High School Sweethearts pt.12 - Chris Sturniolo (2024)

High School Sweethearts pt.12 - Chris Sturniolo

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(Fem reader x Chris Sturniolo, suggestive, slight mentions of family death, can’t spoil anything..)

A/n: sigh…

As we leave school I turn to Chris and kiss him gently on the lips, he smiles before looking up at Oliver who was talking to Matt and Nick, causing his smile to faulter, “promise you will be ok?” Chris ducks his head into the crook of my neck and whispers against my skin before kissing gently.

“Yes Chris, I promise.” I pull him away and kiss his cheek before we part ways and I walk towards Oliver, Matt and Nick saying bye to me as they go to walk with Chris.

Oliver smiles at me and we start to walk, I look back to Chris and the others and see Matt looking back, he quickly turns his head nervously. “We still have the old house, my dad couldn’t bring himself to sell it, I think because he knew he was gonna.. you know.” Oliver swallows hardly, I pat his arm comfortingly. “Yeah.” I breathe out.

“So you still have your old room? With the car wallpaper?” I chuckle, he shook his head also laughing, “I tore that sh*t down, my walls are just white and grey now.” He looks down at me, “I think you should’ve kept it.” I smirk before looking down at my feet.

The only sound is our feet dragging against the concrete sidewalk, we turn down Oliver’s old street. “My mom is working until 5 and Lacey has dance practice until half 5 so they’ll be back after that. So it’s just us for now.” He spoke as we walk up the path to his house.

I nod softly as he opens the door, nostalgia hits me as I take in the living room, different furniture but same layout. My face lights up, “it’s just like I remember.” I say excitedly, Oliver laughs at my reactions, “yep.” He replies.

“Wanna come see the new improved, no longer car filled room?” He grins, I look to him, “yeah, it’s not gonna be as cool anymore though.” I laugh and we walk upstairs. He pushes his door open and I’m greeted by the plain white walls and one grey feature wall, his black and white furniture and LEDs across his ceiling.

“This is nice… would’ve been better with the cars on the wall though.” I shrug, causing him to smirk. He sits down on his bed and pats next to him for me to sit down. “Wanna play a game?” He says, causing me to tilt my head in confusion, “what-” he cuts me off, “on my PlayStation, of course.” He adds on motioning to his TV and PS5 sitting next to it.

“Oh yeah of course.” I nod. He hands me a controller and turns on the PS5, “what about this? A zombie fighting game.” He offers and looks to me, excitement in his eyes, just like when we were kids. “Yeah okay, I’m gonna sh*t myself.” I joke.

We start the game, he’s great at it, my eyes focus on his hands on the controller, pushing buttons, flicking triggers.. “you’re gonna die.” He spoke, causing me to look at the TV, “sh*t.” I fight back the zombies and Oliver adds on “what distracted you?” I hum in confusion, “when you almost died just then, you seemed distracted, why?” He asks.

I shrug, “I’m just a bit tired.” I lie, my eyes darting down to his hands once more before continuing to the game. “Apparently you beat up a boy..” he spoke, a smirk evident on his face. I scoff, “he deserved it.” Is all I reply with as he chuckles.

Some time passes and I die on the game, “f*ck.” I complain as I set the controller down next to me and lie back in defeat. “You’re bad at this game huh?” He teases, I lightly hit his arm. “f*ck off, it didn’t help that you..” my phone buzzes, Chris❤️ flashes up on my screen. “Chris is calling me, let me answer him.” Oliver nodded and I stepped out into the hallway.

“You okay?” I say, “uh yeah.. what you up to?” He replies nervously. “Playing a zombie game on his PlayStation, thats all.” I chuckle, “wait aren’t you supposed to be eating dinner there?” Chris spoke in confusion, “oh yeah but his mom and sister aren’t here for another half hour.” I say. “So you’re alone in his house with him?” Chris said, jealousy evident in his voice, “yeah.. do you trust me?” I ask. “I trust you, just be safe.” He replies, “I will.” I smile to myself. And we end the call.

