Taylor Swift fans rush to get 'dupe' of £295 necklace worn by singer (2024)

Taylor Swift fans will be excited to hear they can nab a similar necklace worn by the singer at just £45

On a recent jaunt to Sydney, the songstress turned heads in a 90s throwback ensemble, featuring a brown pleated mini skirt and a black corset top. One item that stole the spotlight was a gold T-Bar necklace that she also wore.

The Cruel Summer singer's accessory of choice was the £295 Medium Gold T-Bar Curb Link Necklace from designer Tilly Sveaas, boasting a sterling silver chain and T-shaped bar pendant, both lavishly plated in 23.5K gold. However, there's an alternative for those deterred by the price tag.

It is the T-Bar Chain from online retailer . Despite offering a similar design to the Sveaas original, the 'dupe' costs just £45, offering Swifties a massive saving of £250 when compared to the one worn by their idol.

It sports a comparable aesthetic with its chunky, gold-tone chain and T-bar pendant. However, the Wolf and Badger piece is PVD vacuum plated as opposed to the sterling silver and 23.5K gold plating of the Tilly Sveaas necklace, reports Bristol Live.

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Wolf and Badger tout their necklace with the claim: "Everyone needs a simple chunky t-bar chain in their jewellery collection and this is the one! This chain is PVD vacuum plated which means it's waterproof, tarnish free and won't chip. Basically, indestructible!"

Fashion deal of the week

If you're looking for a flattering dress that is also versatile for summer, then look no further than John Lewis.

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means that many of us are on the market for a new number that we can wear. One item that appears to be ideal for the warmer weather is the retailer's AND/OR Bernie Sleeveless Jersey Dress.

Priced at £49, this jersey dress has a near perfect rating from impressed shoppers who say it "will look great at home and on holiday". It's also exclusively available to John Lewis, so you can't purchase it anywhere else.

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This fuss-free dress is available in sizes ranging from a UK 6 to 20 and has been crafted from a soft jersey material, making it a lightweight and breathable choice for any warmer climates. The tiered fabric is said to be "flattering" on your figure, according to reviews.

Currently averaging an impressive 4.7 rating, the AND/OR Bernie Sleeveless Jersey Dress has received high praise from shoppers who say they are "pleased" with it as it gets them "so many compliments".

One glowing review read: "I'm so pleased I bought this dress - I wasn't sure at first if it was right for me but I've had so many compliments it must be! Comfortable fit great for warm summer days and lovely in the evenings with a cardi - can highly recommend."

John Lewis shoppers can purchase the £49 AND/OR Bernie Sleeveless Jersey Dress here.

The necklace has garnered numerous positive reviews, with one customer commenting: "This necklace was a perfect gift for myself and a friend. Impressed with the quality and get a lot of compliments on it."

Another satisfied buyer remarked: "Just what I've been after, absolutely love this necklace. Great price and super quick delivery."

While a third shopper chimed in: "Really solid quality and good design."

However, not all feedback was glowing, as one reviewer pointed out: "It arrived scratched but the idea is still super cool. Unfortunately, you can't take it off of the chain it comes on without ruining the chain."

The £45 T-Bar Chain 'dupe' of Taylor Swift's designer necklace can be purchased from the Wolf & Badger website here.

For those looking elsewhere, several other retailers offer similar necklaces. Online giant Not On The High Street offers shoppers a similar T Bar Necklace In Sterling Silver Or Gold Vermeil for £55.

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Elsewhere, Muru London offers another similar T-Bar Chain, in both gold and silver, for just £62.

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Taylor Swift fans rush to get 'dupe' of £295 necklace worn by singer (2024)
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