tofally ecilpeed for the space of one hour and thin 4wo minates, the centre of the luminary being within a very short distance of the centre of the shadow at the Instant of opposition. The eclipee begins here at abont mine o'clock and ends at thirty -seven minutes after midnight, making its total duration three hours and forty-nine minutes. As the eclipse la dear central, and the Lime 15 SO favorable for observation st Chicago, we herewith present a diagram. with the elements, calculated expreesly for city: Chicago, latitude 41 52 20 sec, north; longitude 5 50 90 west, The opposition of centres of the luminaries in Right Ascension occurs at: Greenwich, March 30th, 16 39 19 sec.

Chicago. 10 h. 48 59 sec. p.m. At that time the following are the data, LE taken from the Nautical Almanac YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION.

Twenty-fifth Annual of Committees and Election for the Ensuing Year, The twenty-Sith anonal meeting of the Young Men's Association was held on Saturday evening to their rooms, in the Portland Block, Abont 100 members were present at 8 o'clock, when the meetIng was called to order, the annual election baving been by that time concluded.) by Mr. Kimbark, President. Mr. B. F.

Guyion officiated as Secretary. REPORT. The President, George M. a Esq. prevented his annual report, lengiby document of which the following is bret abstract: The project of the Executive Board of the year previous for erection of a suitable building for the Associator, has been had under advisem*nt this year, bat owing to the general depression in Anancial mattors and apparent lack of interest among our allzens, not enough stock has been taken to encourage and endowmente.

new arrangement has, how. hope of present snccess from stock subscriptions ever. and appears altogetbar feasible Tor Insurance companies to endowment policies of Insurance the lives of friends of the Association, for the benelt of the library. By This means persons of limited means may contribute to the endowment of this noble institation. The fand thns to be raised will be limited to 8800,000, and in thrve or four yeara the poheles will aseume a specide ralpe and are negotiable as security for borrowed money.

As 8 committee for the carrying out of this scheme, the President appointed Megers. I. M. Shepard, and Chas. Cram, It is to be Loped that hereafter our citizens will take a greater degree of Interest to this idetitution, and that the proposed effort will be crowned ultimately with success.

The lihrary now conelets of between 8.000 and 9,000 volumes, many of them most valuable and profitable works, well calculated to improve the moral and intellecrual tone of the community In bich they are read. On April 1863, the Association had delivered before it, by Rev. R. M. Batteld, a tree public ora don, Bryan Hall, on the life, character and pubMic services of Abraham Lincoln, on which occasion F.

were Robinson, who saved the life of of Secretary private Sew- Geo. 1200 eubecrited for beneat ard. The Bryan Fund and the Life Membership Fund remain the came 28. at the date of the lest report, except that the latter has an additional scorned laterest to the amount of During the year Mise Anna the bickeet graduate of the Bleh School class of 1865, was made a life member. The report of the Library Committee shoos the present number of registered members la 1,504, of whom 165 and 45 bave Joined during the year; 600 volumes have also been added to the library in the same time.

The remainder of the report passes a high compliment upon the energy. tact and ability of Mr. Cram, Chairman the Library Committee; Mr. Brown, Chairman of the Lectore Committee; Mr. B.

F. Gayton, Secretary, and Messra. C. I. Cram, U.

IL Croaby and I. M. Sbepard, the committce on catsloguioz the books in the The report Was, on motion. accepted. Mr.

E. L. Brown presented the following REPORT OF THE LECTURE COMMITTEE. On the 7th of June of last year, a convention of the Ascocuted Western Literary Societies" (80 called) met in tacee rooms, for the purpose of conferring tozether in regard to the lectures fur the commy season. There were present fifteen del egates from diferent places in the West.

A list of lectures was gadmitted to the convention from which each delegate, selected the lecturers he wibed. George Andrews, Esq-, of Detroit, was re elected Secretary for the ensuing year, and the convention adjourned, to meet again in this city on the frat Wedneeday of June pert. This convention. unfortunately, was of bat httle assistance to our for the reason that toe wanted none bat fret claes lecturers and bat one or two of those we applied for through the convention would promfee to come West the past season; we were, CORSEquents, throat on our ORE and compelled to act entirely independant of the other sodetter. Your committee, bowerer, have a very lavorable opinion of the As-ociation of Western Litcrary Societies, and think that it will eventually become of great baneft to all concerned.

Besides the eslogs in memory of Abraham Lincoln, dell rered an Hall, on Saturday evening, April 2d, 1865, Dy Rev. M. Hardeld, under the auspicea of this Association to which, al tras free) the total amber of lectures delivered darinz the past season has been fourteen, as follows: One reading by Mr. J. E.

Murdoch, and one lecture by each of the following named persons: RaT, Dr. W. Bellows, Hon. Schuyler Collar, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Vol.

Geo. W. Nichole. Lient. Gov.

Bross, Mr. Surennah Mr. Frederick Douglass, and al lectures by John B. Gongb-all of which. except those of Dr.

Bellow. Cal. Nichols and Muse Evans, realted in pecuniary pront to the Associs ton, Your committee applied during the last rammer, fur fourteen or Alteen of the most prominent lecturers in the country. bat were only able to engage one, Mr. J.

Gough, and at the proper time for the lecture sesson to commence, had only that genLeman definitely caraged; at that time also, Bryan Hall wee ccaverted into a store, leaving us only the choice between Smith Nixon' Haft and Crosby' Opera House: notwithstandinz which, sour committec have the pleasure of reporting that the course of lectures of the past scason has been highly prostable, La a pecunlary point of to tha The total receipta bare been E8.590.00, and the total expenses $4,835.30, leaving a balance of nel profits of $1,521.70. In conclusion, your committee would tender their thanks to the local editors and otber. memhers of the press of this city, for their uniform kindness and association. The report was accepted and ordered on Ale. THE LIBRARY COMMITTEE'S presented by the Chairman of the Committee, Mr.

Cram, and read by Her. Collyer. It as tollows: The number of members who hare been entitled to the privileges of the Association daring the past year, is one thousand Are hundred and twenty-four: classed as life members, 157; honorsry members, 24; lady members, 169 regular membert, 1,179. Of this total of 1.594, there have joined during the year; Life members, 45; bonorary bert, Done; lady members, regular members, 204; in alt 300. During the Fear books bave been delivered to 1,350 members.

The library bas been open for delivery of books 283 daya. The average number delivered each day bas been 116, and ibe average number to circulation at one dme has been about 1,100. The library DOW contains, besides pamphlets, this periodicala, mape have ard charte, volumes. Of Dumber there been added during the past year, A5 follows: Volumes. By ....490 By binding pamphlets.

gift, 26 By recovery of books previously reported 17 Total Increase The condition of the association dorme almost the cotire was such that no money could be placed at the disposal of the Library Committee for the purchase of books, It seemed portent to add at least the current pablications of the day, and the Library Committee, therefore, had to the pablication of a Trade Circular, and under the excellent management of Mr. J. R. Fowler, of the Evening Pout, it was made to yield profit of. $1,000.

From this fand all purchases were made. In tba general management of the library but few changes hare been made, Increased current expenses, uncertainty of income, and a destre to keep out of debt, have preseated many needed improvements. The resignsLion of Mr. John M. Horton.

Librarian, was Accepted in December last, and the library has since remained in charge of Mr. Lincoln E. Clark, formerly Acelstant Librarian, The Committee have endearored to guard carelully against lose of books, and they believe that the usual spring cramination will snow results. The amount of fines collected la $230.50. The is under tions to Hon.

John Weptwonh, rod to Lon. Lasac Newton, Commiseloner of Agnculture, for valuable public documents, and to a few citizens of Chicaga for ruts of books. Rev. Mr. Collyer also read a letter which he had received from Mr.

