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GoLookUp has been providing advanced people search services since 2015. Serving millions of users, GoLookUphas positioned itself as the #1 people search engine in the industry. Performing a search is 100% free and will yieldbasic contact information. However, if you would like to obtain a more in depth, through people search profile, youwill need to create an account with us. When you unlock your membership account you get unlimited searchcapabilities to addresses, phone numbers, reverse email lookup, social information criminal records, divorce records,marriage records, driving records, unclaimed money, and much more! Our people search services are 100% risk free.This means you may contact us at any time and cancel your membership. Customer service is available 24/7 toanswer any questions you may have. You can reach us at:1-877-890-2213. We look forward to hearing from you and are eager to provide you the best people search service online.

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People Search Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

  • GoLookUp offers Free People Search contact information for free, why do you charge for a report?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get, and the answer is simple: Weprovide access to official and professional public records resources. Collecting, organizingand retrieving up to date data is costly. That is why, in order to obtain an Advanced PeopleSearch report, and unlimited access, we charge a fee.

    We do so to provide our users with the very latest and most accurate search results, everytime. GoLookUp data is industry leader and has been providing in-depth access to public records since 2015.

    In order for us to support the at most advanced professional people search solution, wemust charge a membership fee.

    You can always use our Free People Search directory to obtain basic contact information onalmost any person living in the United States.

  • What is the difference between Public Records and People Search Report?

    Governmental organizations and other public institutions develop and preserve publicrecords, which are official documents and data. These can be accessed through a variety ofchannels, including government websites, libraries, and courthouses, and are often open tothe public. Birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, land deeds, court documents, andcriminal records are a few examples of public records.

    Contrarily, people search reports are created by private businesses that aggregate data frommany sources and analyze it in order to produce a report about a certain person. Thesereports may contain details about a person's contact information, past employment history,criminal background, and social media profiles. People search reports are often sold topeople or organizations who want to examine someone's background, find lost friends orfamily, or gather data for marketing or sales.

    In conclusion, persons search reports are generated by commercial companies using avariety of information sources to develop reports about individuals, whereas public recordsare official government papers that are accessible to the public.

  • What are the FCRA guidelines, and how do they affect my usage of GoLookUp People Search services?

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal legislation that controls how consumerreporting agencies, including businesses that offer persons search services, gather, use, anddisseminate consumer information – like GoLookUp. Consumers have specific rights toaccess and contest their personal information under the FCRA, which creates rules tosafeguard the privacy, accuracy, and fairness of consumer information.

    Companies that offer people search services must adhere to specific standards mandated bythe FCRA regulations in order to guarantee the accuracy of the data they give, and that isexactly what GoLookUp does. For instance, we must follow reasonable procedures to ensurethe information is as accurate as feasible, and we must alert customers to any negativeinformation—such as a criminal record—and give them the chance to contest it.

    It is crucial to understand the FCRA regulations and your rights as a consumer if you areutilizing a people search service for either personal or professional reasons. You shouldconfirm that the business you are working with complies with FCRA regulations and offerscorrect and current information. Also, you have the right to ask for a free copy of your reportand to challenge any errors you identify.

    It's also vital to remember that not all consumer reports are under the FCRA's purview. Itoften does not apply, for instance, to reports created by people or businesses for their ownpurpose, such as when a landlord runs a background check on a potential renter. The FCRAwould, however, be applicable if a third-party consumer reporting agency was employed to create the report.

  • What is a Reverse Phone search?

    By putting a person or company's phone number into a search engine or specialist reversephone lookup service, you can conduct a reverse phone search to learn more about them. Areverse phone search works in the opposite manner, delivering information based on aphone number, as opposed to a conventional phone search, which asks for a person's nameor address to find their phone number

    When you run a reverse phone search, the service or search engine attempts to match thephone number to a person or company using a variety of information sources. Publicdocuments, social media profiles, and other online directories can be considered here.

