Daemonologie by King James VI and I

By King James VI and I

The e-book has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a loose trial club within the common Books membership the place they could choose from greater than 1000000 books at no cost. matters: Demonology; Magic; Witchcraft;

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The e-book has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a unfastened trial club within the normal Books membership the place they could make a choice from greater than one million books for gratis. matters: Demonology; Magic; Witchcraft;

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That fourth kinde of spirites, which by the Gentiles was called Diana, and her wandring court, and amongst us was called the Phairie (as I tould you) or our good neighboures, was one of the sortes of illusiones that was risest in the time of Papistrie: for although it was holden odious to Prophesie by the devill, yet whome these kinde of Spirites carryed awaie, and informed, they were thought to be sonsiest and of best life. To speake of the many vaine trattles founded upon that illusion: How there was a King and Queene of Phairie, of such a jolly court & train as they had, how they had a teynd, & dutie, as it were, eate and drank, and did all other actiones like naturall men and women: I thinke it liker V I R G I L S Campi Elysy, or anie thing that ought to be beleeved by Christians, except in generall, that as I spake sundrie time before, the devil illuded the senses of sundry simple creatures, in making them beleeve that they saw and harde such thinges as were nothing so indeed.

And this was likewise proved by the cofession of a young Lasse, troubled with spirites, laide on her by Witchcraft. That although shee saw the shapes of diverse men & women troubling her, and naming the persons whom these shaddowes represents: yet never one of them are found to be innocent, but al clearely tried to be most guilty, & the most part of them confessing the same. And besides that, I think it hath ben seldome harde tell of, that any whom persones guiltie of that crime accused, as having knowen them to be their marrowes by eye-sight, and not by hear-say, but such as were so accused of Witch-craft, could not be clearely tryed upon them, were at the least publickly knowen to be of a very evil life & reputation: so jealous is God I say, of the fame of them that are innocent in such causes.

PHI. Is it not the thing which we cal the Mare, which takes folkes sleeping in their bedds, a kinde of these spirites, whereof ye are speaking? EPI. ), falling into our breast upon the harte, while we are sleeping, intercludes so our vitall spirites, and takes all power from us, as maks us think that there were some unnaturall burden or spirite, lying upon us and holding us downe. CHAP. IIII. ARGU. The description of the Damoniackes & possessed. By what reason the Papistes may have power to cure them.

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