Cram, loviting him to rive. on this occasion, rome facts relative to the grent library in and to appeal 10 the public for aid and support la increa-mr the Infoence and magnitode at the noble enterprise of a public library in this city. Speaking from this text, Rev. Mr. Coliser paid that there was no city inhabited by men of our race proportionately so destitute of a rood public library as the city of Chicago.

when He raid he of was ashamed to tell foreignepeaking the greatoess of our young aty, about our library The epcaker then proceeded to speak of the free Manchester library. It was established in 1850 by a sobscripton of twelve thonsend pounde sterling, eight thousand of which were infeated a bullding, and four thonsand to booke. It was then made a free library and, as an evidence of its poplarity, within two rears tmm that time of its thas starting 1bere had been 581.792 volames lasaed from at and it had been increased to 11,255 volames, In 1656 Its elze had increased to 82,578 volames. of which 18,000 were histoncal, political and of a solid practical character, Since that time this great library bas con-tantly increased with the tame rapidity that marked early career. in conctusion be bored that such would attend this association la the future, that ere long we may hare, chrongh it, a library which would be a tressure and a praise to our city.

DONATIONS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS. Mr. B. F. Goyion read the report of the Commitice on Donations and Sobscriptione, acknowledg.

ing the receipt from Mr. $. D. Kimbark, COm free pre of Bryan Hall, on the gad of April last, plete set of Confederate" bonds, and also of the valued at $50. The report was accepted and ordered an fite.

TOONS AND FIXTURES. Mr. Gayton presented the following report of detailed expenecs under this head, which was accepted: 166.00 Repairs, matting and labor on 153.00 Gas. 429.00 150.00 Cleaning 32.00 Carpenter 35.00 13.00 Total $4,435,03 NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS, Rev. Mr.

Coliser reported that the Committee on Newepapers and Periodicals bad paid out in sub. scriptions during the past year $802.10. Almost every one of the papers and magazines hitherto taken, has been continued, and the list has eren been increaed. Report accepted. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE reported, through their chairman, Mr.

E. G. Warner, follows: Bills andiled by lecture 81338.30 Bills andited by library 3,213.55 Rille godited by committee on rooms and 2,473.03 Bills audited by newspaper and pertod1ca! 682.10 Bill- andited by committee on general 1,060.73 Total £11,949.71 Receipts. Received from last board, less bills anpaid and belonging to 779.81 Member 3.251.95 256.70 8,600.00 of 81.00 Old 37.05 Interest on life fund 119.93 Total 13,518 46 Total 11,946.71 Balance in treasury. 1,429,75 To this was appended the following recommen dation: Notwithstanding this very gratifying exhibit -E Bon.

Noon. des. m. deg. in.

Motion in 42.6 9.09 55 11 20 81.7 Motion in Dec 14 Har 8.8 28.1 Semi-diameter. 16 9.9 14 59 The following are the times of the eclipse: Echpse begins, p.m. Total obscuration, p.m. p. End of total eclipse, 11:28 p.

Enc of cellpre, A. The moon enters the shadow at about north of the line of motion to Right Ascension, and leaves It at abont thirty degrees south of the same line. In the ahore diagram, the large circle represents the earth's shadow, and the smaller circles the posttons of the lunar body st the instants given above, The moon mores from toward The line AB 14 parallel with the equator; the perpendicular thereto potate due south. the Anances of the Association during the year, Jour Committee have been much Impressed by the fact that ibe adairs of the Association are not on a elable and proper foundation -its receipts from members, dues and ordinary sources, boing dent to defray current expenses--and would warmly recommend to all friende of the Association the plan of an endowment fund, now in the hands of a competent committee, by which a permanent fund for Ila sopport may be realized, anitable building erected for 11g wee, and such additions made to the library as the progress of literature and the demande of our growlos city require. The report and recommendation were accepted.

AFFROFEIATION TO THE LIBRARY. Mr. H. M. Shepard offered a resolation to appropriate F750 to be expended by special committee in be purchase of books.

and that the books this acquired be counted with the additions of 1805. The olaton was adopted and Mesars. Cram, Collyer and Brown were appointed the special committee. DIE NEW OFFICES. Mr.

W. H. Carter presented the report of the inspectors of election. An average of 170 votes cast, resulted in the election of the following officers. President -Edwin Lee Brown.

1st Vice-President-Uen. Joseph Stockton. 2d Vice-President-Hamilton B. Bogue. Cor.

Secretary -Gen. Alex. C. McClarg. Recording Treasurer--Ira F.

Gayton. Holmes, Manager Rebert Collyer, Capt. James R. Bosmer. Capt.

1. Parsons Romsey, Chas. W. Fallerton, Nathaniel Young, William G. Swan, Barton The newly-elected President, in taking his seat, neatly returned thanks for the honor conferred upon him.

THE ASSOCIATION BANNER. Mr. T. W. Baxter then formally presented to the meeting an elegant American fa*g, bearing in golden letters the name of the Association, a banner ordered by the Erecatire Committee of 1865.

President Brown received the flag in the name the Society, with some appropriate and briet remarks. TILLNES On motion of Mr. W. H. Carter, resolution thanks to the retiring officers was adopted Several of the new officers made neat Hitle speecher, expressive of their appreciation of the honor conferred upon them.

ANNUAL DUES, A long time was spent in discoseing the propriety of increasing the annual dues to $1, and decreasing the initiation to F1. A motion instructing the exccarive committee to ingutre into the expediency of such a step. van proposea by Mr. W. H.

Carter and, on being voted upon was lost. TO THE ARMY AND NAVI. Mr. Bogae ofered the following, which was Resolved, That any member of thin adopted Association who has been absent in the service of the national army or Davy, may resume the privileges of the library upon payment of the dues for the year which they request The then meeting adjourned. LAW INTELLIGENCE.

The Baronial Divorce Salt Von Glahn Moves to the Injunction and Disabarge the Ne Exent Now In Force Against Him. CHANT CONVICTED OF CHICAGO CON COMMISSION MERJUGAL INFIDELTY. Sentence Day in the Recorder's Court. Twenty Criminals Amigned to Jail or the Sulta -Frits of Injanction-Orders and Verdict--New SoftTrial Calendar. UNITED STATIA COURT--Before Ion.

Thomas Drummond. Wicker Demarrer to drat four counts of the declaration overruled, and leave siren to plead. Van Envey et al. re Insurance Company. Demurrer of plaintiffs to second, third and fourth picas gustalped, rod leave to defendant to amend.

Jury waived and submitted to the Coort. Mckmery TE. Banmann. Dismissed on motion of plainud. Bates vI.

et al, Verdict of guilty and plastid's damages assessed at $-400. New Sulls-Circial Willam D. Skidmore TB. The Chicago Great Eastern Railroad Compaty. Action of assumpsit to recover damages laid $7,000.

District Court. -James McCloaky Schooner Lemont Action for seamen's wager. Samuel Howe and Enos Hobbins agents vs schoonex Yankee Blade, Action to recoter damages laid aL 1500 apon a contract. SEPERIOR COURT- Before Hon. John Chief Justice, and J.

K. Gory and J. A. Jameson, Associate 73. Palmer.

In Chancery. Master's report fled and confirmed and in pursuance thereof a decree of divorce enter ed. 1618 was an action in chancery Instituted January 12th, 1806, by Lorinda A. Palmer AZAIDAE ber Warren W. Palmer, commission merchant of this city, to obtain a decree of mantel separation apon the ground of adultery.

