The Best Budget BCD Codes To Save Money on Car Rentals (2024)

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests for those that rent cars from Budget and so what I’ve done is put together a simple compilation to make sure you get the best deals.

In the top section, I’ve highlighted the latest Budget BCD codes and have broken them down between the official codes and the corporate codes. All of them you can use at your discretion. You’d be silly to book a car with Budget without using any codes.

Best of luck and good hunting folks!

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Table of Contents

In This Article

  • What is a BCD code?
  • So which Budget BCD code will save you the most money?
  • Best BCD codes for Budget
    • Official Budget BCD Codes
    • Coupon Codes
  • How to apply Budget BCD codes and coupon codes
  • Other tips on saving money with Budget
  • Are there any codes for underage drivers (under 25)
  • Frequently asked questions

What is a BCD code?

The Best Budget BCD Codes To Save Money on Car Rentals (1)

Best official Budget code

We’ve been able to obtain an exclusive code for Budget that grants readers up to 35% off pre-pay rates and up to 25% off pay-later rates using BCD code D822119.

Best of all, since it’s official, you also don’t need to worry about getting your ID checked!

BCD stands for Budget Customer Discount Code. This is the primary way to save money on car rentals with Budget.

That said, this isn’t the only way you can save money. Budget (formerly Budget Rent A Car) also has Coupon Codes. I know it makes it complicated but this is actually a good thing because you can enter two different codes in conjunction to have potential stacking bonuses.

If you’d rather not use budget coupon codes, make sure to try Discover Cars or These are search engines similar to Kayak and Skyscanner but for car rentals. They work as an intermediate and look at all car rental companies and provide the best car rental rates so you don’t have to look at each one, one at a time. They will also show you local car rentals which can sometimes be a lower rate.

The best part about these codes is that you can use them anywhere around the world. For instance, these codes would be great to use for a road trip in Iceland, or perhaps even Ireland?

So which Budget BCD code will save you the most money?

For those wanting the best deal, the truth is that “it depends”. Some of these codes provide maximum discounts for weekly or longer days rentals, some are geared more towards weekends, some are for advance reservation, and for some of the older codes, it’s hard to tell how the discounts are calculated.

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What I do when I look for the best deals on Budget car rentals is to test all the codes against the base rate and see what comes out at the end based on the specific trip I’m looking for. From there, I pick the cheapest one.

I know it’s a bit more work but if you’ve gotten this far and landed on this page, you’re clearly committed to saving money on car rentals so you’re part of the way there to finding cheap car rentals!

Best BCD codes for Budget

The Best Budget BCD Codes To Save Money on Car Rentals (2)

The below are a list of the Budget codes and discounts that you can find on the market. Each one offers renters a different level of discount.

Making life easier

To use the codes, simply click on the button on the right side of the table. This will take you to the page with the BCD and/or Coupon Code already entered. This will also copy the code as well so if you need to paste it in the appropriate field, you’re ready to go and you don’t need to flip back and forth between each tab.

Official Budget BCD Codes

These are a table of legitimate codes that everyone can use. They offer good discounts but might not be as deep as some of the special corporate codes.

BCD CodeOrganizationOfferDiscountExpiryGet BCD Code
Y508501AARPDiscount for members10%N/A
A258200Aeroplan BasicDiscount for eligible status members10%N/A
A258400Aeroplan EliteDiscount for eligible status members58%N/A
A258300Aeroplan PrestigeDiscount for eligible status members56%N/A
A407000Aeroplan Super EliteDiscount for eligible status members54%N/A
A639500Air MilesDiscount for members5%N/A
U072200Alaska AirDiscount for members5%N/A
T464300Allstate Motor ClubDiscount for members5%N/A
D956102AmazonUp to 35% off rental base rates (Amazon)5%N/A
U072400American AadvantageDiscount for members5%N/A
T400000American Bar AssociationDiscount for members15%N/A
D838004AmexDiscount for card holders5%N/A
V923004BJSDiscount for members5%N/A
A017600Canadian CostcoDiscount for members12%N/A
A421200Canadian Tire Auto Club Assn.Discount for members5%N/A
T1349000Choice HotelsDiscount for members5%N/A
Z959200Choice HotelsDiscount for members5%N/A
U072500Continental One PassDiscount for members5%N/A
W852800CostcoDiscount for members5%N/A
W852802CostcoDiscount for members but the form will ask for your membership number5%N/A
T480900Cross Country GroupDiscount for members5%N/A
R344910JetBlueDiscount for members5%N/A
X372000Kroger Plus ShoppersDiscount for members10%N/A
X612500Military & FamiliesVeterans Advantage Rates5%N/A
D726100Public OfferPay now discount0%N/A
D781300Public OfferUp to 30% off base rates in Canada30%N/A
D822119Public Offer35% off Pre-Pay Rates and 25% off Pay-Later Rates35%N/A
D935000Public OfferEnjoy up to 25% off24%N/A
L556800Public OfferEnjoy up to 10% off in Latin America and the Caribbean10%N/A
TRUKUPublic OfferSave 20% off Budget Truck Rentals20%N/A Member Rates5%N/A Member Rates5%N/A
W810100Sams ClubDiscount for members5%N/A
T464304Sears Motorist ClubDiscount for members5%N/A
T485008Shell Motorist ClubDiscount for members5%N/A
U072700Southwest Rapid Rewards MembersDiscount for members5%N/A
R899700Susan G KomenPublic discount5%N/A
A331700TD Visa Card HoldersDiscount for card holders10%N/A
T568510Traveler's AdvantageDiscount for members5%N/A
U072800United Airlines Mileage Plus MembersDiscount for members5%N/A
T557300US Auto Club Motoring Div.Discount for members10%N/A
W810000WalmartDiscount for members5%N/A
W810011WalmartDiscount for members5%N/A
A376100WestJet MembersDiscount for members5%N/A
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Coupon Codes

