Compiere 3: An essential and concise guide to understanding by Andries L Pretorius

By Andries L Pretorius

This booklet is a concise consultant that focuses exclusively on imposing Compiere. It makes use of a company situation case research all through to demonstrate this type of judgements and issues required at severe phases in a real-life Compiere implementation. when you are contemplating or are looking to simply enforce Compiere on your association, this ebook is for you. This e-book may also be important to method clients and directors who desire to enforce an ERP process. No earlier wisdom of Compiere is needed.

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Tax correction: This defines the tax accounting correction level for write-off and discount entries during payment allocation. Account schema elements (Information Dimensions) tab Accounting schema elements are derived from the transactional document. Where a particular transactional document has accounting consequences, the data needs to be populated based on the following available information dimensions: • Organization • Natural Account • Product • Business Partner • Marketing Campaign • Sales Region • Project [ 37 ] The Initial Compiere Setup • Activity • Location From / To • Budget • Sub Account • User custom fields (2) In its most basic form, an account element's debits and credits must balance at the Organizational level.

Log into the system using the Organization's Admin role, as this role has the access rights to manage roles. In our example, this would be Newco Company AdminRole: [ 45 ] The Initial Compiere Setup 2. Select the Role window 3. Create an example Role called Purchase Order clerk, as follows: 4. Within the Role window, you can select the appropriate access level to windows, processes, Forms, Workflow, Tasks, and Business views: [ 46 ] Chapter 2 The access levels of shared Business Partners, Products, and Users are set up by using the (*) Organization, and with the appropriate role access defined as such.

Validate the Organization, in order to create the appropriate costing records for the organization. Setting up your warehouses and locators Warehouses are used for the inventory management of stock items. Warehouses are a central control point for: • Material Receipt from a Vendor, and Customer Shipment transactions • Cost accounting for products is at warehouse level • Replenishment of products in the system is at warehouse level [ 33 ] The Initial Compiere Setup You may have multiple warehouses per organization, and for each warehouse you may have multiple locators: Set up and verify your account element tree Before performing any document processing, make sure that you check your account element tree (hierarchy) structures, and ensure that these are properly defined.

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