The compistrant in her biD alleged that abe WaS married to defendant, New York, ou Christmas day, 1844; and that they lived together an man and wile in New York State until about elght years ago when her liege left her and came out West to anRage in the cattle bariness, that about a month prior 10 the commencement of her snit the wife came tO this city, which her band had his hame, to see bim. irben the made the unpleasant discovery that though she had always acted and behaved as good and faithtol wile, her Benedict, forgetful of the obligations foreparable from the salon, had during hie reeldence in been forgeul of hia fealty, and had committed adultery wila diver trail females. Particalarly ebo charged that in the months of November and December last past with a young woman pamed Mary A. Rambo altos Mary A. Wood, with whom be bad beep living to an open etate of criminatity.

claimine her to be his wile, and whom it was charged he continued to keep secretly after bus wife's arrival. Petitioner asserted that ADo was at the time of institating the action Aforesaid, the owner of some real estate in New York State, which had been riven to her by ber father since ber marriage, which property she claimed the LAWS of New York allowed her married woman to lect hold to the as her sole and bee separate nor property, not for aabcontrol of husband, llable debte, and that abe also owned personal property in ber own right, including much of her honsehold goods, She prayed a dissolation of the marriage tie aforesaid, an apportionment of alimony, and the named personal and real celate. On the 15th of last anthority to keep us her own property the above month, proof of service on defendant was entered, and default being taken, the care was referred to Ira Scott, Master in Chancery, te take proofa and report. Before the Master, among other witnesses examined Merchants' were Milton O. Munger, proprietor of the Hotel, in this city, and Michael A.

Harley, proprietor of the Lloyd House, both of whom testifled that the delendant the woman Hambo, "now Mre. Mary A. Wood," had lived at their respective hotels as man and infe. J. A.

Sleeper, solicitor for complainant, testifed an open court that the defendant was en gaged la the purchase of cattle and bore, and that in each business be bad met some severe losses and incurred some liabilities. A decrea was then entered awarding complainant a decree of divorce a and freedom from all marital restraint, the exclusive porgereion of her real and personal property as aforesaid, and the num of $700 as alimony. Mary James Garrett. In chancery. Canse heard and decree entered.

Appeal prayed and allowed. Band and bill of exceptions to be Med by ve. the set Wheeler day el of al the present term, Hanetead In chancery. Certiof publication Aled and default of all the defendante entered. Reference to the Master to take proofs and report.

Von Glahn Ta. Von Glahn. in chancery. In this somewhat celebrated divorce salt, instituted by the Baroness Matblida Von Glade against her busband the Baron Hildebrandt August Von Glahn, to obtain a dissolation of the marriage tie upon the ground of extreme and repeated cruelty, the following atidavit war on Saturday fled by the Baron la support of a motion to dissolve the writ of no creal and modify the Injunction leaned against him: Audebrandt August Von Giahn, being duly attorn, upon his oath, salth that he is the defendant to the above entitled cause, and that be has read the bill of complaint and the several alidavits Aled in this cause and upon which the writ of he creat was and this aflant denies that be has ever, alleged in the eald bill of complatat and amdavite, threatened to get possession or the child mentioned 1n the guid bill and go abroad, and beyond the Jurisdiction of this court, and this affiant further salth that he bas never threatened 10 go abroad, or to German, or beyond the jurisdiction of this court, either with or without the eaid child; and that the only manner in which be every proposed to go abroad or beyond the Jarlsdiction of court was that he proposed to go to Germany with the raid could, and in compsay or and with the said complainant, and that he made this proposition and before previous the to said the complainant commencement Ten big of bouse, and that be doce not cow intend to go abroad or besond the fartediction of this court, either with or without the said child, irrespective of the dorcea Impored upon him by the writ of ne exact lesned In this case, bat that be intends to remain within the jurisdiction of this court until the cause is dnally disposed of, and until he has fully complied with all orders and decrees made therein. The lollowing was the motion of defendant, above referred 10; And nOW comes the said defendant by Edward Jansen, his solicitor, and moves the Court upon tbe bill of complaiot and apon the anewer and the affidavit filed in this the cause.

tasted in this First. To modify cause, and to contine its application to the real tate to of the the delendant coatody situate and ru the education city of and care, the child mentioned in eald bill of complaint. Second. To discharge the writ of no ersal lasted In this cane, and that the bond given to pursuance may be given up and cancelled on the following grounds: 1, That the rad wait of pa crest was irregalarly and properly 2. That the wnt of Injunction gires an ample remedy 10 the complainant with reference to securIDE all the temporary and permament allmony, which can be decreed to this cause.

The motion was fully arraed before the cont daring the forenoon, and the early portion of the Upon the adjournment of the court, the arguments bring concluded, the CANE was taken under ad virement. Chandler el al, st. Wells. Verdict for defendant. Morion for a Dew irial by plaintif.

Thomas va. Wiggere, Motion endant on adidavit fled for a change of venue coanty Curculi Court. Motion granted. Boone TE. free.

Death of defendant suggested. Davis et al. va. Mahuney. Defendant coter8 ceptions to joagment entered March and ten Price, va.

Langdon et al. Time to die daTe io fle bill of exceptions. bill of exceptions extended to the 20th instant. Richards el al va. Lathrop et al.

Motion for Dew trial and in arrest of judgment made March dans taken fappeal prayed and allowed, bond and 15tb, overraled, and Judgment on Excepbill to be fled in ten days. v. Moody et al, On motion of plaintia'a Clark 15. Bramard. On motion of atattorney, suit diemiseed at coats.

torney, east dismiesed at plainti'a costa. Adama el al. vs. Betting. Verdict for plaintie, elect Lane, and md cleansing the to system all otber Impuritics, restore a person bee MA.

The and composition when this syrup wire made own to me child, made and constant in nse of clatrvorant it ay state, practice, and from the great success since which I have I have bed 10 for the last eleven years, thought proper to by bring Miss it before Tennessee, the the public. great Clairvorant and Maguelle Doctress, No. Finh Propared only For sale below by all druggists to the United Mound. Cincinnati, Ohio. States.

Price two dollars per bottle. JOHN D. PARE, General Agent. Northeast corner of Fourth and Walnut streets. FN Brick Machine--The National Brick Machine makes, with only tiro-horse power, 30,000 splendid bricks per day.

with well defined edges and uniform lengths. If the machine does not form what we claim for it, we will take it back and refund the money. Address ABRAM REQUA, General Agent, 130 Broadway, New York. Sooner or later negiceted cold will develop a constant cough, shortness Sesh- the of breath, cour fallung strength, and wasting of avand urs of consumption. In some instances the same cause will produce bronchitis.

disease branches of the windpipe. all affections of the pulmonary organs, 88 well as in bronchial complaint, Jayne's Expectorant is both a thousands palliative and and its a curative, as the testimony of world-wide reputation attest, while in coughs and colds 11 acta speedily, and, when taken accordinz to directions. promptly removes them. trial! Why not Sold give this standard remedy an Immediate by all druggists. Another Beautiful We shall meet him by and new song and chorus, by C.

T. Lockwood. Dearest one thou art remembered, An exquleite song, fail of deep and pray tender feellag. Friends, friends at home sill for thee." Published by J. Henry Whittemore, Detrolt, and tor gale in Chicago by Lyon Healy.

Price 90 cents. 0559 Colgate's Aromatic Vegetable A superior Toilet Soap. prepared from reined Vegetable Oils in combination with Glycerine, and especially designed for the dec of Ladies and for the Nursery, Its perfume la exquisite, and its washing properties mrivalled. For sale by all druggists. Go to the Best -Go to Bryant Strata ton's Chicago Commercial College to get a thorough, practical business education, or to become a good Telegraph Operator.

Addresa tor circulars, BRYANT STRATTON, Chicago, I. Pure Cider Vinegar, Warranted pore and preserves pickles, 85 Market Chicago. p575 Go to our friend N. F. Merrill's for kerosence ollr, lamps, lanterns, chandellers, glassWALE, 71 and 73 Randolph street.