    The name and address of the phone number owner, as well as any potential extra contactinformation, are often included in the results of a reverse phone lookup.

    Reverse phone searches can be helpful for a number of things, including locating lostcontacts, detecting unknown callers or telemarketers, and confirming the identification of acompany or person. The quality and sources of the data utilized by the service or searchengine will have an impact on how accurate and comprehensive the information obtainedfrom a reverse phone search is, so it's crucial to keep this in mind.

  • What is an Unclaimed Money search?

    The practice of looking for misplaced or unclaimed money or assets that are yours or belongto someone you know is known as an unclaimed money. Unclaimed funds can originate fromnumerous sources, such as abandoned bank accounts, unpaid cheques, refunds, insurancepolicies, and other kinds of assets.

    You can utilize a variety of online tools or get in touch with the appropriate agencies,including state treasuries or unclaimed property offices, to conduct a search for unclaimedfunds. You can search for your name or other pertinent information in these organization'sdatabases of unclaimed property and assets to check if you have any unclaimed money

    Searching for unclaimed money might be a crucial step in recovering lost assets that youmight have overlooked or weren't aware of. Also, it's a good idea to regularly search forunclaimed funds to make sure you don't miss out on any resources that may be legally yours.

  • What is a Reverse Address Search?

    A reverse address search is a type of online search that allows you to find information abouta particular address by using various public records databases. A reverse address searchinvolves inputting an address to learn details about the property, its owners, or otherrelevant information, as opposed to a conventional address search, which locates an addressbased on a person's name or other identifying information.

    Depending on the exact service or database being utilized, reverse address searches mightyield a wide range of information. For instance, you might be able to discover a property'spresent and prior owners, property tax data, development permits, estimated propertyvalues, and more. This kind of search can be helpful for a number of things, such checkingthe validity of an address or looking into suitable homes or investment properties.

  • Can I find someone’s email information using your services?

    Absolutely; GoLookUp provides a variety of details about individuals, including their emailaddresses. After you enter the name of a person of interest into our search engine, the datasearch will begin. At the end of the search, you will receive a complete report about theperson in question, including their current and past email addresses.

  • Do you offer unlimited people search reports?

    Yes, members of GoLookUp enjoy our exclusive unlimited search. What does it mean? Two things:

    1. Users get access to all public records that are available in all states(*as per latest regulations).This means that users can get access to public records in every state, and not only in their state of residence.
    2. Users can perform unlimited searches for a fixed fee. Members of GoLookUpcan perform as many queries as they desire, without paying for each search.Membership provides unlimited searches.
  • How can I find someone using your People Search website?

    All you need to do is enter the name and the state of residence of the person in question;our people search engine is name a location-based; it searches data based on people'sname, as well as their state of residence. To get more encompassing results, we advise youperform a search in every state the person in question resided in the past. Searching is free,so you can search for as many people as you would like with GoLookUp.

  • Are Driving Records part of your people search reports?

    Yes, among other details, users of GoLookUp provides access to public driving records;Public driving records are formal documents kept by governmental organizations that detaila person's driving history. These records may contain data on the type of license held, thestate of the license, traffic infractions, accidents, and other pertinent details.

    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or other state or local governments that havesimilar functions often keep public driving records. A driving record's particular details canchange based on the state or jurisdiction, the driver's driving history, and other factors.

  • Are Divorce records part of your people search reports?

    Yes, GoLookUp provides its users with access to public divorce records: Public divorcerecords are formal records that detail a divorce and are kept by government organizations.These documents may contain details about the individuals involved, the divorce's date andplace, and any associated court cases including child custody or property division.

    The court or government body in charge of managing divorce cases in the state orjurisdiction where the divorce occurred often keeps public divorce records. Depending onthe state or jurisdiction, as well as the particular case, the details included in a public divorce record may change.

    In general, public divorce records are considered to be public records, which means thatthey are available to the public; however, depending on the state or region, there may bedifferent rules and regulations controlling access to public divorce records, and someinformation may be withheld for legal or private reasons.