There are a few useful Budget car rental coupon codes to know about:

  • UUWZ009 – Small business free upgrade coupon
  • UUGZ039 – Free upgrade coupon

Try either one to score a free class upgrade.

How to apply Budget BCD codes and coupon codes

This is a common question that we get and so to make it super clear, I’ve included a few screenshots of where you can apply these codes to get quotes on how much your Budget car rental will cost.

When you’re on Budget’s website, you’ll see the new reservation window right at the top. This is where you’ll enter your pick up and drop off locations, as well as dates. If you look below those fields, you’ll see Offer Codes. Click on this to reveal the fields to enter your BCD Code and/or Coupon Code. Rate Code sometimes shows up here. You can ignore this.

The nice thing is that even if you enter a coupon code in as a BCD code, it’s smart enough to switch it over for you.

Note that you can only enter one BCD code and one Coupon code.

Don’t forget parking at the airport

The Best Budget BCD Codes To Save Money on Car Rentals (4)

Something that’s easy to forget in trip planning is how you’re going to get to the airport and if you’re driving your own car, where you’re going to leave it behind.

That’s where booking platforms like Airport Parking Reservations and Park Sleep Fly come into play. Whether you need to get a hotel package that includes parking or just parking itself, they have you covered.

Use the code AWESOME7 to save up to $7 off of your booking.

Airport Parking Reservations

Park Sleep Fly

Other tips on saving money with Budget

The Best Budget BCD Codes To Save Money on Car Rentals (5)

Here are a couple of basic tips on car rental savings with Budget.

  • Register for Fastbreak – This is Budget’s loyalty program. It’s a program where the more you rent with them, you’ll accrue for coupon codes that’ll give you Budget discount codes. If you register a new fastbreak member account, Budget Fastbreak will send you $25 Budget Bucks which you’ll be able to use right away on your next rental or save for future rentals.
  • Stacking – Remember to try combinations BCD codes and use of Coupon codes so you can get the benefit of two codes instead of just one.
  • ‘Pay Now’ if you’re confident – If you know for sure you’re not going to make a change to your booking, save even more money with pay now rates.
  • Don’t rent from airport locations – This applies for all car rental companies. Those airport additional surcharges add up. They sneakily call it something ambiguous which is why you’ll see Concession Recovery Fee (11.11%) , Customer Facility Charge ($5/day), and Rental Facility Fee ($3.10 a day). In parenthesis are examples of the fees at SLC airport. In this example you’re looking at $123.47 vs $40.52 in extra fees for a one-week rental. That’s massive!
  • Week rentals sometimes cheaper than 5 or 6 days – Discounts often kick in off base rates when you hit a full week so if you’re close to that, try getting a quote for weekly car rentals.
  • Their fuel program is never a good idea – Unless you think you’re going to be in a crazy time crunch, always fill up the tank before you return the car. Even if they offer you a temping fuel charges plan, it’ll always be more expensive than refueling by yourself.

Are there any codes for underage drivers (under 25)

Unfortunately, there aren’t any codes with Budget to remove underage driver fees.

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If you’re keen on finding a car rental company where you can get this waived, make sure to check it out at the full compilation of corporate car rental codes. Some do still have a minimum age but it is worth checking them for the best low-rate.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best Budget BCD code?

Currently the best Budget BCD (non-corporate) code is D822119 to get up to 35% off pre-pay rates.

Does Budget have discounts for AARP members?

Yes, there’s a specific Budget BCD code Y508501 which entitles members to 30% off.

Does Budget have discounts for AAA or CAA members?

No, there is no affiliation with AAA or CAA.

Does Budget have rental discount codes for veterans?

Yes, there’s a specific Budget BCD code X612500 which entitles U.S. military veterans, active-duty military, National Guard and Reservists, and their families to 20% off. Use this for military discounts and veterans advantage and perks.

Does Budget have codes for underage drivers?

Currently, there are no codes that waive the underage driver fee. You’re better off looking for codes with companies such as Avis.

Does Budget have discounts for Costco members?

Yes, Costco Travel has discounts for Budget for USA and Canada Costco members.

How can guarantee getting the type of Budget rental car I need?

To get the best chance of vehicle availability you need to book as far in advance of your rental date as you can. Budget has compact cars, luxury cars, full size four-door car, and even pickup trucks at some Budget locations. You can find the full selection on their car selection page, and use the name of the car to find your car preference.

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