2566 Markets by Telegraph. OUR MIDNIGHT MARKET REPORT. (Special Despatch to the Western Associated Press.J NEW TORE, March 24. The market for money remaita very esay at per cent. with the balk of the businese at lower rate.

0010 was beavy at the close and sold sa low as but the last sales were at 120. STOCKS. There was rather more steadiness to the stock: mar ket at the second regular and last open Board, and pricca were better to some respects. The following were the closing prices at 4:30 New York Central, Erie; Hudson River, 1 Reading, 1014 Michigan Central, 103 Michigan Southern, Illinois Central, 115; Cleveland Pittsburgh, TX: Chicago Northwestern, do. Clereland Toledo, Rock Island, Fort Wayne, Onto cartlocates, 25; Tennessee Missouri 5'8 FiFe-twenties, seven thirties 100.

PETROL STOCKS, Petroleum stocks lower, and but few sales. We quote Bennebot Run at Oll Creek, Pit bole, hom*owack, Tolted States, 48.50; Palmer, $4.00. STOCES. Gold and mining stocks generally lower. The quotaMoos are: Atlantic, 13.50; Beaton, $1.90: Con Greg, 822.50; Downierille, 50c; Gannell, Smith Parmlec, $10.75.

WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE The dour market has been depressed, prices baring fallen off 25 to 50 cents; Ohio shipping sold at 8 65, and St. Loose extra Al sales of the week, 40,000 bris. Corn ductuated 128 75c for mixed Western, Sales 270,000 ba. PORK, Market excited and prices lower, owing to reported ease. Mices $25.23: prime at $31.50.

Bales of 9,400 barrels, COTTEE. Business light, Sales of 3,500 bags. COTTON. Dull and depremed. Receipts large: at 400410 for middling.

PETROLTUX, Trade moderate. Sales of refined la bond at 308-100. 80013. Improved demand. Fair to good grocery at 10 Market steady at DET GOODS, The following are the reports and quotstions from the New York Dry Goods Exchange of March 24th: rapid decline in Fold to has unsettled the prices of dry goods, The market la doll and down.

ward. Brown 25c; Laurel C. 20c; do 11, 22c. Blesched Shirtings 10c: Bates BE, Coambis Frints-Merrimack 11; Merrimack: 200; Danpell, 17c; Freeman, 15c. Delaines-Manchester, Pacide, Ginghams -Lancaster, 250; Hartford, 19c: Maoville, 18c.

Canton Flannels--Salmon Falls, Kashas, TiC. Do: Lonsdale, 36. T. A A A A A A A A Meyer demaod at former prices. The following despatches ware received to-day the Dry Goods Exchange: Ez.

Lova-The said prints and sheetings DeeR large thus week. very quiet, bat with little dolag, Cinclanati Market. Dispatch to the Chicago CINCINNATL, Marco 11. Frock- Quiet but steady. Sales choice apertne st 87.74.

GRAD- doll and nominal. Corn active and higher: sales No. 1 mired at Usta Irregular; sales at Rye no sales. Barley quint, PROVISIONS but market very weak st clorc. 300 bbts, new city mess Pork sold a 25.00 Bacco, clean sides, offered at 16c per pkd, Shoulders sold at 10c.

Clear ribisides st de all backed. Lard offered freely at 18c for prime city without buyers. MONET-Kot as close, Excu4501-Very drm; Bankers shipping enrrency Bt. Lonis Market, Despatch to the Chicago St. Lotta, March 31.

Sales of lugs at 17.80 moD shipplog at me at FLOCS-Steady. Sales at $5,500 4.25 for aaper: for extra and 10,50 for doable extra. dull and drooping. Sales at 90cG $1.30 for spring $1.50 for club and 2.25 for fall per bushel. Cora sctive and steady.

Sales at 58, 60c for mixed: cha for Fellow and mamake for white. Oata doll. Bales at for good and 43345c for strictly choice. Hye lower, Sales at 500 Barley doll, Pales at 55 roc per bustel. PROVISIONS -Pork lower.

Bales of city mess 126,50: country at Sales at Milwaukes Market. Despatch to the Chicago Merch 2. FLOCE-Declining, Bal ca 100 bria Excelsior. and bria Naugatock, on private terms: 100 bris city spring double extra at $7.00: 300 bria choice extra at GRAD--Wheat nbaettled, Sales of 27,000 ba cash: 81.29% buyer noxt week; 1.72% seller March. Room Board -Sales 90,000 ba at cash: buyer next week: $1.24 buyer 10 days.

Five p. m. Board -Unsettled bet Sales 50,000 bu at cash buyer March--closing at inside Agure. Satea 150 Merces a pickled bates st New York Stock and Money Market. NEW York, March 24.

-Quite ateady and easy at 5 per cent for call losE. ExcHAsGI-Sterling dolt and nominal at 107K. onsettled and lower-opening at and closing at total exports of specie today was $115.500. to Liverpool quiet STOCKS- Are without decided change. U.

La. 5-10r, of 1053: do of 0.8.58, 10-40s, 1 coupons, Treasury Notes, 2d series, 100. Bteady. Tennemee 6a, 902.91%: Ohio de MIs sissippi 26; Western Telegraph, New York Southern, Erie. 814: Reading, 101 Michigan Pittsburch, Northwestern, Calcago, Burlington Quincy, 115; Fort Wayne, Now York Market.

NEw Tors, March 34. beavy and nominally ic lower; 40c for for extra State: for common to good abinFLOUR--Dull, and lower: ping branda extra roundhoop Ohio, and for trade brands- -market closing beavy. moderate request at 2.27 for price for redard. GRAIN-Wheat dull add 142c lower: winter red Michiran at No. 1 Sal wankee st $1.66.

Rye lower and very dull: prime State beld at 80c. with boyers at 79c. "Barler steady fur prime and for and 75c for sound mixed Western both la store and common. Corn dull and Ic lower for ansound delivered. Oats a shade firmer: 353 13c for unsound Western and for sound do.

340 2 jor crude, and 360 59c for reined in bond. PROVISIONS at Steady, reg: 23.25 for for NOW old most, closing heavy for 825.00 28.75 orls new mesa Also. 3,500 tor April sud Mar, seller's option, at 23.00. Beef steady at 310.000 20.00 new plala mess. and for new extra men.

Reef hams heavy 136.00 00 37.00. Cut meats unchanged. Racon and lower, for Cumberland cut sad 163 153c for short ribbed, Lard doll, and lower. Sales 550 trca aL 019c- latter an ertremo. Butter quiet at sEc 45c for Obfo, and 403.

60c for state. Cheese quiet at 100 2c. MARRIED. At MI wanker, on the 15th by Bev. Dr.

Beale, A. V. P. DAY. late Captain 10th Oblo Cavalry.

and Miss ALLIR Z. O'FARRELL, of Kenosha, DIED. Funeral from the house of Samuel I. No. Indiana avenue, at 12 o'clock m.

to-day. Marco 251b TE New shire and Massachusette papers please copy. At Bloomingdale, Du Page County, I March 8th, of consumption, SUSAN wife of Clark, to her 69th Boston papers please copy. MARCH 28. Only three days left in which to secure your tickets to the GREAT AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT.

The only one that will take place daring the spring months. Your last chance to secure that $10.000 greenbacks. 15.000 7-30 bonds, or fine city residence. Don't let the lucky moment pass. DE SURE YOU the right ticketa.

110. 144 Dearborn street, Agn of the American Dag. q933 ANDREW BROWN. Wholesale Provision Dealer and Corer of Extra Sugar Cured Hams, 52 RIVER STREET, Northwest cor. Water and River-sta.

