Heated argument - Chris & Matt Sturniolo - Chapter 1 - Sturniolooo20 (2024)

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Chris and Matt got in an argument in the kitchen because they can’t decide what they want to do for Fridays video. Chris has the idea to make a ‚smash or pass with food‘ again, but Matt doesn’t agree with him because he wants to do a ‚who’s more likely to..‘ video again.

„Dude lets just make the smash or pass video tomorrow“ Chris says. „No! We can make that after the video idea from me!“ Matt responded. „Matt i don’t like your stupid idea! Let’s just ask Nick!“ Chris said, making Matt angrier. „No! This is a thing between you and me! And Nick is not home!“ he yells at the younger. „Whatever! We doing my video idea first“ he yells back. „Oh my god Chris! I don’t like your idea too!“ It's literally crazy that they're arguing so hard over a video, but they don't care at the moment, they're both trying to get the other to give up this argument to make the video they want.

„Just give up! We’re making the video I want!“ Chris yells across the counter. Matt comes around so he stands right in front of Chris, looking him in the eyes with anger. „You give up! We make your video next week!“ „but I want to film it now!“ „I don’t care what you want!“ „I don’t care what you want either?!“ they both just yell at each other insanely. Matt is so angry that he can’t hold back to push Chris against the counter.

“Don’t get physical dude!” He said, pushes Matt away too. “Then let’s just do the f*cking video idea from me first!” Chris don’t agrees with him and pushes him again. Matt doesn’t want to let Chris just push him again, without doing anything too. So he steps forward to Chris, pushing him back and this time pressing him on the counter with this whole body.

“What’s wrong with you?! I didn’t pushed you twice and you’re saying to me ‘don’t get physical dude’ ” he says, imitate Chris’ sentence. “Just shut up and let me go!” Chris gets angrier every second that Matt doesn't let him go. Matt kinda likes Chris angry face, but he tries to ignore it because they’re f*cking brothers? “Matt I swear to god. If you don’t let me go now I’ll-“ Matt presses into him more, making Chris groan of the little pain. “Not until you agree with me.” He says, almost in a dominate tone.

Chris confused his tone change, but doesn’t think about it that much. “Never.” He looks Matt death in the eyes, not letting him win this argument. But this just makes Matt press into him even more then before. Chris groans again “Matt stop now! We don’t make your video first, live with it!” Matt moves his hips a little, so he’s more comfortable to press into him. Chris slightly whimpers at the movement, can’t hold it in.

Matt presses only into him harder, when it’s even possible. “Just agree with me and I’ll stop!” Chris shakes his head, kinda likes the way Matt is pressed into him, but quickly shakes the thought out of his mind. Matt moves again, now their dicks are pressed together, making Chris moan slightly.

Matt smiles at that, even if he really shouldn’t. But he can’t help it, his brother looks so good like this. He moves again, making Chris moan a little louder that before. “Matt. What are you doing?!“ „what do you mean?“ Matt asks with a tiny smirk on his face. „You know exactly what I mean!“ he looks Matt in the eyes, his mind can’t think clear anymore, he really shouldn’t like it. But he likes it. Does he?
f*ck, he really likes it. „Just don‘t do th-“ he was cut off by Matt smashing his lips on his own.

Matt knows that this is wrong too, but sh*t, he doesn’t thought about it and just kissed his brother. His own triplet brother! Now there is no going back from this situation. Chris kissed back after Matt bit his lip. They both make out, knowing this is wrong, but don’t stop. Matt steps back a little, doesn’t let Chris‘ lips go off of him tho. Chris sighs at the release of the small pain.

Matt grabs Chris hips, moving him from the counter to the wall behind him without braking the kiss. Matt presses into him again, making Chris gasp. Matt smiles in the kiss, then brakes it to take some new air. After their breath is normal again, Chris speaks up. „sh*t Matt, we’re brothers! This is so wrong oh god.“ „I know.“ Matt responded. But don’t want to stop anyway. He presses his knee up against Chris half-hard crotch, making him moan and his eyes shut. Matt smirks at that sight. „You want to stop then?“ he asks the younger. Chris opens his eyes again, not getting a single word out.

He presses his knee up again, making Chris moan louder. „I asked you a question“ Matt says. „No I don’t!“ his eyes shut again, don’t even thinking about what he says. „Good.“ Matt goes down to his throat, sucking on every place he can go. Chris quietly gasps at the open mouth kisses against his throat. “Matt, please.” Matt stops, goes up to Chris face again, only inches away. “Please what?” He smirks. “We can’t do this. You know that.” He tells Matt. “I know that Chris, but you’re crotch in your pants tells me otherwise.” Matt response back, making Chris sigh because of how stubborn Matt is. He likes it tho. Deep in his head, he don’t want to stop either.

Matt smashed their lips together again, then slowly backs up “f*ck Chris, but why do you must be so f*cking hot?” He asks, then pressing his lips on Chris’ again. Chris silently moans at this. Matt steps back again, looking Chris in the eyes. “So, my room or your room?” Matt asks with a smirk on his face. God, Chris saw this smirk so many times today. He is actually really scared of what will happen when they’re behind the doors. He’s not gay, and Matt isn’t either, he knows that. But why is he so attracted to his brother? He was never attracted to his brother till today. So where is this coming from? Before he can think about it more, he responded.

“My room.”

Heated argument - Chris & Matt Sturniolo - Chapter 1 - Sturniolooo20 (2024)
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