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Friends, you are in for a TREAT with this Easy Pizza Bread Recipe for dinner! Be prepared to wow your friends and family when you serve this easy-to-make pizza bread recipe!

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Easy Pizza Bread Recipe

Ohh, friends. This Easy Pizza Bread Recipe is one of those special recipes that your kids will ask for again and again. (That is, if you let them have any. Heh.)

Make it for a special occasion. Make it for a family meal. Make it for someone’s party or get-together. The point here is friends that you NEED TO MAKE THIS BECAUSE IT IS TRULY SPECIAL! (Sorry for the all-caps there, I’m pretty passionate about this incredible recipe, you know?) 🙂

How to Make The Pampered Chef’s Pepperoni Pizza Twist

Adapted from The Pampered Chef’s “Pepperoni Pizza Twist” recipe, this pizza bread uses two refrigerated loaves of french bread and whatever pizza fillings tickle your fancy.

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Look at those fillings. Mmmmm. This was truly as good as it looks.

Other Pampered Chef Recipes to Try!

What do you think? Is this something you could see making for your family? What pizza fillings will you add?

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Easy Pizza Bread Recipe

This easy-to-prepare pizza bread will make your kids and guests ecstatic!

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Servings: 8

Author: Lisa Douglas, adapted from The Pampered Chef



  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

  • Dice up your pizza fillings, and place into a bowl with the seasonings, cheeses, garlic and flour.

  • Open up the refrigerated dough packages, stretch them out to appropriate size, and take a serrated knife and slice down the middle, lengthwise, about 2/3 of the way through the dough to create an opening.

  • Using a rolling pin, work into the opening to create a “well” large enough to hold the pizza toppings.

  • Add pizza toppings into the “wells” on the bread; pinch and press seams firmly together to hold the ingredients in.

  • Place seams side down, moving together side by side, and twist each loaf around the other.

  • Cut a slit in each top loaf to allow steam to escape, and place in the oven for about 30 minutes, until golden brown.

  • Let cool for 10 minutes; cut into 16 slices.

  • Warm pizza sauce just before ready to serve to serve on the side.

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12 thoughts on “Easy Pizza Bread Recipe”

  1. Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (13)
    Wow!!! This recipe is everything! My family loved it! Next time I have to make double portions! It’s sooo good!


    • Oh gosh, thank you SO much for sharing that, Greta! 🙂


  2. Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (14)
    This pizza bread was so good!! Even my toddler liked it and he’s very picky!


    • Aww, I’m so so glad to hear this! Yay for little buddy loving it too, thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (15)
    This was perfect for family pizza night! We’ll be incorporating this into our weekly routine from here on out! 🙂


    • Woohoo, so happy to hear this, thank you Kris!


  4. Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (16)
    This was devoured immediately – so delicious! We went with pepperoni, which was fantastic, but I can’t wait to try other fillings!


    • Pepperoni is ALWAYS a winner, right?? lol Thank you for sharing!


  5. Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (17)
    This pizza bread recipe is so easy to make! Why did I not know about it before? lol It’s really good. There wasn’t a crumb left within minutes of pulling it out of the oven. Definitely a winning recipe at our house!


    • Ahh, I love hearing that, thank YOU so much sweetheart!


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Easy Pizza Bread Recipe - Crazy Adventures in Parenting (2024)
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