Chicazo. 1968 4p T. L. COURTNEY, Mason, Contractor, And Licensed Once Rend mali CULL PLANK. Second quality, Call Plank at per 1,000 feet.

FERRY SON. Went End Eighteenth street Bridge, P. O. Drawer 5823. MEARS' WOOD STOVE FOUNDRY OFFICE 236 936 LAO STRAIT.

pact op In this city, at the residence of Alexander 99 Haron street, on the 7th MARY JANE danghter of George R. and Mary Jane Craig, aged 1 montb and 24 days Funeral services as the residence to day (Sunday) at 2 o'clock, In this city, after a lingering Illness, on the SANUEL seed 33 Tears and months, son of Samuel H. and Kingbury. FOR SALE -To Hotel Keepers- for The Herndon Omaha and la one of the photograph or hotels building may be seen, and went of the large of learned, by SE BoOm No. 1 bet moat House, hours of 10 a.

m. 1 p. m. Letters of on mar C. be addressed Omaha.

to the Nebrases. undersigned q190 C. STRAWN, FOR SALE -House and lot in on Side, near 6 Randolph street cars, water, good do. location. House contains Anted room, up.

Price closets, low: terms Sewer Possession riven at any time. inquire 141 on street. Newly West Late street. FOR SALE On Huron street 72) a beautifal co tic bonse of tea rooms, batt room, cellar, al will be rented as Possession BAAC street. 4553 FOR SALE-2 Lots Houses Washington on Peoria street for $1,800.

on street and Park avenne. for 816 per foot near the corner of Leavitt and Fulton streets; cottage and lot cheap. F. STARK. 124 East Fandolph street.

q338 FOR SALE 48x160 feet on the east aide State at, between Washington and Madison, at very low price. 8. E. KERFOOT CO. 71 Dearborn SALE A two-story DwellIrk, with twelve rooms, in good condition, good bard.

very destrable location on West Lot 3 lest front, running to a 40 feet alley. Price 2.000- cash. balsace to ruts P.JUD SON CO- Real Estate Agents, Room Methodist Charch Hock. (553 FOR SALE -House, Lot and Furnitoro No. 166 West Waahluctoo street.

Lot so by 190 feet, 40 feet street in rear. 2) by 60 feet, 15 100 ras and water. entire furalture beading bedding, dining room and kitchen atrunis, barn and carriage abed. cellar under wt ols house, beating pace. large vard, evergreens every.

thing in perfect order. Price $14,000. Possession siren 1.4 of May pert. Inquire on the premises. 0544 FORSALE Washington -An st bet elegant ween De planes residence sad Union, with large lot 60x176 ft.

Price $12,500. S. H. KERFOOT Real Eatate Broker, 71 Desebora street. FOR On SALE A two-story house, 8 lot.

rooms, A bargain. B. C. SORRY A co, 9 Me tropolitan Block, 0941 FOR SALE 36x170 feet on Wa8, H. KERFOOT co, Real Estate Brokers, 71 bash avenue north of tith st.

Price 8100 per ft. Dearborn at. 9933 FOR Indians SALE A very 24th At, lot fineresidence 501180 Price $15,000, 8. H. KERFOOT Real Estate near Broken, 71 Dearborn at.

7933 SALE -A first class twostory and basem*nt brick house on Aberdeen st. between Madison and Monroe. Price $7 500. SIB. KERFOOT Real Estate Brokers, 71.

Dearborn street. q93 SALE No. 592. West 12th st, a built two-story basem*nt brick house, with large lot 170x134 fret, handsomely improved, st a bargaln. S.

D. KERFOOT Real Estate Brokers 71 Dearborn at, (933 DOR SALE--Anew two-story and basem*nt briek bonsa of 11 rooms and lot no 419t at near Michigan Eve. A new frame house of 11 rooms and lot on Wabssh are near it D. SNYDER CO. Ecal Estate agents, No.

4 Metropolitan Block. SALE- Two new two-story and basem*nt brick houses of 9 rooms each, all the modera improvements on Adams st, Dewhich is being improved, LEE CO. Real tween Troop and Loomle. fraune on Jederion park. Estate agents.

No. 4 Metropolitan Block. q6 FOR SALE -Houses and Lotsoffer for sale at low prices a new cottage house. 8 rooms, on the corner of Monroe and Etocoln ate. with 25 or Dfty feet of ground, on immediate possesaloo, A house of 8 rooms at, between Madison aDo Monroe with 25 or 52 feet of ground.

Possession lat May. Lots in block Ashland 2d addidas. fronting on Madison, Monroe, Lincoin end Honore sta. G. ROGENS, 100 dolph st.

q347 SALE- -At Evanston, a pleasant dwelling house, containing 11 roows, with the doest lot pow offered la the village. JUDSON CO. Koom 10 sod 11 Methodiat Block. SALE -Cottage House with loug lease of ground on West Lake at. Pleasantly situated, favorable.

Apply at 30 Late street. FOR SALE -No. 842 Wabash a 2-story brick house, cheap. with lot feet front by 150 deep. A.

J. AVERELL Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block 0781 FOR SALE south, -On a nice West lot. Madison between street, fronting Reuben and a 1.55 per foot. M.

HIGGINSON, Real Once, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. TOR SALE -With a three years' lease of the ground, a building containing three 50110 feet, suitable for ourposes, aud if requtred store attached fronting on State st. For particulars Inquire at 174 State street. 0018 FOR SALE -Cheap.

The three story trame bolidles, with toro story sdaiston, No. West Lure st, with tour years' lease of ground. Suitable for store or parposes. Possession of May. Northwesters Manor on Jefferson at, between Lake son Randolph, q561 FOR SALE north of -Valuable Van Bared property 110x180 on avenue, feet to an alley, lately occupled 48 an orphan sayiam, Inquire at Calvary Cemetery Once, 15 Last Madison street, Chicago.

0 430 FOR Brown's SALE Addition, -Real one half mile Estate north of Lots new cattle sards, fronting on Haisted street, Douglas avenUe, Laurel and other strects. Prices, $150, and $200 WALKER KERFOOT. 80 Washington street. 0690 To Beat. ANTED- -To Rent-A young gentleman wants a fordished room witaont board on North or Wear Side.

Address, stating terms, Tribuce office. a 90 ANTED- -To Rent- small order on West Side. Address, stating terms, location, Ac. Box 97. P.

0. ANTED- -To Rent- A Cottage to I rooms, in rood location, a prompt and carefal tenant. Address P. O. Fox q910 To Rent A House of 6 or 8 rooms, North or West Side, one mile or more from the Court House, Address, stating rent, P.

O. Box 1143- TANTED To Rent- -By a careful terant a first- class house with from 13 to 20 rooms. porth of 13th at. and east of State. Address 140 Wabash avenue.

q964 Rent By good tenant, from Hay 1st, a small house with 5 or 5 rooms, OF rooms convenlens for house within 6 or 8 blocks from the Coart Howa, Address Tribune g16 BOARDING furnished A rootn, gen- with board. Address Post 00ce Box 1428. Good refercoces given and required. South Side preferred. q54 -Wanted -A quiet home is wanted by young geotleman and wile.

Hood references. South Side prefered. Address Drawer 5845. 4963 Wanted wanted for Two unfurnished rooms and a gentleman, wife and little girl, on West Side, Dear Union Park, in a private family. Addresa Post Once Box 9143.

Wanted -By a gentleman and wife in a private family, on the South alde. For suitable accommodations will pay $200 per month. Address BANKER, P. 0. Dox No.

2569. x610 Wanted By 8 gentleman, wife and child, In a private family, where there are po olber boarders. within a few min. walk references of the Post Office. Will furnish rooms.

Good given and required. Address P.0. Box 3006. a 112 Lost. OST $10.00 Reward Lost some Ave or sir weeks ago, 8 ring.