I walk back into his room, “Chris okay?” He asks me and I nod, he turns the game off and faces me as I sit next to him, “he’s just a little bit nervous that I’m here alone with you.” I let Oliver know, “Why? Does he think we’re gonna kiss or something?” Oliver laughs, “I don’t know, I think he’s scared because he’s been cheated on before but he knows I’d never do that.”

“You wouldn’t?” Oliver asks, tilting his head. “Of course not!” I say loudly, “that’s good, great even.” Oliver swallows awkwardly. His eyes dart to my lips and then back up at my eyes and he leans in slightly. I look over at the picture on his wall and stand up quickly, “uh.. what’s this? That’s cool.” I say nervously asI point at the picture.

“Oh that’s.. a photo I took of the beach, my friend edited it for me and uh.. now I got it on my wall.” He shrugs as he stutters awkwardly and stands up too. “Hey I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.. I wasn’t trying anything I’m sorry.. I’m an idiot.” He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“It’s ok.. you’re confused I get it.” I reassure him, and we both sit back down. Some time passes before he spoke again, “do you remember when we got married in 1st grade?” He laughs, I remember and join in laughing, “I don’t even think we got divorced.” I chuckle, “You’re cheating on me with Chris? What about the kids.” He jokes as he fake cries.

“I’m filing for divorce.” I smile, “rude.” He replies before smiling back. His phone buzzes and his phone reads Mom. “Oh sh*t, my mom’s calling me.” He answers the phone infront of me, I can’t hear what’s on the other side of the phone. “You okay mom?” He asks, his face drops. “Is she okay?” He spoke nervously, “sh*t, should I meet you there?” He swallows, “it’s ok, she’ll understand. I’ll drop her home and head to you.” He looks at me and smiles. “Okay love you.” He hung up.

“What happened?” I ask anxiously, “uh.. change of plans, no dinner but a trip to the hospital!” He spoke with fake enthusiasm, my eyes widen in confusion, “Lacey missed something in dance and fell and broke her arm.” He sighs.

“Oh sh*t, you’re gonna drop me before going to the hospital right?” I ask, remember what he had said a minute ago. He nods, “my mom’s really sorry we couldn’t do dinner but I’ll drive you home.” He said as we walk down the stairs.

“Since when can you drive?” I smile, pushing his arm slightly, “since a year ago, my dad wanted me to pass my test before he.. died.. and I did.” He smiles softly as we walk outside and he unlocks his car.

We get in the car and start to drive. “Still in the same house?” He asks and I nod, “still in the tiny house yep.” I answer, he pats my knee. “It’s a nice house, is your room still pink as f*ck?” He laughs. “Yeah.” I join in laughing.

“I guess I’ll see you next week.” He says as we pull up outside my house but on the opposite side, since there’s a car parked outside, other than my mom’s. I forgot it was Friday. “Oh yeah.. see you then.” I smile as I innocently plant a friendly kiss on his cheek, he smiles and I hop out the car. “Send Lacey my wishes.” I speak as I walk away.

I open the unlocked door, “mom?” I call into the house and she runs up to me, “you’re home early.” She said nervously. “Yep, Lacey broke her arm so he had to drop me home.” I reply trying to push past my mom but she’s blocking me. “So you with a different boy now? Oliver? From when you were a kid?” She asks, trying to change the subject from the fact she’s blocking me from entering my house fully, “still with Chris, just wanted to catch up with Oliver.” I reply.

“His mom was a bitch.” She rolled her eyes, I open my mouth in shock, “His father’s dead mom, her husband. Don’t be so inconsiderate.” I hiss. “Go upstairs.” She spoke, trying to redirect me to the stairs. “No get off.” I half yell.

I hear someone clear their throat from behind my mom, “you got your mom’s anger for sure..” the voice echoes through my head and I feel sick to my stomach.

“What the f*ck.” I gulp.

A/n: uh ohhh! Hehehe. I won’t be able to update for the next like 2 days because tmr I’m sleeping at my friends house and the next day I’m going to a funfair. I’ll try to write stuff on Saturday!

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High School Sweethearts pt.12 - Chris Sturniolo (2024)
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