An Introduction to Manifolds (2nd Edition) (Universitext) by Loring W. Tu

By Loring W. Tu

Manifolds, the higher-dimensional analogues of delicate curves and surfaces, are basic items in smooth arithmetic. Combining points of algebra, topology, and research, manifolds have additionally been utilized to classical mechanics, common relativity, and quantum box idea. during this streamlined advent to the topic, the speculation of manifolds is gifted with the purpose of aiding the reader in achieving a fast mastery of the fundamental themes. by means of the tip of the ebook the reader might be in a position to compute, no less than for easy areas, probably the most simple topological invariants of a manifold, its de Rham cohomology. alongside the best way the reader acquires the data and talents invaluable for extra learn of geometry and topology. the second one version includes fifty pages of recent fabric. Many passages were rewritten, proofs simplified, and new examples and routines extra. This paintings can be utilized as a textbook for a one-semester graduate or complex undergraduate direction, in addition to by way of scholars engaged in self-study. The needful point-set topology is incorporated in an appendix of twenty-five pages; different appendices overview proof from actual research and linear algebra. tricks and recommendations are supplied to a number of the workouts and difficulties. Requiring purely minimum undergraduate must haves, "An advent to Manifolds" is additionally a great beginning for the author's ebook with Raoul Bott, "Differential varieties in Algebraic Topology."

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En for Rn , the dot product, defined by f (v, w) = v • w = ∑ vi wi , i where v = ∑ vi ei , w = ∑ wi ei , is bilinear. Example. The determinant f (v1 , . . , vn ) = det[v1 · · · vn ], viewed as a function of the n column vectors v1 , . . , vn in Rn , is n-linear. 10. A k-linear function f : V k → R is symmetric if f vσ (1) , . . , vσ (k) = f (v1 , . . , vk ) for all permutations σ ∈ Sk ; it is alternating if f vσ (1) , . . , vσ (k) = (sgn σ ) f (v1 , . . , vk ) for all σ ∈ Sk . Examples.

5) that f ∧ g is bilinear in f and in g. 21. The wedge product is anticommutative: if f ∈ Ak (V ) and g ∈ Aℓ (V ), then f ∧ g = (−1)kℓ g ∧ f . Proof. Define τ ∈ Sk+ℓ to be the permutation τ= 1 ··· ℓ ℓ + 1 ··· ℓ + k . k + 1 ··· k + ℓ 1 ··· k This means that τ (1) = k + 1, . , τ (ℓ) = k + ℓ, τ (ℓ + 1) = 1, . . , τ (ℓ + k) = k. Then σ (1) = σ τ (ℓ + 1), . , σ (k) = σ τ (ℓ + k), σ (k + 1) = σ τ (1), . . , σ (k + ℓ) = σ τ (ℓ). For any v1 , . . , vk+ℓ ∈ V , 28 §3 The Exterior Algebra of Multicovectors A( f ⊗ g)(v1 , .

In the definition of the wedge product compensates for repetitions in the sum: for every permutation σ ∈ Sk+ℓ , there are k! permutations τ in Sk that permute the first k arguments vσ (1) , . . , vσ (k) and leave the arguments of g alone; for all τ in Sk , the resulting permutations σ τ in Sk+ℓ contribute the same term to the sum, since (sgn σ τ ) f vσ τ (1) , . . , vσ τ (k) = (sgn σ τ )(sgn τ ) f vσ (1) , . . , vσ (k) = (sgn σ ) f vσ (1) , . . , vσ (k) , where the first equality follows from the fact that (τ (1), .

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