The ring bad a large amethyst atone to the contre with small diamond sets on either side. Tho above reward will be paid by, returning the ring to L. J. Swift, in Mataon Hoes' Jewelry 10.117 Lake etreet. 9312 Reward- -A small black and tan slat, answers the name of Topsey.

Das a white spot on the breast, and orange colored collar with lock. The above reward will be paid for her return to 94 Van Roren st. Q391 at the or Pitts. Ft. W.

of the C. R. R. Ticket Omer, be will 13th U. S.

Regulars, will call gain some valuable la formation. Grooms. POWERS' Patent Perpetual Broom Make your ORA Frooms, and thus save of what JOU now pay that article. A few more County and State Rights for sale at a barzalo. Men out of bustpeas wby will you be Idle? when you can take hold of thia Broom and make $10 where you invest $1, Agents are Dow making from $10 to $60 per day.

Buy A Town, County or State Right. The Brooms are now being manufactured in large quantities in this city. All orders accompanied with the money Oiled on short notice. Bead stamp for circular, or call at my office and get pested and you will loreat. CHAS.

E. BEOWNE, Room 11 Tyler's La Chicago, mb260515 4p Personal. If Geo. P. Sanford General Notices.

MARCH 28. Only three days lent in which to sacare four tickets to the GREAT AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT. The only one that will take place during the spring months. Your tart chance so secure that $10.000 greendacke. let 7-30 moment boads, pass.

or BE One city SURE residence. get Don't the lucky you the right tickets. Once, No. 144 Dearborn street, sizn of the American dag. 0998 YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.

Annual Election Monday, Charch March 28-Room 11, Methodist Block, REGULAR TICKET. President-D. President L. J. MOODY.

V. FARWELL ad Vice F. JACORS. Cor. Secretary -P.

L. UNDERWOOD, Rec. Secretary -JOHN C. HARRIS. -B.


N. S. Presbyterian -Het. J. W.


P. HINNERS. Independent- -0. C. GIBBS.

ID CULL BOARDS. We sell a second quality of Call Boarda, suitable for and abeathing, at 88 per L.000 feet FERRY SON, West End Eighteenth street Bridge. P. O. Drawer TO REAL ESTATE OWNERS Proposals, win the be day recetved of at April, the office lot, of cen- the tally located, of cient size upon which to a City Clerk City Brid an lot alley to in dare the a rear.

frontage Direct of not proposals less than to 150 with the cality. Committe do WIT CARTER 30, 1908. ANTED- A business man with 1500 half taterest a For Room 12,194 Clark A rood TANTED -To gentlemen travchins mi We hare the best selling article to the maricet and challenge com den. We can at 700 cat with a better paying and more business can be in this or sOy city. No refer to our patent machine for sharpening reaper knives, and Bus no competition.

Finds sales every where, st recall price, $3.50. urs 110 to 6100 per day Call and TULLES CO, 84 Latade st Room 28. Bend tiro stamps for reply. mah26 ANTED--A smart energetic man with capital of from 3000 to 8500 to porchane an hair interest in the bout paying office to in to the South city. immediately.

Business requiring None bat the those present vita required amount and meming 91 business Salte at once need FULLER La stroct. Room 0908 ANTED Teams to haul coal. Inquire at HOLBROOE A PARKER'S Con Tard, corner Kingsbuy and Indians Sorta Branch. a -Parties applying for Azencles with the Phoolz Life Insurance Co. must state their present or past boxiness and en close references, orberwise so notice will be taken of their communications.

Agents are still wanted for some of the brat towns la the State. CHAS. D. LAKEY. General agent, S0 La TANTED A good doubleseated Tub Bucky, a strong, gentle dorse, and Dardens A P.

0. Box 709, Chicago, ANTED All men looking for employment AGENCY. at 87 the GREAT WEST. FRY Room 5. uD-stairs, and socaro good paying situations, -Any one good llebt grocery for sale in good condition and cheap, can and a purchaser at McGOVERN PIERCE'S Fruit Store, 109 South Water street, ANTED 103- chinery for grist mill: also a good Garden millwi tent Address.

Immediately, J. MARVIN, Cuy House, Chicago. q808 Information -By his sister, JONANNA TOBIN, residing at Walte Plalos, Westchester county. N. of the whereabonts of MORTON TORIN, who lott Now Tort city tarco weeks ago for Illinois.

0734 sized house or Tally or partly de furatshed, 219 by a Sooth small Water-45. family. Inquire Bates, Stone WANTED from choice Suits for 110.00. made GRANGER'S New Fork and Boston Merchant TallorIDE Rooms, 130 South Clara st. ANTED -Spring Overcoats from a best masorted stock of new styles, to order, for 130.00, at GRANGER'9, 130 South stairs.

q573 one fourth to casa, in balance Goods- la choica farming good, taxes paid. Address SI. T. P. U.

Box 772. Chicago, D1. 073 Ten experienced sell and engage others to sell publications. Men competect to engaze Address W. others J.

HOLLAND, Paulaber. Masa. 0021 per year. We every where to sell Our $20 Bewing Machices. Thrte new ands.

Order God apper feed. Warranted Ave yearl Above salary or large commissions paid. The ONLY machines sold Onlted Stater for less than $43, which are tally licetsod by Howe, Wheeler Baker, de Ca. and Ail other cheap macalors are infriogements. Circulars or call SHAW CLARK, Biddeford, Maine.

Male Melp. A young man to take interest to a saloon that will take in $10 a day, in the beat place in the city. WAINWRIGHT CO. 153 Dear st. 0984 ANTED -Six good men to take charge of borges at a sad Sale Stable, None wanted but with good references.

Apply between to 10 and 12 o'clock a. at the and 7 and 8 c'eloct la C. M. COADWICE, Variety Toratre. the evening.

526 ANTED -Bookkeepers, clerks, dremes, A0d All men looking for emagents, porters, drivers, bar-Leaders, walters, ployment, to apply at the GREAT WASTERS NESS AGENCY. Boo 5. Op stairs. Applicants by mall lactose 10 cents. mh354935 -Early this day, 50 Rallroad hande, transportation free; cabinet makera: 3 carriage painters.

dc. Apply at 101 Washington st, koom 1. up stairs. -Two Salesmen-One for travelliaz, for a drag house in 8t. Louis.

cac call as the office of L. H. RIGELOW, 115 on the afternoon of Honday, last. q836 WANTED capital, -A to good take charze business of the man FinEle Lyon's Machine Odica, 87 Lake st. We have Dow completed our new manufactore at coat of some $200.100.

and are now furnishing a better machine than is la this mar Zet. Three Moulders, to go to Decatur, Ill. Good wages and steady employment. at tho corner office (up suairs) fu the Wizwam cor. Lake and Market between 11 and 2 o'clock, and Toesday.

C. A. HARVEY. TANTED-12 or 15 good horse collar makers, at 249 Lake at. Steady employmeat and good wages.

q901 -Two good pants makera to work in the abon-uust be frat clause hands Immediately- at GRANGER'S, 130 Bouth Clark st, ep stairs, Room Female Delp. ANTED -A good cook and a girl to do second work, at 25 Indians 85 ANTED A competent girl to cook. wash and iron. Loquire at 902 Prairie with reference. ANTED- -A first-class cook, washer and Ironer a private family at Evanston.

A capable woman, who can furniah city reference, CAD hero secure a pleasant a in a bealthy local. it y. and satistsctory Apply at the Tribune ofDCE. 0587 WANTED. A experienced tirst-class 000 Cook.

apply. Also a chamber tiri, sod one to do general house No. 1 Van Buren-t. To Rent. TO RENT--A first-class house, 25100 (two story) south of Peck Court $1,000.

between Wadaah and Michigan avennen, Rent Furniture for sale at inventory. WAINWRIGHT CU 153 Dear born 0035 RENT Possession immediately, a new on Oak street, between Walls and to doe condition, contaming 11 room 3. Apply at Factory North Wells street. 0570 TO TENT-Store and Basem*nt, No. 177 Lake street.

