A Bolt Lightening from the Blue by Martin J. Boord

By Martin J. Boord

Incorporated during this e-book are brief tantras of Vajrakila and a whole translation of crucial statement ever written with reference to kila rites and their realizing for enlightenment.
Composed by way of Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, and Silamanju, all facts issues to the truth that those awesome texts marks the very foundation of the tantric cult of the wrathful deity Vajrakila.

Compiled in Nepal greater than twelve hundred years in the past at the foundation of all identified kila lore, it is a paintings of explanation during which the numerous convoluted strands of summary Buddhist philosophy and tantric yoga have been skilfully interwoven with the black magic practices of village sorcerers on the way to produce a coherent complete that, upon its next transmission to Tibet, used to be to develop into the most well known and enduring traditions of strong spiritual mysticism.

Opening with an meeting of citations of Sanskrit assets that supply an concept of the advance of kila lore at the southern facet of the good Himalayan divide, the booklet then strikes directly to the Tibetan texts that exhibit simply how this lore used to be got and understood upon its transmission to the north.

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Theoretically, the yogin should then engage himself in the subsidiary ritual service devoted to the oath-bound protectors of the Vajrakila mandala. Reading our text, however, we see that, in a number of cases, the ritual service of deity invocation quickly leads to accomplishment so that the necessity for upaseva is dispensed with. Ritual service, when looked at in detail, naturally enlarges to encompass many of the concerns proper to subsidiary service. And accomplishment, too, is often seen to become an end in itself in the 'Bum nag, so that teachings on the great accomplishment are not given.

3 -B Then, being seated in the centre of the site, [the master] should meditate upon a sun arising from the syllable RAM with a viivavajra upon that, generated from the syllable From a syllable HUM on its top radiate out a mass of rays of light which transform into blazing vajras and of these, by their becoming united as one, joining together without any break, are composed the vajra fence and the tent and the network of arrows and the awning. Enclosed within that is the blazing earth composed of unbearably bright flaming viivavajra.

When references are made to astrological time, also, xxxix 8 a 2 a YI xxxx 8 4 although Indian systems of horology are not absent, our text shows a marked preference for the Sino-Tibetan system of the cycle of twelve animals. Wild fauna referred to in the text include beasts from both countries such as lions, tigers, musk deer, wild yaks and the rest. 278, are easily recognized as Tibetan originals, such unknowns as the blood frog remain a mystery. Residing in the centre of the human heart, this tiny creature seems to embody the soul or life principle and thus its subjugation is one of the goals ot the black arts listed as 'lower rites' in our text.

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