    Public divorce records can be helpful for a number of things, including genealogical researchand for people who are thinking about getting married or dating a divorced person.

  • Will I be able to view Criminal Records If I create an account with GoLookUp?

    Yes, as with other records we provide access to, our members and users can also get accessto criminal records: documents that detail a person's criminal past are known as publiccriminal records. Several government organizations, including police departments and thecriminal justice system, are in charge of maintaining these records. These may containdetails regarding detentions, arrests, convictions, court cases, and prison terms.

  • I would like to Opt Out of GoLookUp People Search Directory, how can I do that?

    Opting out of GoLookUp means that public records that are registered to your name will bedeleted from the website. However, it is important to know that opting out will apply toGoLookUp only, and your public records will remain on similar websites. Also, new publicrecords will be automatically uploaded to public records websites, including GoLookUp.Having said that, if you want to opt out of GoLookUp, you need to enter our online opt-outform: you are required to fill out your personal detailsand submit the form. Your request will be quickly reviewed and your information will beremoved from the website.

  • Do you offer Social Media profiles search?

    Yes, when performing a person search on our website, you will get access to people's socialmedia profiles. However, social media accounts are often considered private and may not beincluded in public records.

  • What is an Alias?

    An alias is when a person utilizes a name or identity in addition to their legal or birth name.An alias can be any name that a person adopts to represent oneself in a particular setting orenvironment, including a nickname, pen name, stage name, pseudonym, or any other name.

    An alias can be used by someone for a number of reasons, including to maintain theirprivacy, to conceal their identity, to assume a different persona for creative or artisticendeavors, or simply to use a name that is simpler or more memorable than their real name.

    In some cases, aliases can also be used for dishonest or criminal activities, such committingcrimes or eluding law authorities. The use of aliases may therefore be subject to certain legaland regulatory constraints, such as those that apply when obtaining a passport or other official documents.

    While using an alias is not always wrong or immoral, it can occasionally be misleading ordeceptive, especially if it is done to purposefully conceal one's identity or goals. The use ofaliases should generally be done cautiously, taking into account any potential negativeeffects on other people as well as any applicable legal or regulatory obligations.

  • How accurate is the data in the reports you provide?

    Generally speaking, the quality and completeness of people search services depends on thesearch engines' procedures for gathering and processing data, and the correctness of thedata are some of the variables that might affect how accurate the data in public records search engines is.

    Also, the procedures utilized by public records search engines for data gathering andprocessing might have an impact on how accurate the results are. At GoLookUp we use thelatest technology to access official public records. The reports that we provide rely on datafrom official resources, and they are as accurate as these resources. We strive to provide themost accurate data in our reports, but advise that you keep in mind that the data we gatherrelies on public records accuracy and registration.

  • I am looking to perform a Fast People Search, how long does it take to run complete people search with GoLookUp?

    Whether you have a reasonably uncommon name or the person you are looking for has asubstantial online presence, our people search services offer instant search results. Yet inother circ*mstances, a people search could take longer, especially if you only know a little bitabout the person or if your search criteria are vague and unfocused. Generally speaking,GoLookUp provides almost instant results; our advanced search engine scans public recordsquickly, providing our users quick access to such records.

  • How is the data shared on GoLookUp collected?

    GoLookUp's data is collected via official public records resources: every search gathersinformation from numerous publicly accessible sources, including government databases,court records, property records, and other publicly accessible data.

    We collect public records and analyze data from numerous sources using automatedalgorithms. To find relevant records and gather them into one database, these algorithmsmay use keywords: names and location.

  • How can I contact GoLookUp customer service?

    You can contact out customer support service in one of the following ways:

    1. Toll-free number: 1-877-890-2213, available 24/7
    2. US post:
      1000, N West Street
      Suite 1200,
      Wilmington, Delaware 19801
    3. Via email for a quick response: [emailprotected]
Find People Online with #1 People Search Service | (2024)
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