Logoire at STEIN 33 Late street, 0474 TO RENT- -My of residence, containing 025 11 Ontario (east Clark.) rooms -gas in all -bath room, cold and bot water, and Rood cellar, Possession given, on or hafore the 1st of May, a good family, that can bring good references; wish to board with the Apply on tho premises. None but Americans ceed apply. R. C. ROUNSATELL.

q311 RENT -Lofts. 2d, 3d and 4th floors of 173 Lake street. Information given In the Store of ATCHRERGER BROS. TO RENT- House to rens and furniture for dalo-95 Harrison st, between 31 and 4th TO RENT -Dwelling House No. 245 North La Salle st.

Inquire at office, Room 1 drat door, 56 Dearborn GEORGE PAYSON. q841 TO RENT -And furniture bath for sale. a drat class bouse of 11 rooms, with Toom, and water- most destrably located. 4'550 Address Tribune once. also.

tread stock of groceries. sad datures for TO RENT- -Store, with sale. Logatre at No. 7 Wigwam, OF st 163 South Wells st. 938 TO RENT Three front rooms each 60 feet deep, over 177 ble for millinery roomA, printing offices, or any light manufacturing business.

Also the front 50 feet of the basem*nt. Apply In thestore 177 RENT-A brick dwelling on the South Side, seven rooms, closets, water and sale. gu; Nearly 10 gOod Dew. Rent low. Apply at No.

20 La repair. Part of the furniture for Salle street tap stairs) betwern TWO (2) and Ave (5) p.m. 4716 TO the RENT A corner fine of suit State and of rooms Madison streets. 0346 TO RENT A new two story house with 11 rooms, pantries and closets, on Reuben-nt. between Four band Indiana-sta.

Inquire at 340 Hubbard-st, west of Elizabeth-st. TO RENT -Dock 188 Property. South Canal-st. Apply to BILL TO RENT -Several Lots on Fultod street, west of Reuben, for Aya years. Apply to BAIRD BRADLEY, corner Lake and La Sallouts.

10 RENT and basemeat brick house, $4-1 North Sallo street. Apply to ALFRED JAMES, 157 4097 TO RENT -Two good Lofts, with olice. in good location. Inquire at 114 and 116 booth Water street. q009 TO RENT--A portion of the second door Nos.

39 and 41 Lake st 0574 RENT An excellent Store, with basem*nt, on Washington DENIAN Clark sad Dearbor. Inquire of SMITE, AIKEN, Lake at, second door. 7391 RENT -New and second-hand Planos for sale to rent. Apply W. W.

KIMBALL'S Booms, Bi Washington at. q393 TO RENT -House with 10 rooms, new and elegantly furnished. on 5. Morgan near W. Washington.

Furniture for saleImmediate possession given. Inquire at 118 and Ge 119 up two stairs. TO RENT- -The large Warehouse and Onces 51. 58. 58 and May 60 Fouth Water -IL with a frociaze of 04 feet, to from for a term of years.

Apply on premises IL. SHTFELDT. TO Lake Forest Is RENT-Hotel. being enlarged The and put la hotel repair. at and will be rented OD terma, If applied for DOOD.

A person keeping rood house may salely rely patronage and Box prodracle business. by letter to Chicago F. 0. 0923 RENT- Several dwelling bouses Ontario st. betwech Clark and Tea born.

For particalars Inquire of W. GRIFFIN, No. 3. Pomeroy': Holiding, corner South Water and Clark-ats, between hours of 9 and t1 6 and 3 and 5 p. p46 b' 60819 -An acwith 15,000 ousters.

desires Address an an Interest in tire nod man established Tribune office. Correspondence. WANTED with say -Correspondence- number of young ladies, with a to far, love, sad perhaps ay. Address "HARRY OF CHIcagO. Two gentlemen of ample mess and polished education, wish to correspond with a limited number of young ladies, with a view to mataal improvement.

Wilt correspond la elther French, German or Photos excoanged if desired. Address FIANE ST. CLAIR, OF ED. DEVILLE NITRAM. P.

O. Bor 146, Fairbury, It. 40 a TANTED Correspondence With a limited umber of ladies. by bat a Foung man who is partial to the society of ladies, la rather bashiel. Is fond of anch as rides and operas.

Address G. W. 6117, Colcaco. TANTED from three to Partner four hundred pay dollars. With esoltal which will to do a light Af id Tribane ofice.

largo prott. Address ANTED- Agenta For the GLOBE SEWING Love awarded TREADLE at Mechanics common Medal conned by How. Jr. Price to Boston, to KINSON style. Machines to on CO.

104 Randolph Room trial. P. Calcaro ATILl. 200 gents 8150 10 sell the celebrated will ORIENTAL FAMILY 9RWING 1200 per month, every mate and female, MACHINE It bem, fell. mi ch, stad, cord, quilt, and embroider wArranted three years.

Price 920. No Address "OKI ANTAL S. M. Clark Cal. capo, Ill.

P. O. Drawer WANTED the HISTORY Agents OF THE Book REBEL LION, by J. T. Headley, complete la one royal octava Volume; sino, to two volumes, 1.300 Northern pages, 10 steel cagrat logs, lociating Id portraits of and Bauttem Gecarals, English (and German.

The author well kown as one of the beat, and tDe work 11 a vary at ractite one in binding and Call co or as C. TREAT, 117 Clucaso. WANTED -Agents-One for LIFE agent AND DEATH IN PRISONS, and Das ordered the books. Nothing sells line It. Address A.

BIDDER, 98 Washington- at, Chicago. ANTED- gents -To sell la LOSSING'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TAB WAR, three volumes ant over 2.000 fU estrationsThe -Military Ristory of in two volumes. handsomely in and The History of Wisconsin one volume handsomely lil ustrated. Good territory yet vacant for the stallard and popaler worts. Address CLARE CO.

90 sad Washington ate, Chicago. WANTED aspenses I want $2,000 8 male and female, to every county in the Waited sad la borope, to introduce a new PATENTED TOvcation-cao of the greatest achievements of Amtert. cm science. For particulars address W. G.

WILSON, Cleveland, Ohio. 065 WANTED- Lloyd's Agents BATTLE The of book GELAT HERELLIO, com mete in one Illastra: ted by Gen. Ho Tribute to the Voluntter. Battle Descapito: 4, 29 Biographical gretches, 1 Steel Portraits, Electrotype It Maps. Rattle Pictures, and a Revlew of the War.

Send stamp for SAMPLE and to R. R. LANDON, General Agent for litinola and itsconato, 55 Michigan avenue, con Agents $50 per per weer, male or female, at their bome; basiness lebr, pleasant and honorable. For sample a address with two Detrolt, Michigan. -Agents- Travelling men sad all others, to tow that wacan fur.

bish them whh all Books. Maps, Charts. or anything published that is paid ny subscrintion. Send tor oar Trade List. Acenta wanted for Pictorial Alstory of the War, by Sire.

Ann 3. pages and 120 One caravines. Also, for surerat oLder works. Excinsive given be applying once. Address POBLISHING 15 Lowbard Block.

hicaco, ut 0106 For great Pictorial Iliatorical Tastroctice Orasmental CHANT BULWARKS OF FHRADOM, on rollers. and varnished 010 a day made selling Call opor address GOLDEN 179 Lake Colcago. ANTED per month, to sell the UNIVERSAL" FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, price IF Is a larce as bish priced machines and does all kinds of work CO. O. Drawer Chicazo.

Ill. well Send for circolars. Addren 150 per month, sell THE IMPROVED NEW ANG LAND FAMILY HEWING MACHINE. Trice 113, Address DAN P. O.

For Chicago, oF call at Kcom Post Otice Block, corner Monroe and Dearborn Chicazo. 040 WANTED- American Condias, by To Horace canvasa Greeley. and Four Years lo Secessta. br Browne, GEO. C.

W. SHERWOOD. Western Publishers, Cob cago, DL Situations, WANTED Good -Sitnation-As references given. Address Tribune otice. ANTED Situation Ag clerk, by a young man who has held a poattion In a large receivice bone in New York city, and who seek a similar situation in a Wetern city.

Has 1 acquaintance in the Fast, is a member of the N. Y. Produce Exchange, and can refer both in this and N. F. city.

Address J. GORDIN, Tribune ofice. To Farmers. Wanted, by a young man who has bad charze of an Eastern farm. a as farmer.

Ta a hard worker, and can come well rocommonded. Address W. CLAY, Tribune ANTED- -Situation -By good penman and thorough accountant. a knowledge German language and double votry book keeping. Begt of references given.

Address -A Tribune office. WANTED from the Situation in a By wholesale grocery, to learn the business; has bad experience Dealers in in a retall Good reference riven. liquors peed apply. Address, for thrre 213 East -Situation -By a practical experienced drst-class bookreeper, With some good house Undoubted refereaco given. Parties BOx requiring 18 10, services Chicago.

ilka above plutse adB." P. 0. WANTED -Situation-By travel an experienced traveling salesman, to for some wholcaale house. Good reference given. Address 8 L.

Chicago, QUI -Situation By two Protestant girls-one La chambermaid and sewing atri, the otter as waitress. References riven. Call on or address JOHNSTON, 671 Sorth Clark street, qr9 7 ANTED Situations -For American, English, Irish. and Colored servants. Apply at MRS.

PRATT'9 ligence On co, 150 Sonia Clark at. ANTED- -Situation -By 8 middle man as clerk- Ins grocery store. Address Tribune ofice. WANTED practical taitor) caster By of a alatant cotter in a merchant salioring eatablishment. Reference given Address Tripado ofce.

9312 WANTED- Carpet or Dry -Situation--As Goods' House, sales- by and dregs la middle-azed thorouchly men who care has acquainted of bad F. E. with extended the bastess. experience Courant Ad. in a Goodrich, Hartiord, Conn.

q13 For Sale. FOR SALE- A first-class Meat Market. Is well established, and in tbs beat don in the elty. Going a large trade, Bold at a bargain, WAINWRIGHT 153 Dearborn atzeet. FOR SALE -A Restaurant in the best location the city, for one ball its rains.

WAINWRIGHT CO. 133 Dearborn st. 0226 FOR SALE-A Saloon connected with a botel, doing a large business. Everything complete far a Orst-class basinesa. WAINWRIGHT 135.

Dearborn st. Q096 100 and Feed tore In the best location in FOR SALE A Grocery, Provisthe city. for $1,200, or will sell at inventory. WAIN. WRIGHT CO.

133 Dearborn at. 9196 FOR SALE for A Drug Store in 3 location prescription businees. Low rent. Sold law to order to close up our business. CO.

153 Dearborn st. 0996 FOR person that SALE- A Drug purchuse Store. Any Drug Store in Tilirots can learn the particulars wishes to the beat paying dressing 134 Klozle street. The store la nicely dited and doing a splendid bastneas, and the reason for selling la that the party basinesa that must be attended to, Apply at once. q'A3 TOR SALE- The lease and stock of a Dry Goods and Boot sod Sho3 Store, 21-4 West Lake street, Inquire on the premises.

0963 TOR SALE A large lot of French Window Glass of larze and medium alzes- will be sold cheap. L. I. BIGELOW, Broker, 115 Etazie street. q551 bouse furniture.

House contains 8 rooms, SALE Two years' lease of DeAr cars on West Side. Inquire at 170 State st. 08-3 TOR SALE- Schooner. One third in Schooner fect water. capable of carrying 80,000 feet of lumber.

WIll be Trady for den by A DELI 136, Terms, $700 casts, balance on time. Owner going into the is the reason for selling. Apply la the Store. 106 Lake atrect. between 1 and 3 clock.

for four days. TOR SALE Office Deak, by CHASE Room No. 48 La a Orst-rate large alza donole desk- -black walnut. Prica 333. TOR SALE Cheap A secondhorse hand power Return catacity.

Flue Inquire Boler, of la FOX goo! HOWARD, 100- Bouth Water el. 0770 with 3 year lease of store, on cas of the best FOR SALE -Stock and fixtures, corner in the city, with A good business established. Capital required from 19,000 to $10,000. Address P. 0.

Bor 1647, Chicazo, 111. quit FOR of SALE a hat and -The cap store, lease, stock South and Clark 81, 1 Car Van Caren. Inquire on the premisci. Good cloth cap Colabers wanted. q6sl TOR SALE To Printers One Dew Medium Northrop Cylinder Press, now doing all kinds of Job Also, one new No.

3 Burgles Combination Prena. Cheap for casa. Address 150. H. FERGUS, 12 Chicago.

9108 FOR 10, And SALE 14 borse -Portable power, One 8 feet Engines, hed, 6, 2 tech ang: ode 10 feet bed, 22 Inch aming: one 84 feet bed, 16 loch screw catting eugine one herd and tail stock, 24 Inch for wood turning latde, with over head one Pay's tent Jorge haramer. C. L. RICK CO 19 Dearborn it. 4 SALE -Dental Office and Art with lease to May.

1967, Location one O. of Box the 532, beat in Chicago. Chicago. Address DESTIST." q173 FOR SALE will The lease, Aslogs. to zood fixtures locaLion and doin: a good bustatus.

Apply on the good of a bear premises. Soulh Court at. 4140 FOR SALE One engine, 14 Inches diameter of cylinder, and rated RE 60 horse power, to perfect running order: one boDer consiping forty dues and 12 feet long, dew three bowers, It lonz, having two dues each of Irinch four 3 feet long, saving two fines esch 16 4am. two boDers, 20 teat having two dues such, 12 inches two presses. together with pampa, rated at 660 pres.

sare each. For farther partienlars addreas W. ML BROS. LIGHTALL, Drawer P.O, Chicago, Lu. FOR SALE -Having determined to consolidate one Dostoera at St.

Louts, we offer for sale our lease and datores or 49 cad 51 Michigan svende. Too arrangements of the store are of the very best, and we have a lance trade stready established, which we will dive the purchaser benedt of as far as our Innuence extends. Possession atten April lat. For farther particulars apply to WI. A.

HAYDEN CO. DO'S Boarding, BOARDING good Two board or and three rooms, on gen- ressonalue terms, at 79 Adama street, withlu three miduter' walk of the Post Oice. BOARDING two stogie gentlemen, gentleman can be and commodated with pleasant with 0291 73 A dame street. DOARDING- Two pleasant gentlemen room can Fourth good ares. board 0990 with furatibed at 61 ROARDING Two accommodated gentlemen with good board in Can of private dally required 610 The rooms and st Bet bonie bai all the modern improvemrots.

-In a private family. two r00 one or and one furnished, We bave that re will rent will without board, at West Lake street, the corner of Ann (treat. q391 BOARDING comfortanta One or home two with gentle- excellent board in 1 a bichly Bew respectable references family. required. Apply at 334 Wabash STELEC.

One who or prefer two a plessant per agreeabin manners, bome to a boarding can dad a family on Peoria street, near cars. Inquire Dearborn suret- 4793 Found. FOUND-A sum of money, which the owner can bare Dearborn by st. proving property. W.

NEWELL, 111.

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